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Instagram-Worthy Locations in San Francisco


Lombard Street

1,231 Reviews
San Francisco
3km from downtown
Featured Neighborhoods
"San Francisco (San Francisco), also translated as "San Francisco", "San Francisco", California Pacific port city, is the world-famous tourist attraction, California's fourth largest city. San Francisco is a subtropical Mediterranean climate, has the world-famous San Francisco Bay Area, The Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf, warm and sunny in winter and summer, is near numerous American national parks (such as Yosemite National Park) and the California wine region of Napa Valley, known as "the most popular city for Americans". In 1769, Spaniards found the place. Joined the United States in 1848. San Francisco developed rapidly in the middle of the 19th century during the gold rush. Overseas Chinese were called "Golden Mountain"."


356 Reviews
San Francisco
2.4km from downtown
Featured Neighborhoods
"Compared with the East Coast City of Philadelphia or Washington City, the Chinese City of San Francisco is larger, there are more restaurants and souvenir shops, and there are many tourists, quite lively. Here you can hear Chinese or Cantonese, is very local Chinese city."

The Palace Of Fine Arts

683 Reviews
San Francisco
3.9km from downtown
Buildings by Famous Architects
"The San Francisco Art Palace, built in 1915 for Panama's Pacific Exposition, is gradually abandoned and turned into a ruined building. It was not until 1962 that the famous German architect Mabeck redesigned it and renovated it, which made it a second youthful beauty. The palace of art, called the Palace of Art, did not display a single piece of art in the building. Art lies in the building itself. The Art Palace is a domed hall with arches and stone pillars. In the Art Palace, engineers built it with simple building materials (a mixture of plaster and fiber) because it was considered a temporary building for the Expo. On the art preservation day of October 1915, the people who supported the preservation of the palace collected 33,000 signatures and raised $350,000 to rebuild the palace and use permanent materials. The palace that should have been demolished was preserved in opposition to San Francisco residents Come on."

Golden Gate Park

353 Reviews
San Francisco
5.9km from downtown
City Parks
"The 1017-acre Golden Gate Park, which stretches from the choppy Pacific Beach to downtown San Francisco, spans 53 blocks, is the nation's most famous park in a far-flung area, changing the stereotype of the traditional park as “small and delicate.” Kinmon Park is a park built in 1887. At that time, to change the ecology of San Francisco, San Francisco bought more than 5,000 plants that could grow on the yellow soil and planted on the barren land, and finally made the world's largest artificial park, and finally gave San Francisco its own city green lungs. In Golden Gate Park, there are dense forests, ancient forests, streams, flowers, squirrels running freely, everywhere is a group of original natural scenery. Since the park is too big and there are so many views to enjoy, it is best to set aside a full day to visit and make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes."

Transamerica Pyramid

141 Reviews
San Francisco
2.7km from downtown
Modern Architecture
"The Pan Am Pyramid in the San Francisco financial district, a 48-story futuristic skyscraper and the second tallest building on the San Francisco skyline, remained the tallest building in San Francisco from its completion in 1972 until 2018. The building is no longer the headquarters of Pan Am, but it is still associated with the company and is depicted in the company logo."

Telegraph Hill

63 Reviews
San Francisco
3.2km from downtown
Featured Neighborhoods
"What you can do here: start at Levi's Square in sansome St and go all the way to the top of Telegraph Hill and then go down the other side: from the coconut tree steps or from the Greenwich steps. (I would recommend going up the Greenwich Steps and down the coconut tree steps) - the view of the SF after the summit, along the bay along the whole park, and many towers, as well as the statue of Christopher Columbus, You can also see the interior wall paintings on the lower floors of the Coyte Tower and then pay $8 for the lift to the top of the tower to see a great 360 degree view of San Francisco - the top of the hill to see the oysters on the trees. And there's a documentary about these cockroaches that you can watch on Netflix."

Battery Spencer

36 Reviews
San Francisco
8km from downtown
Observation Decks
"A very beautiful place, the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay Area can be said to be panoramic, the angle is super good, attracting many people to come here, the sun is a bit strong and the wind is a bit big, nothing else is picky"

The Castro

84 Reviews
San Francisco
2.1km from downtown
Featured Neighborhoods
"Castro is located in a beautiful neighborhood with beautiful scenery and a long history. The area is one of the birthplaces of the modern LGBT civil rights movement. Although very different from the heyday of the 1970s, it still has the ambiance of a gay community. On a sunny day in San Francisco, there are plenty of restaurants and shops to spend an interesting time."

Treasure Island

37 Reviews
San Francisco
6.9km from downtown
"A man-made island in San Francisco Bay, Gold and Silver Island was built between 1936 and 1937 as the site of the 1939 World Expo. It has become a historic landmark in California."
TOP 10

Point Bonita Lighthouse

27 Reviews
San Francisco
10.7km from downtown
"The Cape Bonita Lighthouse was seen while walking on Highway 1. It is a scenic spot on Highway 1. Basically everyone will stop to take pictures. The surrounding scenery is also good, and the sea view is also very beautiful."