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Guanyin Goddess at Nanshan

4.6/5740 Reviews
Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, Yacheng Town, Yazhou District, Sanya City
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About Guanyin Goddess at Nanshan

A famous buddhist statue in Sanyan, the Nanshan Guanyin is a pilgrimage site for prayer and benediction. The statue, an effigy of the bodhisatva 108 meters in height, stands upon Jingangzhou (Guanyin Island) located in front of Nanshan Temple. Folk dancing and performance are staged here during festivals, and visitors can choose to participate in the revelry.

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  • M24****734

    Very beautiful, Linhai Meishan Mountain, 108 meters three-sided Guanyin, 33 painted Guanyin, Lotus stage under the Buddha's foot ceremony activities, there are two Buddha fingerprints. The only thing missing from the strategy is that Guanyin does not need tickets, but it needs 121 yuan (off-season) in Nanshan Tourist Area, but if you take a sea bus, you can go straight to Guanyin without tickets, but the sea bus also needs 50-100 (mileage). Then I met a more powerful guide (you can rub the guide), raised a lot of posture, Bai Guanyin did not walk in the middle of the main road, but by the left avenue, clockwise worship, from the right avenue, to take the idea of merit and virtue, and I seem to remember that the middle Avenue is left for six clean, that is, to walk out of the family, although I do not believe in Buddha or anything, but since I come to worship, also said. Sincerity is the word. There is also the gesture of reverence incense, not with the right hand, Buddhism called the killing hand, as unclean, so with the left hand, two fingers incense, thumb to fragrance, and then hold incense first worship the subjective sound, then worship the incarnation, and finally reverence, implying virtue and integrity incense! But because I bought tickets, I stopped by to see other scenic spots in Nanshan tourist area: Longevity Valley (smaller, 2500 meters in length, the domineering gate and the wishing pool are Guanyin's riding paddles, there is a huge longevity sign in the entrance, the path around the mountain in the tropical rainforest, there are some questions and answers along the way. What about the name of longevity, the posture has risen! There are also pictures of centenarians. We went to Nanshan Temple (very quiet, everyone talks small, like to worship Buddha can also see, but my favorite is the Bodhisattva tree next to Nanshan Temple, feel a monk sitting in meditation) and Putuo Temple, 33 Guanyin, Yuguanyin. Actually, they are all small, but the pictures are beautiful (it looks good outside), and we haven't been there, mainly playing at Guanyin at sea for too long, about two hours, then it's really powerless, and there's nothing to eat in the scenic area (er _________ Major families are off work, do not know whether it is the reason for off-season, off-duty on time, we do the tour bus to the gate at 5:20, there is no staff. I can't find any food. I'm starving to death) So I suggest that we should have lunch or bring something with us when we play in Nanshan.

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    Reviewed on 1499511610000
  • 暴走中的于尔根和猫

    Located in the Nanshan Sea of Sanya, Guanyin is very magnificent with a height of 108 meters. Avalokitesvara actually has three statues, facing three sides, representing the three blessings of Fu Lushou. Avalokitesvara is on the lotus flower. I remember buying tickets. On the lotus, there is a person's name engraved on it. During the construction of that time, the person who prayed for the blessing of Guanyin was equal to his own strength. To ask for a bunch of Buddha beads here can also be said to be a gift for prayer, not to buy, but to ask. It's really very big here. There's a feeling of being near and far in the horizon. Photographs should be taken in the lower left corner of the Avalokitesvara so that the Avalokitesvara Niang can bless you (right).

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    Reviewed on 1492860468000
  • 郑雨过天晴

    Nanshan Maritime Guanyin is located in Nanshan Temple scenic spot, 108 meters higher than the Goddess of Liberty by 15 meters. It is the world's largest Baiyi Guanyin statue and the world's largest Guanyin statue, forged for stainless steel. Before the completion of Guanyin on the Nanshan Sea, Wuxi Lingshan Buddha, which is eighty-eight meters high and is known as the "first Buddha in Shenzhou" was the highest. After the completion of Guanyin on the Nanshan Sea, the height record of Lingshan Buddha was refreshed. On the one hand, Guanyin Sacred Images hold lotus flowers, on the other hand, gold books, and on the other hand, Buddha beads. For the integration of the three models of Zheng Guanyin, Baoxiang solemn, foot 108 petals lotus throne, lotus throne 10 meters high, a total of four layers, each layer has the same shape of 27 petals of lotus, a total of 108 petals, 20 petals more than Lingshan big Buddha base lotus throne. Under the lotus pedestal is the King Kong Platform, which is the Yuantong Palace with an area of 15,000 square meters. The King Kong Platform is connected with the land bank by the 280-meter-long Puji Bridge, and with the Guanyin Square and theme parks on both sides of the Square, covering an area of nearly 300,000 square meters, forms the "Guanyin Jingyuan" scenic spot. When visitors queue upstairs, they need to fold their hands and remove their sunglasses. Goddess of Mercy does not need to buy tickets again. When arriving at the top of the building, tourists mostly need to hold the toes of Goddess of Mercy, with the phrase "Buddha's feet" saying that when you are alive, you must go to the South China Sea to see the true face of Goddess of Mercy.

