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Haitang Bay

4.6/5669 Reviews
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Haishu District, Sanya City
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About Haitang Bay

Haitang Bay is a quiet beach that is far away from the city and more natural compared to its counterparts. Standing on the beach here, you can get a glimpse of Wuzhizhou Island. It is especially suitable for those who want a quiet stay in the resort. There are many high-end resort hotels on the beach, and the hotel facilities are relatively new. Haitang Bay Duty Free Shop of Sanya, Hainan is also located here. It is very convenient for travelers who like shopping.

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  • _WeCh****916958

    The trip to Haitang Bay I arrived in Sanya this morning with my family. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Yalong Bay. It was sunny and hot, so we decided to go to the swimming pool in our hotel after we checked in. When I floated in the pool I felt like I was a fish. It was so cool! For lunch, my family and I ate in our hotel. The seafood was amazing and the coconut chicken was delicious! After we finished the lunch, we went to the beach near our hotel. It was also sunny and hot there. I lied under an umbrella. The sand was soft. I felt comfortable. In the evening, we went to see something very special——The Lost Chambers Aquarium in Atlantis Hotel. The whale sharks were huge, the fish were beautiful. The aquarium was decorated in style of ancient Atlantis. At last, we ate a lot of very delicious sea crabs at Crab Kitchen in Atlantis Hotel. We enjoyed the food very much. When we went back to our hotel, it was very late. What a full and happy day ! I fell asleep immediately.

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    Reviewed on 1552222771000
  • Deer_mzmy

    The feeling is also one of the places Sanya must go. Here is my specific feeling about Haitangwan Bay: [Geographical location] In the eastern part of Sanya, it takes about 50 minutes to take a taxi from the airport. [Recommendation reason] Blue sky, green trees, fresh sea breeze, here can better appreciate the nature of the Sanya Sea, Wuzhizhou Island is near, this area is more suitable for motorboat racing and diving, as well as to see the sea. The world's largest duty-free shop, Hainan Sanya Haitangwan duty-free shop, is located here, like to go shopping, it is really convenient. The sea here is not as calm as the sea in Yalong Bay, and the waves are relatively large, so it is not suitable for swimming in the sea. There are many five-star resort hotels along the coast. Compared with Yalong Bay, the hotel has more general facilities, larger hotel area, larger room area and better vision. Generally speaking, the hotel experience here is better than Yalong Bay. Sitting on the balcony, eating snacks, feeling the sea breeze, listening to the sound of waves beating the beach, incomparably pleasant. [Deficiencies] There are hardly any supermarkets or cheap restaurants to buy and walk around. If you go, you have to take a taxi to the town in advance for about 25 minutes. There are still some gaps in beach quality compared with Yalong Bay. [General Comment] Sanya is not only Yalong Bay, but also deserves to be loved by the sea, the environment and the way of vacation here.

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    Reviewed on 1489072794000
  • Daisy郭

    Haitangwan Mangrove Resort Sanya, the second seven-star hotel in the world, opened on December 24! With curiosity and husband with Erbao (Dabao is going to school) come here for a walk to see the scenery! I don't know if it will be so smooth [laughing] [grinning] [grinning] [taking the bus 23 from a department store in downtown Sanya for nearly an hour and 15 minutes to Sheraton Station near Haitangwan Mangrove Hotel (the direction of Sanya duty-free shop), many of which are duty-free shops. The total fare is no more than 15 yuan, similar to Shanghai's Airport line. The scenic spots along the way will pass Conch Girl, Sanya's eternal love. Along the way, the scenery is more localized, not to mention trees, botanical gardens, vegetable fields. From the doorway of the hotel, we can see that the construction workers have a variety of healthy vegetables, which echoes the greenery of flowers and plants. We can see the worker's master coming to pick beans and chili and eggplant for self-sufficiency, which is a bit of a sense of peach and blossom. I don't know if the hotel will continue to be preserved after gradual improvement. I hope it will remain [happy]. This is also the scenery of vacation. Round the way to the health center, as many as the roof of the hotel villa area, like volcanic stone. Best wishes for the opening of the flower basket is still in the hotel entrance, the lobby, some parts of the hotel floor, outdoor swimming pool, seaside and continue to improve the construction scene, the design of the lobby led to a strong convective wind, it is called an open and cool ah! The Children's Slide Paradise advertised online by the hotel hasn't been found. It should not be built yet. There are still some planned spaces around it. I wonder if it is? Passing through the Wedding Square to the beach, there will be Hotel staff, should be the role of supervision, remind visitors to pay attention to safety! [Smile secretly] The day we went was windy and waves were high. The sea was facing Wuzhizhou Island. Someone was jumping a parachute in the distance. [Daze] The seaside is connected to other hotels! After returning from the seaside, I took the elevator directly to the 32nd floor. On the corridor, I could see the imperfect places and turn to the 35th floor to see the scenery. The sea view can be seen far! It's windy. The background of a viewing platform for wedding design feels a little like that of a Greek [snicker] [naughty] guest who lives here may feel that the software and hardware of the service are not up to the standard. After all, there are construction phenomena in the beginning, but it's just a scenic spot for us. It's not important to see the natural scenery. [Smile] [Happy] Hope the hotel can strive to the standard of seven-star hotel! Let the visitors return to [the sun] with satisfaction.

