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Ekaterina Garden

Ekaterina Garden

4.7/5159 Reviews
Ranked #13 in Saint Petersburg Can't Miss Attractions
"As soon as you enter the door, you can immediately see the front of Catalina Palace, once again admire the good weather, and the buildings in Phnom Penh are luxurious. Our tickets are not allowed to enter the palace until 4 p.m. and wait in line at the front entrance of the palace on time. You have to collect the original tickets, and you have to swipe them again when you enter the palace. In fact, after entering the palace, you have to line up again. The long team must then wear shoe covers first. Backpacks cannot be brought in, but there is a place to store bags in the palace. According to the rules, it is not allowed to take pictures in the palace, but in fact, the management is not very strict. Many Russians and foreigners keep taking pictures, and the administrators are not strictly forbidden. We have to take pictures, but the palace is better than expected. It’s smaller, maybe because of the palace. When I arrived at the most critical Amber Room, the management was stricter here, and it was definitely not possible to shoot. The management would immediately stop it. I could only hang the camera on my chest and press it a few times. In fact, the Amber Room is a legend. It is said to be the most mysterious treasure of the year. During World War II, the entire palace was destroyed. The Nazis demolished the Amber Room and moved it away. There are legends about putting it in the treasure cave. Many movies also say Well, now this amber room was rebuilt later, but it was also made by Russia's best skilled craftsmen, so its luxury is not less than that of the past. The entire Catalina Palace is not big and there are a lot of people visiting it. Basically they will be pushed away, so we finished shopping in half an hour. After we came out, we returned to the place just now and continued to take pictures."