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This is one of the best five-star hotels I have ever stayed in.
Ruili Jingcheng Dihai Hot Spring Resort Center is located in the east section of Ruili Avenue, next to the Ruili River, facing Mujie City across the river. The hotel covers an area of about 456 acres. , set up SPA spa clubs, entertainment clubs!
The hotel is divided into the first and second buildings! Entering the reception hall, it is spacious and bright, and it feels very atmospheric. The room is not very big, but the modern equipment should be complete, for example, the curtains that are inserted into the room and the electric curtain will automatically open! Very advanced! The bathroom and the bathroom are separate and separate. From the bathroom to the bedside, there is a moving wooden door. The inside is double-sided with glass, which makes people feel like they have doubled the space in the bathroom! The moving door is pushed open! You can go to bed after a shower! This design is also very good!
The hotel's facilities are still very perfect and tall! If you want to go to the hot springs and fitness after dinner, you will have a car to the side of the hotel! Just need to come back at 12 o'clock in the evening! You can only walk back to the hotel after 12 o'clock!
Let's talk about hot springs and fitness. It takes only 2 minutes to get on the car and go down to the car. Go straight to the clubhouse and go inside. The same atmosphere is used to describe the golden splendor. It is no exaggeration to go from the door to the door. Everything went very smoothly, from the second floor locker room to the bathing floor to the first floor is the hot spring pool! It is said that there are 22 large and small pools, each pool water temperature and soaking effect is not the same, you can choose the right hot spring bubble! Opposite the hot spring is the swimming pool next to the pool is the gym
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Ruili winter is not cold, summer is not hot, flowering seasons, fruity year is a rare hot zone treasure land belongs to tropical monsoon climate. Here you can see Burmese people with fragrant wood powder on their faces, dressed in bright women, men wrapped in skirts. The local diet is also biased towards Southeast Asian tastes. It is precisely because of the special geographical location that a colorful food culture has been achieved.
Sisters port is a state-level border trade port. It is one of the busiest areas of Chinas trade route to Myanmar. It is opposite the countrys Ms. Township. The port is divided into three magnificent buildings. For the left side of the cargo passage is a personnel passage. It is said that it is forbidden to take pictures of the country gate and the staff at the gate of the gate. Remember to remember!
There are a lot of Burmese people going back and forth and there are many women begging in Myanmar. There are a lot of begging in front of the port. Burmese children dont recommend money. Because other children see it, they will be surrounded by
ports and there are small vendors selling kyats. The face value is 100, 50, 20, 5, RMB is less than 1 yuan, and 10 yuan is sold. Everyone pays attention!
There is a duty-free shop next to the main country. Passengers can purchase imported goods according to the regulations. There are mainly skin care products, cigarettes and chocolates. However, it is not cheap. It is recommended that you go online to buy the cigarettes.
Attraction is about 10 kilometers away from Ruili City. It is located at the border of No. 71 boundary of the famous China-Myanmar border. It is a typical "one country of two stockades". The geographical wonder line divides a Yi village into two, on the Chinese side. It is called Yinjing.
From the north side of Yunnan to the westernmost side of Yunnan, the temperature difference across 10° - Ruili

This place belongs to the subtropical region, it will not be very cold all year round, the summer temperature is around 30 degrees, every summer All kinds of fruits are ripe, whether you have seen them or have not seen them before, it is recommended to taste the jujuda and all kinds of freshly squeezed juice, which are all squeezed with the freshest fruit.

Spices especially recommend the snacks of Ruili , the boss is very beautiful, is a very good young lady, especially recommend her avocado strawberry jelly, really super delicious.

If you have time to go to Suichuan, 30 kilometers away from Ruili, you will be the hometown of Miao Nao, and you will pass the Mongol Song Festival every year when you are near the New Year. Hurry up and buy a variety of local foods, such as fired pork, hand-made rice noodles, etc., recommend cold drinks and kimchi next to the people, Ding teacher kimchi can be called the last one, unlike other kimchi, cold drink recommended red plum At home, the fruits of her family are bought every morning.

If you want to eat rice noodles recommended to the household, it is the birthplace of the rice noodles, if you are too lazy to eat in a restaurant next to the people, personally feel good.

Photo taken at the Zichuan Return to Zero Inn.
Remember to bring a thick coat, the temperature difference is very big, and it is very cold at night.