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Aquaventure Waterpark

4.8/51,994 Reviews
Water Park
10:00-20:00, ticket window opening time: 9:30-19:00.
Sanya Atlantis, Haishu North Road, Haitang Bay, Sanya City
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About Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Water Park is a large water park at the Atlantis Hotel in Sanya. There are 15 large slides in the park, as well as a “water fun” playground that is ideal for families with young kids. The most challenging slide is called "The Leap of Poseidon", which drops down an almost vertical slide of 25.1 meters and passes through a shark pool tunnel. It is very exciting to feel the shark swimming around you. In addition, there are wonderful dolphin shows and sea lion shows in the park, so don't miss them!

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  • Lov****ita

    It's a very good water park. The water quality is very good. The staff are humorous and enthusiastic. Many projects are limited to 136 kg. They are friendly to fat people. Strong theme, fantastic building shape, sea god leap and shark crossing are also combined with shark pond, which is very interesting. Drifting is the best water park you've ever played, with track stretching at a certain height to simulate the turbulent drifting in the mountains. Children's water village is also very good, a few high slides for adults also feel fun! All major projects require more than 122 children to play, and young children can not play much. But off-season 360 tickets catch up with Disney prices... Free hotel is absolutely worth coming, do not recommend to bring baby to the store, love to play exciting can come. Let go and recommend loudspeakers!

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    Reviewed on 1527506647000
  • 138****1298

    This is a mysterious and beautiful journey, mysterious magic comes from many unique as a hotel; the most beautiful experience in the body, experience in the heart! ___________ Atlantis in Hainan Sanya Begonia Bay is full of magic and uniqueness, whether in the underwater world or in the water park. Whether in the guest room or in the restaurant, whether in the environment or in the service, the most profound feeling is that love produces beauty and beauty comes from love. Beautiful facilities, service and care! When I came to Atlantis, Sanya, why reminded me of Adelina by the water, which not only triggered a welcome song on the video of the guest room, but also a beautiful story about love coming from Greek mythology, and a real experience of love flowing out of Clyderman's fingertips by Adelina by the water... Atlantis in Sanya is the paradise of love and beauty everywhere, the world of the sea on earth; Atlantis people use love to let those who enter her experience the most beautiful minute by minute! More mysterious, more wonderful, sincerely hope that millions of global tourists can have me, or even better experience than me!

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    Reviewed on 1521904649000
  • M15****556

    Atlantis, who went to Atlantis for fame, was attracted by the huge aquarium just after entering the right turn. I heard that there was still deep diving. As a diver, I immediately went to the front desk to reserve the water table at 10:30 a.m. the next day. Later the next day, the coach waited for me for almost an hour because he didn't get off the exit in time because of the high speed. See the coach himself, very patient to explain to me diving precautions. Then dive from the rooftop into the underwater. It's beautiful. The coach will show me interesting underwater creatures. He will observe the students'diving situation in time. The key person is very nice and super-handsome. Underwater swimming like a free fish is worth playing. Finally, I asked my name, Chen Taian. It's worth recommending.

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    Reviewed on 1525660875000
  • 雷电女王的月光

    I highly recommend here, children can play, more than 1.22, all recreational projects can be, ticket money is also valuable, but the food inside, it is not a little expensive, rich people of course do not care, I suggest poor economic conditions can prepare their own lunch, facilities are complete, recreational projects are also many, but also continue to build.

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    Reviewed on 1531479057000
  • M43****321

    The first time I came to Sanya, I chose Atlantis, the second home in the world, for brand and word of mouth. It's great to come with my family, check in and walk into the room. The bed is comfortable and big. The family can live in it. I also want to thank Brude Jixiang, a very enthusiastic young man, who introduced the restaurant, water world, aquarium and some other places to play. Thank you for giving you a compliment on the room design that meets the young people's standards, comfortable and design sense. Needless to say, the hotel's supporting facilities and services are also superb! __________ Water Paradise and Aquarium are really high to burst! Anyway, I pick! Arrangement ~Haha in short, the choice is worth it!

