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✌️Travel guide: Bali, Lembongan Island, Devil's Tears + Dream Beach Day Trip 🌟Highlights: Lembongan Island is really like its name. The seawater is dreamy and blue. It feels that every girl yearns for it. We played three times for snorkeling and walking on the sea floor. We can see a lot of tropical fish breams, but I only seem to know the clown fish bream. The coach will also feed the fish food to the bottom of the sea. You can feel the feeling of a large group of fish around . It's best to bring a mask if you snorkel. People with seasickness must be mentally prepared, and the boat trip takes two to three hours. ☀️ Of course, sun protection is also important!
Posted: Nov 28, 2019
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Next to the pavilion, you can wear a light blue cotton skirt, a playful straw hat, and walk in the rape field. You secretly take off a peanut and fear that others will find it. The dirt under your feet touches you, but you Did not notice.
Take your toes to smell the flowers, the pollen gets your nose itch, and accidentally sneezes. But the next second you leaned down to smell another flower.
You were stained with mulberry stains when you were young, the white gauze skirt was stained with a piece of stains, but you curled up like a woolen ball on the sofa and fell asleep. It seems to be a sleeping position that only cats can have.
It's all about you, you are in my eyes.

In this colorful season, forget where you are from and reach out to feel the landscape. The air is full of flowers, and even your hair is dancing. Good season, it should be lol, willful jump.

"Whenever time is taken from you, another spring will be recalled for you." Life seems to be a circle, it should let it stretch naturally, can't stay, let It goes; it's coming, let it come.

You once told me that you love to watch this wilderness, a path full of life. How many unnamed pedestrians have walked through these trails, how many lively stories. I suspect that there should be a few winding paths in the wilderness of our hearts. But most of those who have been on the road have already lost their place. Lonely children, white-haired couples, and some young men and women, they took me to a bright future and saw a picturesque world. Its like this.
Pirate Village in Shepan Island