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About Sanmenxia

Sanmenxia is situated in western Henan province. It is regarded one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization and is home to a number of historical attractions including Neolithic remains from the Yangshao era, Hangu Pass (mentioned in the classic text Tao Te Ching written by the Chinese philosopher Laozi) and Baolun Temple Pagoda, one of just four echo-producing structures in China. There are also several natural attractions including the Yellow River, Yawu Mountain and Sanmenxia Dam.

Popular Attractions in Sanmenxia

Shanzhou Cave Dwellings
1,051 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Historical Architecture
The Shanzhou Cave Dwellings are located in the south of Shan County in Sanmenxia. The site is easily accessed by road or rail. The cave dwellings kept residents cool in summer and warm in winter, and provided excellent shelter from wind and earthquakes. In addition to spending the night in renovated dwellings, visitors can relax in the hot springs, taste local cuisine, and watch traditional cultural performances.
Grand Canyon in Western Henan
263 Reviews
The Grand Canyon Resort is located in Guandaokou Town, Lushi County, Sanmenxia City connecting Henan, Shaanxi and Shanxi. The canyon runs from the east to the west. It is just like a strip extending to the east. The long, narrow and deep river down in the canyon has rapids consisting of multiple waterfalls in different shapes and a collection of ponds and pools. The canyon resort mainly boasts Dacongtan Waterfall, Zhuozu Pool, Yinma Groove, Sandie Canyon, Feishui Pond and other tourist spots.
Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park
444 Reviews
Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park starts from Jinchang Overpass in the east and ends at the intersection of Shanzhou Avenue and Yanguan Road in the west. To the south, it connects to Shaanxi Avenue and it expands to the Yellow River Wetlands in the north. The scenic spot consists of three parts, including the Shuanglong Lake White Swan Watching Area, the Shaanzhou Old City and the Yellow River Ecological Forest Belt. Swan Lake is also known as Qinglong Lake. Every October, there are tens of thousands of white swans, which will remain for the winter. Canglong Lake has many aquatic plants, including reeds, cattails and lotuses. On Zhaogong Island is a colorful peony garden and various peony varietals are planted here. Yingxiang Pavilion is an imitation Tang Dynasty building erected to commemorate Heshanggong, the river god. Standing on the Yingxiang Pavilion, visitors can behold the beautiful panoramic view.
Hangu Pass Historical and Cultural Tourism Zone
325 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
Hangu Pass Historical and Cultural Tourism Zone is a national AAAA tourism zone. It is one of the earliest forts in China. Located in the valley, visiting it is like a cave adventure. The main tourist spots include Taichu Palace, Daosheng Palace and the Taoist health preservation parks. It was a historic battlefield where war horses galloped and the place where Laozi, a thinker and philosopher in ancient China, composed Tao Te Ching. For thousands of years, Taoists from home and abroad have come here to pay tribute to Taoism and honor the forefathers of Taoism.

Sanmenxia Weather

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Trip Moments

Photo Travel Columnist Feifei   
Shanzhou Dikengyuan Glass Bridge Sanmenxia First 5D Dynamic Glass Bridge #Tourist Carnival# Standing on the glass bridge, overlooking the scenery of the Shaanxi Dikengyuan, especially at night, the bridge The colorful neon lights flashing the night of the Huazhang, from afar, it is like a magnificent rainbow raft hanging on the cliff, but also adds a colorful color to the thousand-year-old pit garden!
Posted: Aug 10, 2019
Sanmenxia travel, book the hotel in advance, take the train to Sanmenxia South Station and get off at the Gaoyang Hot Spring Hotel. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the Gaoyang Hot Spring Hotel. The hotel is 5 kilometers away from the Sanmenxia Dikengyuan Scenic Area. It is very convenient to come and go. ## In the lobby front desk, the room layout is very good, the brown and yellow series decoration space is oversized, two large single beds are juxtaposed, as well as sofa, coffee table, TV, wardrobe and tea. Taiwan, a pot of green plants, and decorative paintings. The bathroom is separated from the wet and dry, and the bath has a bath shower. It is brightly lit with a door in the room and has disposable toiletries. # catering# The layout of the cafeteria round table is not big, and the variety of brunch buffet is relatively monotonous. It is recommended to dine on time. #Photo Raiders #Photographs are as bright as possible, and the room is angled to increase the sense of extension.
Posted: Feb 28, 2019
In the Shaanxi District of Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, there is still a pit to live in this ancient and magical residential style. The standard name of the pit garden is called Patio Kiln, and the locals call the Patio a pit. The common name is called the Ditch. Planting trees and flowers in the yard, the crown of the tree is higher than the ground, forming a peculiar landscape of "seeing the tree without seeing the village, entering the village without seeing the house, entering the house without seeing the door, and hearing the sound is not seen." Due to its unique construction skills and rich culture, the Dikengyuan is also listed in the national intangible cultural heritage protection list, and is known as the ancient village under the horizon and the living stone in the history of residential. Today, there are 22 pits and courtyards in the Dikengyuan Scenic Spot in Shaanxi Province, which not only preserves the original form of this ancient dwelling, but also keeps the folk crafts in those long rivers in the pit. hospital. Such as sedge printing, Shaanxi paper-cutting, gong drums, smashing mud, puppet show, shadow play, sugar painting, red song performance, Shaanxi traditional wedding customs show, etc., contains rich culture, experience interaction, and let visitors all-round The pit culture is known. Shaanzhou Lugu Book is the oldest opera rap art in Sanmenxia, West Henan, and the ancestor of RAP. Its vocals are bold and unconstrained, and the language is closely combined. It is sung by local dialects in Shaanxi Province. The local flavor is very strong. Its unique rap form has unique charms that are incomparable to other songs and is deeply loved by the masses. The gong-and-drum book of Shanzhou is a form of sitting and singing. Because it is necessary to play a bang and drum to open the atmosphere before the opening, to attract the audience, it is called the "Drums and Drums."
Posted: Mar 22, 2019
Henan is really a good mountain, located in the Shuanglongwan Scenic Area of Lushi, Sanmenxia City, Henan Province. It is named after the two peaks of the big faucet and the small faucet. The scenic area is beautiful, with rich trails and trees, and there is a very fun shouting spring, a thrilling glass bridge across the Luo River. The bridge is 200 meters long and 180 meters high. When you walk on it, it will appear. Torn pieces of glass. If you are brave enough to take risks, come here and challenge.
Posted: May 28, 2019