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City Park
Jinjiling Park

Jinjiling Park

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"City Park"
"■ Hainan Raiders □ Hainan Food ■ Island Life □ Shop Travel -· Note has been classified, see the collection folder - [Hainan Sanya] Sanya's food, seafood is of course the first ~ This time, you must share a Sanya super delicious seafood store many stars have come to punch in the seafood square! Hainan local push, very worth punching -·Location: 88 Sanya Bay Road, Sanya City. Store name: Xiao dolphin Seafood Plaza (Sanya Bay Store) Per capita: 160/-·Have to say, I am attracted by the design of this store, a single blue house, The sign hanging high on the top "Little Dolphin Seafood Square" ... Very cute girl! ! I really want to let people explore ....-. In addition to the cute design of the blue department, the store is also all the style of the ocean department. I feel that I am in the ocean~ The waiter's little brother is super enthusiastic, the service is really very good~ After the seafood is processed on the first floor, I will sit on the second floor. You can wait for food. Recommend a few specialties that individuals feel very worthwhile: · Spicy crab: The spicy taste of this store. It's really one of the best in Hainan, the taste is very enough! I highly recommend the bread crab, the crab is much meat, super satisfied ~· steamed white fish: most of Hainan's seafood shops like to recommend steamed grouper, this time I changed to white fish, the meat is tight, delicious and tender, the taste really amazing me to· pepper salt skin prawn: pepper salt and skin prawn, It's just perfect match~ The pepper and salt skin shrimp can't really miss it. The meat is compact and the taste is concentrated on the shell. It's crisp and delicious (write the strategy and drool ....). The ink fish ball: This really delicious wife and wife, the outer porridge is tender, I didn't expect that the ink fish can still have such a practice ~ very chewy, There are many portions~-·About the surrounding area, the location is in the city of Sanya, and it is very convenient to travel. Across the sea is the dream promenade. After eating, you can also go to the beach. -· This store in addition to Sanya Bay, there are other places in Sanya City. Looking at other stores next time~ # Little Dolphin Chain Seafood Restaurant (Haitang Bay Shop) [Location] ## Small Dolphin Chain Seafood Restaurant (Yalong Bay Shop) [Location] #- Share the end of the favorite words remember to praise + pay attention to me ~ (continuously update the island travel guide) Hainan Tourism ︎ Sanya Exploration Store ︎ Sanya Restaurant ︎ Sanya Seafood ︎ Three Ya Food ︎ Sanya Feature ︎ Sanya Passage ︎ Sanya Travel ︎ Hainan Food ︎ Hainan Fresh Travel ︎ Hainan Travel ︎ Sanya Tourism"