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    Reviewed on 1488101299000
  • mico

    Very good. This trip to Sanya is based on Guanyin in the South China Sea. The whole sculpture is very shocking. It's very big in the scenic area. I suggest you buy a ticket for the battery car, because it's too tired to walk around, especially in this season. There are many words and toxicity. When I sit in an outdoor pavilion, my legs are basically bitten, because I wear eight-minute pants and two wrist-dense handbags. When I get bitten, I get bitten. No feeling at all. I fainted to death. The next day they were all swollen, red and swollen. Now they are three months old. There are dark traces... It is recommended that you do a good job of sunscreen and mosquito bite prevention when you go. (Attached a picture to show you how serious it is, don't be careless)

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    Reviewed on 1496546772000
  • 爱生活

    Nanshan Guanyin on the sea is the most famous scenic spot in Nanshan scenic spot of Sanya. The scenery of the scenic spot is really good, surrounded by the sea. It is said that the Guanyin on the sea is 15 meters higher than the Goddess of Liberty, so the Guanyin on the sea is the largest stone statue in the world. Avalokitesvara is divided into three sides, one side is holding lotus, the other side is holding gold books, and the other side is holding Buddha beads, representing the three blessings of the human life. Guanyin Baoxiang is solemn. It has 108 lotus flowers on its feet. The lotus flower throne is ten meters high. It has four layers. Each layer has 27 lotus flowers of the same shape, totaling 108. Under the lotus pedestal is the King Kong Platform, which is the Yuantong Palace with an area of 15,000 square meters. Usually, tourists will go to the roof of the Guan Yin video to hug Buddha's feet for good luck, usually need to queue for about 30 minutes. The whole "Guanyin Jingyuan" scenic spot covers an area of nearly 300,000 square meters, which takes at least three hours.

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    Reviewed on 1521526321000
  • 远行-遇见你

    Sanya South China Sea Avalokitesvara is located on an artificial island about 200 meters away from the coast. It is connected by a passage. It takes a long walk to get tickets to the park. In fact, it overlooks the Avalokitesvara on the plane. It is grand, solemn and sacred. We look forward to seeing it for a long time. The base of the Avalokitesvara is huge, which is a platform for the exhibition hall to go up to the base of the Avalokitesvara. Sightseeing, but need to buy another ticket, not included in the ticket! Beautiful scenery along the coastline, echoes with the sacred Guanyin and video far away! __________

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    Reviewed on 1497184790000
  • Hu518

    One hundred and eighty-eight metres of Nanshan Sea Avalokitesvara is the world's largest three-dimensional statue of Avalokitesvara in white clothes, with Mituo on its top, Falun on its left hand and Shi Wuqi on its right. The lotus throne under the statue of Guanyin is ten meters high and has four layers. Each layer has 27 lotus flowers of the same shape, totaling 108, 20 more than the lotus throne on the base of Lingshan Buddha. All titanium alloy. Under the lotus pedestal is the King Kong Platform, which is the Yuantong Palace with an area of 15,000 square meters. King Kong Chau is connected with the land bank by the 280-meter-long Puji Bridge, and with the Guanyin Square and theme parks on both sides of the Square, which covers an area of nearly 300,000 square meters.

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    Reviewed on 1523771280000
  • 小螃蟹双

    Although the ticket is a little expensive, the bus was also fooled to buy a hundred yuan of incense outside, in fact, no need, every incense burning place has three free incense, spent wrongly money, went to see the Guanyin Niang is very beautiful, prayed for the whole family, very good, this is the first scenic spot we went to, until more than three o'clock, also played the sea, very happy.

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    Reviewed on 1441590733000
  • 182****1658

    When you see Guanyin in the South China Sea, you will feel so small. Although I am not an honest believer, my heart is still full of emotion and worship. There is a very sacred power, wash their hearts, can not help but cry, really worthwhile.

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    Reviewed on 1459688094000
  • _WeCh****46499

    First of all, I suggest you go there early in the morning. You'd better wear sneakers, shawls, hats and sunglasses, and cover your face with a sunscreen and a veil. Because the sun is too full, the afternoon sun here is worse than the noon sun on the beach, and my face is sunburned! 108 meters tall Buddha statue is not a fool, super spectacular, super beautiful surrounding seascape! Suggest!

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    Reviewed on 1507188400000
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