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Sanbaishan Mountain Scenic AreaNearby City

Sanbaishan Mountain Scenic Area

4.6/5422 Reviews
Ranked #1 in Anyuan Can't Miss Attractions
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"I heard that the 300 mountain ropeway is open, and I took my family to experience it today! Service praise: Once at the gate of the scenic spot, the security guard brother measured his body temperature and carefully guided the parking. After the staff at the entrance of the visitor center checked the health code, he led the ticket purchase and reminded some safety matters. There are also many staff on the tour route to take the initiative to say hello. I feel that the service of the 300 mountains scenic spot is very good! Environment: It feels very comfortable from entering the gate to playing the whole trip. It is much better to go to other places. The toilet is also very seasonal culture. You don't have to worry about going to the toilet, just like at home. Scenic: Take the cable car up the mountain is very beautiful, can look around the mountains, there are clouds and fogs from time to time, very fair, the air is very nice, it is said that the glass bridge is the most cattle in Jiangxi, standing on the bridge is really very good, very scary, just in the fall, the maple leaves on the tourist road are very beautiful. Eat: At noon specially ate Anyuan local specialty food Sanxian powder and local snack rice fruit, Sanxian with lean meat, pig liver, small intestine, taste very good! Live: Stayed in the Starry Sky Hotel, the price is very good, but also has characteristics. There are many attractions that haven't been to, I look forward to going again during the New Year, take the B line!"
MazuyanNearby City


4.5/53 Reviews
"The current Mazu Rock has been opened as a forest park, and Higashikawa station has been remodeled into a dining room that gathered in Nanshichi Prefecture. [Mazu Rock · Humanities Park] We drove from Vientiane City to Mazu Rock at 4 pm. It takes about 20 minutes by car. Just arrived at the parking lot, we saw the magnificent Baoxing Temple and felt the fusion of the surrounding fragrance and natural scenery. Get off the park from the healthy runway up the mountain, from Baoxing Temple to the plank road around the mountain, in its environment in the mountain path, the breath of fresh air, the most rare, the Guanli Mountain can overlook the whole city of Jingzhou, enjoy the hard-won quiet behind the noise. Mazuyan brings us a pleasant view, while Higashikawa Station is a memory of time. After Matsuyan's descent, we came to the Hakka Food Museum, which is only a few hundred meters away from the East River Station. As a retro restaurant remodeled from the old East River Station, we were madly attracted to punch in, each place is perfect for taking pictures, tailor shop, hair salon, mahjong, game machine, The rickshaw, the food here is flowing in the memory of the taste, and the most authentic 18 County Hakka food and snacks in the whole of Luzhou, crayfish is a perfect. If you don't have a good choice for your trip around Luzhou, go to Mazu Rock and eat at Donghe Station, you will be given an unexpected experience. Sapporo Higashihe Station Travel Plan - Traffic Capability: - Bus can take the 56/101/129 Road, get off the bus at [Higashihe Station] - Direct navigation search [Higashihe Station Hakka Food Museum] by self-driving The business hours are about 15 minutes from Vientiane City: 10:00-21:00 Detailed address: No.1, Qiangdong Avenue, Zhanggong District, Ganzhou City (former Donghe Station) Average Consumption: 40-60 Features Recommendation: Crayfish must be ordered, Ningdu three cups of chicken, four stars, Hakka brewed tofu super oderk"