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    Reviewed on 1533393463000
  • M29****6288

    Atlantis Water World is one of the few water parks in Sanya. The park has played many projects. The most famous of them are "Leap of the Sea God" and "Let go of a fight" which is really an epinephrine soaring journey. It's embarrassing to say that you've been to Atlantis without playing either. Besides these two exciting sports, the water roller coaster is also quite addictive, so it is not enough for our family of three to sit four or five times, but it needs to be reminded that the water roller coaster needs three people in a group and the overall weight is 105kg. In addition to the above, the fast drifting river is also quite red chicken ah, the total length of the drifting river is 1.8 kilometers, all the way is turbulent water, the feeling of drifting with the waves makes people feel like they are in the tropical jungle. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the marine Empire belongs to children, but there are 19 slideways and rich marine life entertainment areas. The picture is the official two-dimensional code of the hotel. After scanning, you can pay attention to the official public number. After playing for an afternoon, the children are not enough, and finally reluctant to leave. They have to come back after the quarrel. Finally, the staff of the park are also quite responsible for praise, everyone is very patient and responsible, people feel very safe.

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    Reviewed on 1539939421000
  • 丫丫

    Whether you can't live in Atlantis or not, I think if you go to Sanya and live in Haitangwan, you must go to the water world. We live in Wenli Sofitel. We have reserved a whole day to go to the water world. More than 2 big ones, 1 small ones and 900 small ones are worth the price. All the items are suitable for children over 122. Paper below 122 can play with children, children's pool and a shark. Fish crossing and drifting, in addition to eating and drinking other things do not need money, before reading the comment that the food inside is very expensive, personal feeling is good, a set meal with soup and drinks does not exceed 70, there are special children's fork cooking and Hainan chicken rice only 38 yuan, for a six-star Hotel downstream amusement park, this consumption is not high, but they can also take east. If you go west to eat, you can park your private car in the parking lot of the hotel. The parking fee is about 30 yuan a day. Very good.

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    Reviewed on 1538188681000
  • 亲亲母子

    The world of water is well-known. There are not many projects, but they are very playable. Except for letting go of one fight and Haishen Yue dare not play, all the other projects have been played with eight-year-old children. The best thing is that the project requires children to play at least 1.22, while other water park stimulation projects generally require children to play at least 1.4. This time I finally finished my children's playful demands. In addition, the price of tickets is really a little expensive.

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    Reviewed on 1531578803000
  • _WeCh****23076

    There are many water world projects, so hotel guests can take tickets to the park in advance. This time, she brought her children to play and experienced the interaction between sea lions and feeding rays. She enjoyed herself very much. The staff are very polite and patient. It's worth it! Coaches Liu Ming and Huang Huankai have patience in interactive communication. Wait until the children are a little older to take a walk on the sea floor. Dolphin Bay sea lions interact for a long time and experience is interesting. In the afternoon, the handsome coach with sunglasses is so handsome. Unfortunately, he does not know his name. There are many interactive links between sea lions, which are very exciting. It's more fun to have family interaction in the future.

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    Reviewed on 1547647281000
  • 主持人旅行家秦添

    Atlantis Hotel is located on Beitang Road, situated in Beitang Bay, overlooking the charming South China Sea, a few minutes'drive from the International Tax Free City. The hotel covers an area of about 300,000 square meters. It is a comprehensive entertainment and vacation destination integrating hotel, catering, shopping, water park and aquarium. There are more than 1000 spacious seascape rooms and suites, which can meet the different needs of guests. The spacious and luxurious interior decoration in the characteristic suite brings a noble living experience, accompanied by 24-hour personal housekeeping service. Five double-decked underwater suites offer a fantastic view of 86,000 sea elves in Ambassador's Atoll lake.

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    Reviewed on 1540817960000
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