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Yalong Bay

4.6/512,581 Reviews

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Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort, Sanya City
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About Yalong Bay

Yalong Bay is a well-known bay in China. It was once rated as one of the eight most beautiful bays in the country by National Geographic. The water quality is top-notch and the sand is white and clean. It is also where luxury hotels in Sanya congregate. There is a special sea activity center, with golf courses, yacht clubs, spa clubs and other activities at your disposal.

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  • _CFT01****3537783

    Very satisfied! All the beaches in Sanya are the first. First, the sea water is blue, clear and beautiful, and the waves are especially big. Compared with other places like Sanya Bay, the waves are the largest. It's fun to surf with a swimming circle and everything. Then I want to play the Games in it. The price is generally more than one hundred items. I just want to see the scenery and the sea breeze. Look at the waves, they are beautiful, because they come alone, playing with those things is not interesting. After a stroll, I went back. The scenery is really beautiful. It's especially suitable for making big movies. Because the scenery is good, the sunshine is good, the photos are taken by mobile phones.

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    Reviewed on 1494473005000
  • E31****7811

    My travel strategy I went to Sanya at least eleven times with different people.I will introduce my Sanya's travel stratagy. Sanya is a picturesque scenery city.Anyone want to relieve summer-heat. It is recommended that you should book airline tichet very early. I always look out the scenery which is beautiful and wonderful and from Beijing to Sanya during the flight which is quick and efficient. Out of the plane. I usually return to the hotel quickly for a rest,to get ready for the trip tomorrow. Sanya's beach is all clean and delicate. I like looking for crabs with my brother. We always come back with the most medium crabs,conchs,and scallops which are our lunch or supper. You can also go to the seafood restaurant. Those are delicious. I enjoy watching the colorful underwater world. That scenery doesn't show the land. All in all,it is a beautiful,enrich and happily travel of Sanya. Thank you for looking my texk.

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    Reviewed on 1552058572000
  • Deer_mzmy

    Hainan returns without looking at the sea, except that Yalong is not a bay to Yalong Bay, which I think is one of the best beaches and most comfortable resorts in China. Here's how I feel: The beautiful outline of Yalong Bay looks like a treasure trough on the map, indicating the geomantic treasure land. It's about 35 minutes from the airport to Yalong Bay by taxi. [Recommendation reason] The sea water is very clear and the beach is very soft. There is no perfect beach like this in China. It is suitable for sunbathing and swimming in the water. Surrounding five-star hotels, the hotel's private beach has become a stretch, in a hotel can easily get to other hotels to visit and enjoy the meal. The temperature is suitable, the winter is warm and comfortable, the summer is not particularly hot, personal feeling the most suitable time to travel in March - May. There are shopping districts and supermarkets around, which can be reached on foot. [Deficiencies] There are not many places around for inexpensive catering, because they are luxury hotels. Consumption has doubled several times during the Spring Festival, and there are many people, so it is not recommended to travel in those days during the Spring Festival. [General Comment] Nature's gift, Sanya must go to the place NO.1! (Photo taken at Sheraton Resort, Yalong Bay, Sanya)

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    Reviewed on 1489068033000
  • M48****145

    Yalong Bay takes about 120 taxis from the airport. There are many hotels and most of them are five-star hotels. The price of hotels near the seaside is obviously much higher. The price of rooms with seascape is much higher. The price of hotels far from the seashore will be slightly lower. The scenery of Yalong Bay is very good. The Tropical Forest Park can overlook the whole Yalong Bay. It is very beautiful and spectacular. The quality is good, the sand on the beach is very fine, the city planning here is very good, there are trees everywhere. If you plan well, the cost of visiting here is very low. Don't let people come here for the Spring Festival. The price will be three times as much as usual. It's still a good place to visit.

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    Reviewed on 1478052902000
  • _WeCh****08567

    Having spent a night in the Bird's Nest in Paradise on Earth, there is nothing to say about the sightseeing, Beauty! ________ Although it's more expensive, it's also worth eating, including forest park tickets and buffet breakfast. It's very relaxing to have breakfast in the valley and the bay. It's very pleasant to sit on the balcony of the room and read books and listen to music. It's very private. The roof of the peacock villa is very beautiful. There are also small bubbles. The children like it very much. The service staff have a very good attitude. The baggage pick-up room and check-out are helped. After checking out, you can check in your luggage and play in the mountains. The sharp bends and steep slopes on the mountain roads are too exciting.

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    Reviewed on 1479308311000
  • E33****7589

    very nice place to make holiday with tha family! we like it a lot!

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    Reviewed on 1570598851000
  • stone_zhang

    Just arrived in Sanya, I rented a car to Yalong Bay. The scenery along the way to Yalong Bay is very beautiful. The hotels near Yalong Bay are more expensive, but the environment is elegant. I live in the Aegean Sea, the hotel is Greek architecture, personal preference. Behind the hotel is the beach. The beach is clean and the water is clear. Near Yalong Bay, there is a Baihua Valley Commercial Street, where it is convenient to eat. There are Pizza Hut, Starbucks and KFC across the road. But you can't use coupons to eat here, and there is no rice in KFC in Sanya. The things in Baihua Valley supermarket are more expensive, so it is not urgent to buy things can go to the supermarket in the city. If you want to have breakfast in Hundred Flowers Valley, you should ask the price before deciding whether to eat it, because I have lost money, so you need to make an inquiry. In Yalong Bay, it seems that traffic is not very convenient. If you can drive, you can rent a car at the airport. I rented a self-shielding Kaiyue. The rent is 70 yuan per day. By the way, if the first seafood market, general hotels have free shuttle bus service. Well, that's all for today. If you have any questions, you can leave a message for me. Next, the picture above.

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    Reviewed on 1435506143000
  • M35****577

    This time we went to Yalong Bay at 4 or 5 p.m. The sun was not particularly shining. The sand on the beach over there was very fine and comfortable. Compared with Sanya Bay, the sand was much thinner and more suitable for walking along the seaside. The night before I went there, it rained. The guide talked about the rain turning up the sand and stone on the bottom of the sea. So the sea water was not particularly clear. But for me, it was already clear. Personally, I recommend that friends who like swimming should go there. It is the most suitable beach for swimming and walking along the beach in the scenic spots. The delicate beach is really comfortable.

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    Reviewed on 1475587755000
  • 远行-遇见你

    Yalong Bay in Sanya is a particularly worthwhile scenic spot, where you can feel the beauty of tropical forests, and overlook the charming scenery of the coastline of Yalong Bay in Sanya. The scenery of the coast is even more beautiful. There are islands situated not far away. It is especially relaxing and pleasant.

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    Reviewed on 1497184320000
  • 365happy

    Yalong Bay is located 28 kilometers southeast of Sanya City, Hainan Province. It is a half-moon-shaped bay at the southernmost end of Hainan Province and one of Hainan's famous scenic spots. It integrates five elements of modern tourism ocean, beach, sunshine, green and fresh air. The beach stretches 7,000 meters and is flat and wide. The shallow sea area is 50 to 60 meters wide. The sand is white and soft, the sea water is clear and transparent, the visibility is 7 to 9 meters, the annual average temperature is 25.5 degrees, the sea water temperature is 22 to 25.1 degrees, the bathing beach is excellent, it can swim all the year round, and it is known as the first Bay in the world.

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    Reviewed on 1496409155000
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