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Lonely Lapland

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"The northern lights may be just a faint light at the beginning, slowly expanding into a halo, and gradually appearing in various colors, as if staged a magical light show. This is in Finland's Ries Mountain National Park, with a magnificent northern lights landscape. Ries Mountain National Park is located in the Posio region of Finnish Lapland. It was established in 1982 and covers an area of 77 square kilometers. This is a mountainous national park with many swamps, especially hillside swamps. The only wilderness hut in the park is located near the twin peaks of Mount Ries at an altitude of 465.3 meters, which is convenient for tourists. Standing on the highest point of the Ries Mountain Country, you can overlook the magnificent lakes and virgin forests, especially in winter, the white snow covers every corner of the park, and the magnificent scenery of the ice and snow canyons is even more amazing, standing in the vast world The ancient pine in between is like a sentry guarding the motherland in the cold wind, straight and heroic. Under the shining of the starry sky at night, the sky is shining blue, and the vast land is a magnificent world of ice and snow. The beauty is like a fairy tale world, which is unforgettable. The hiking trails in the park are most suitable for one or two days of crossing. If the weather permits, the northern lights will be the highlight of the itinerary. The aurora borealis is a colorful luminous phenomenon that appears over the high magnetic latitude of the planet's north pole. Finland is one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights. Although the aurora borealis have always existed in the earth’s atmosphere, to see it with your own eyes, you need to meet certain conditions."