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Roaring Camp Railroads
24 Reviews
泰宁根吴承恩There are not many people who come to visit Roaring Mountain Villa. We were brought here by a friend from San Francisco. Very interesting, whether it is the natural landscape or the antique feeling here is very distinctive
California State Route 1
528 Reviews
_GG***09all i think about when driving down this hwy is PCH CRUISING.
Monterey Bay
106 Reviews
CHONGFUMonterey Bay is the most famous seaside resort in Northern California. It is very beautiful, but the temperature difference between morning and evening is very big, the water is very clear, there are very few tourists and many marine life.
17-Mile Drive
306 Reviews
雪3飞whoThe world-famous tourist resort ❗ is the most quintessential scenic spot on California Highway 1, where the famous Chinese painting master Zhang Daqian once lived. 17 Mile Bay is close to the Pacific Ocean, with blue sea and blue sky☀️, white sandy beaches, strange pine and strange rocks, one step at a time, and it is beautiful. There are 21 scenic spots in the whole 17 Mile Bay. There are three main attractions in this one-day tour: Seabird Island, Solitude Cypress and pebble beach golf course. ①Recommended index for Seabird Island: Why is a white island white? Because it is caused by hundreds of thousands of seabirds shit on the island for many months. Practical tips1⃣️The island is far away, and there are still many silly cutes on the island. Stupid sea lion that keeps twisting ~ but it can only be seen clearly with the binoculars on the shore. 2⃣️A few cute little squirrels often pop out in the cracks of the rocks on the beach. You can prepare a bit of food in advance to feed them, such as bread or something. They are not picky eaters and are not afraid of birth. 3⃣️The sea breeze is super strong. If you climb the rocks and take pictures, be safe. Don’t wear something that is easy to be blown away by the wind, otherwise... it will definitely be blown away. ②Lonely Cypress Recommended Index: Just to see a lonely cypress tree. It is said that it is more than two hundred years old and is regarded as a sign of 17 Mile Bay ❗The lonely cypress tree quietly watched the ebb and flow of the ebb and flow of the clouds and the people coming and going...Stay here for 30 minutes to take pictures and feel that life is enough. ③Pebbles Beach Golf Course ‍♀️ and Resort Recommendation Index: Pebble Beach Golf The course is one of the best golf courses in the world. A total of four US Opens have been held here. For us, it is just to check the natural and cultural scenery of the resort. Practical tips1⃣️The souvenir shop in the souvenir shop sells golf balls and hats and the like. The prices are not cheap. I took a closer look at the materials and workmanship. They are basically the same as Ralph Lauren and Tommy, but the price is more expensive. 2⃣️The ice cream sold in the resort has a large capacity A single ball is the amount of 2.5 balls in China. The old beauty is too sincere. When I scooped the ice cream, I pressed down desperately. I was busy saying enough enough that only one third was eaten in the end. Does it taste so true...
Stanford University
603 Reviews
正义的力量Sometimes, the place to study is much more important than the content to study. I am really enegized by the sunshine.

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Arenal Volcano & Baldi Hot Springs From San José
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Available for Tomorrow Onwards
Irazú Volcano -Half Day Trip
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Sunset Catamaran from Flamingo Guanacaste
Available for Tomorrow Onwards

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Roaring Camp Railroads
Roaring Camp RailroadsSanta Cruz County,United States

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California State Route 1
California State Route 1Los Angeles,United States

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Felton Covered Bridge Park
Felton Covered Bridge ParkSanta Cruz County,United States

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Monterey Bay
Monterey BayMonterey County,United States

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17-Mile Drive
17-Mile DriveMonterey County,United States

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Stanford University
Stanford UniversitySanta Clara County,United States

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Santa Cruz Weather

Jan 24, 2021
3 ~ 13
Jan 25, 2021
4 / 11
Jan 26, 2021
Intermittent Clouds
1 / 12
Jan 27, 2021
Mostly Cloudy
8 / 11
Jan 28, 2021
10 / 14
Jan 29, 2021
7 / 14
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Santa Cruz
Jan 24, 2021 Santa Cruz Weather:Clouds, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:97%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:17/17:24

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