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    Reviewed on 1484109509000
  • y****i1

    Before coming, I had seen some very good hotels beside the duty-free shops and brought beautiful beaches. So I thought about the distance and came here. I must go and see the hotel next door. It's really quiet. I can hardly see anyone. It's suitable for people who want to take a quiet vacation. But there's really nothing to eat around. I guess everything should be solved in the hotel because the vegetation is so good. So I haven't seen the head of the road and wondered if I was going the wrong way, but I slowly heard the sound of the waves and thought that I must be near. Sure enough, after a while, my vision was wide and I saw some people. But in general, there were not many people. Everyone was lying on the seaside recreational chair and looking at the sea leisurely. By the way, I thought, wow, that's what I want, so I went to lie down and be quiet. Looking at Huihai, the blue sky and the white clouds beach, and listening to the waves, it really makes people feel that it's okay to sit for an afternoon. After sitting for a while, we can see that nobody's ocean is thinking about coming and should be hydrophilic. So we take off our shoes and walk on the soft sand to the seaside. The waves in Haitangwan are really big, so nobody swims, and finally we go to the place where we wash down. Foot left this beautiful sea, it's really worth coming back next time.

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    Reviewed on 1512263992000
  • cjxgtt

    It's not much fun to go to Sanya to tell the truth. Choosing a better hotel is all alive. The Intercontinental Hotel feels good this time. But it seems that a row of five-star hotels along the seaside should be all right. Because it's not the peak season, the price of the Intercontinental Hotel is barely acceptable. The biggest problem is eating. Although the next door is a duty-free shop, there are many things to eat, but the taste is very bad. Strongly recommend Sichuan Weiwang, also recommended by friends, very praised, but also responsible for receiving and delivering, good taste and price is also close to the people, the boss is also very good, very honest! _________

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    Reviewed on 1465570027000
  • 花名沈公子

    The hotel is located in Wanda Hilton Yaolin Hotel, Haitangwan Bay. The hotel environment is very good. There are too few waiters. The first day we check in, we can't open the door. We waited half a day for the waiter. The WIFI of the room also charges some matches for five stars. The previously booked rooms are full, the pool side room is upgraded free of charge, and the balcony connects the swimming pool. It's very refreshing. Private beach people rarely have clean water, that is, they can not swim in the sea, there are lifeguards whistling and staring. Begonia Bay is somewhat biased. It's much more convenient to rent a car, and it's free of charge at high speed. Oil is one piece more expensive than the interior road. Every person charges 11 yuan of government adjustment fund every day. Buffet breakfast is not bad.

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    Reviewed on 1440547892000
  • 萍逢

    One of the most worthwhile places to visit in Sanya is Begonia Bay. This morning has a different scenery. We stayed at the Westin Hotel near the duty-free shop. We arrived five minutes away from the seaside. Four or five-star hotels are all around the Begonia Bay. They have their own characteristics. Next time, we will stay in Begonia Bay. It's too convenient to visit the duty-free shop. It's the best choice for leisure vacation.

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    Reviewed on 1457627069000
  • 团子大官人

    Compared with the primitive ecological beach, we live in the farmer's room, which is relatively simple, but behind the hotel is the beach. We can change our bathing suits to play on the beach directly. The beach and the sea are certainly not as good as the Wuzhizhou Island, but it is more original and can feel the growing feeling of the beach. There are many snack stalls around, and they have a good rural experience.

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    Reviewed on 1443847331000
  • _CFT01****6149856

    There are few people going to Haitangwan Bay. The sea water is very blue, the waves are very big and dangerous. No launching is allowed. The beach is very primitive and there is no commercialization. Personally, I feel very beautiful. I can look at the sea quietly there and sleep in the rest booth next to me. It's so cool. It's very close to Wuzhizhou Island. You can see it from Haitangwan Bay.

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    Reviewed on 1429194407000
  • 瑞丽拓跋嗣

    Hardware facilities are complete, the environment is very beautiful, very quiet, not as noisy as other places, sleep at night is very solid, the beach can rarely see people, the waves are big, not suitable for going to sea. For those who like quiet holidays, this is perfect.

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    Reviewed on 1454558915000
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