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Trip Moments

Speaking of this place, I only found it when I looked at the Sanya niche destination.
This is a European architectural group, which is now a good place to take a wedding dress.
The most typical building here is this church. However, the church is generally not open to the public, and most of the people who take pictures are looking around.
But if you look at it alone, there is really a feeling of being abroad.
I have been here for more than an hour, before and after, I saw no less than 10 couples taking wedding photos here.
There are red double-decker buses, a telephone booth full of British style, and a lot of buildings.
This double-decker bus has new photos taken from front to back, and it is not easy to find a good angle for shooting here.
I used to think that taking a wedding photo to Sanya is good, and there are mountains and seas, which are different from ordinary cities. Later, the photo was taken more, but more and more like the street shooting produced by the studio, more natural and closer to life.
There are a lot of red telephone booths here, but most of them are relatively simple. It is obviously impossible to take pictures inside, so sit on the bench next to you.
Although we have long used mobile phones in this phone booth, this is also the imprint of an era, a retro style performance.
These architectural scenes, in which they seem to have really gone to Europe.
But these buildings are not used, most of them are empty, it seems to be just a wedding photography base.
For our visitors, it is perfect for taking pictures.
Walking around and seeing a retro tram, it was more common in Shanghai in the last century. Although the color is a bit different, it is like the scene of the deep rain in the past.
As a Republic of China, I can't let it go.
Drill into the compartment and freeze yourself in the picture. Although I cant go back to those times, Im already lucky enough to look for them in these scenes.
I stayed at the Yalong Bay Guest House with pick-up service. It is not far from the Sanya Phoenix Airport to reach the hotel within 40 minutes.
Check in first, usually stay until 2 o'clock, but if you have a room, you can check in immediately, if you don't have a room, you can play directly after luggage storage.
But I am lucky, staying right now, staying in the courtyard lake view room, owning the courtyard, BBQ at night! !
Opposite the hotel is Baihua Valley, eating a lot of things, you can also go out to eat. But as a lazy person, I prefer to stay in the hotel, so after arriving at the hotel, I have never been to the hotel door. Sanya is also a good place to hatch hotels, because there are so many good hotels! ! Every one is very special.
The room is on the first floor, because it is a courtyard room, in addition to the room, there is a small yard, it looks very open.
TV is a curved screen that can be moved. However, as a person who does not watch TV and only plays mobile phones, it is a waste of me. I should open a TV and watch it for a while.
The bed is naturally a big bed with a cute little snail on it, go up and roll, juvenile.
The pool here, there are so many shallow pools, it is a small water park, children are very suitable for playing and playing, and there are various kinds of slides.
But BBQ will have a chef to your room to prepare, tableware is also available, after the barbecue is finished, it will be withdrawn, and the room's mini bar is free for the first time, so enjoy it.
This trip to Sanya, booked the store of Vinten Youth Uncle in Sanya Tianya District, which is located in the Pearl River Haohao Community. It is a medium-to-high-end residential area in Sanya. The high-rise decoration, outdoor swimming pool and complete facilities. I stayed at the Zhujiang Haohao Community. It is just a 10,000-person seafood plaza across the road. It is very convenient to eat. From here, I took a taxi to the first market for 10 minutes. This district is in the middle and high-end in Sanya. The sanitation is good and the environment is beautiful. Live more assured, because the selected high floor, you can overlook the West Island in the distance, at night is also very safe, the community has an outdoor swimming pool, guests can stay free to enter.

Check in the two-bedroom, one-bedroom, one-bathroom oak room, enter the room, clean and tidy, and have a touch of floral fragrance, make people feel warm and comfortable, the most praise is that there are two balconies A balcony is connected to the bedroom, and a balcony is connected to the hall. Even in the hot and humid August, only the window that opens the balcony, the air convection is very transparent.

and this homestay gives me the biggest feeling is clean and warm, from the room to the bathroom to the guest room, every detail is very perfect, the care of the B&B is the boss himself, because the room The strict hygiene requirements, the exquisite boss has quit one after another, and finally decided to take care of themselves, each home is used as a home to clean up, so that every guest feels the comfort of home.

!! Hey!! If you want to take a taxi to the B&B, you can locate the side door (East Gate), on a small road: called Shuizhu Road, and enter the door is the No. 8 door where the B&B is located.