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Yalong Bay Underwater World

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About Yalong Bay Underwater World

Yalong Bay Underwater World is located at the Yalong Bay waterfront. It has a wide variety of corals, algae and fish stocks. At this attraction, you can take a semi-submersible glass boat to enjoy the beautiful underwater world, or put on diving equipment and dive into the water to have close interaction with the underwater creatures. There are lots of water activities and diving programs available, such as open sea diving, motorboats, paragliding, semi-submersible sightseeing boats, banana boats, speedboats, and many other choices.

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  • 320****044

    Water super clear, many water entertainment projects, played around the island, diving, banana boats. My favorite banana boat is very exciting. Seeing the underwater world for the first time is not particularly breathing under the sea, but only diving for less than ten minutes. It is worth challenging. I recommend you to play and bring more food to supplement your physical strength.

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    Reviewed on 1482574601000
  • E21****778

    There are many recreational projects in the underwater world of Yalong Bay. Especially diving into the sea is the most fun. There are semi-submersible cruises on the sea: Yalong Bay, Sanya City. It can dive 1. At 7 meters, visitors can see coral and tropical fish through the fiberglass window next to their seats. The whole seabed tour lasts about one hour. Directly diving and snorkeling: provide each guest with a set of diving glasses, breathing tubes, webbed feet and life jacket. After the snorkeling guide explains the relevant knowledge and matters needing attention, he and the snorkeling guide go underwater sightseeing together, mainly in the shallow water area of 1-3 meters. We spent several hours here, and we came back at 4 p.m. because we lived in Xinmin Street, so we came back earlier, so we planned to go to Chongqing Yingjie Seafood Processing Shop to have a big meal and have a good appetite.

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    Reviewed on 1458617179000
  • M51****658

    This underwater world has random addresses. It's actually a beach... The beach is very beautiful. I want to visit the underwater sightseeing boats and diving projects. The diving coach I chose was very good. I adapted well to the depth of 8 meters underwater, touched coral and shells, and the fish ran too fast to touch (the coach brought in sausage). Generally speaking, it was still very good. Diving suits and other supplies, oxygen plugs do not want to use public words, 20 yuan to buy one of their own

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    Reviewed on 1519215054000
  • Angel

    Before the age of 25, go crazy to see a fantastic concert, a talk-and-go trip, a party of the opposite sex who can shake his face at any time, cry loudly in the cinema, get drunk at night, talk about a crazy but fruitless love, after 25 years of age, quietly adopt parents, cook, clean up, read, marry, raise children and hide their madness in the corner.

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    Reviewed on 1545905715000
  • _WeCh****35436

    Yalong Bay underwater world project is so interesting, the water is very clear, the first experience of such exciting fun projects, shark drift boats, sailboats, motorboats give me unusual experience, next time I will come again.

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    Reviewed on 1501505957000
  • 小石子哥

    The sea water is very clear. I see many small fish near the bridge. There are many items that can be played. I recommend them.

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    Reviewed on 1501223445000
  • M55****562

    Yalong Bay is a crescent bay, with 7 kilometers of silver-white beach, the sand is quite delicate. The South China Sea here is not polluted, the water is clean and transparent, showing several different blues in the distance, and there are many kinds of coral under the water surface, which can be clearly appreciated. It is suitable for a variety of underwater activities, including diving, and so on. The seabed has become the core of local tourism. Yalong Bay was called Yalong Bay in ancient times. It used to be an unknown and remote beach. Until the establishment of Sanya Yalong Bay Development Co., Ltd. in 1992, when the State Council approved the establishment of Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort, the name of Yalong Bay was unified. To go to Yalong Bay, you have to experience the underwater world.

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    Reviewed on 1504802431000
  • 不要说话哦巴

    It's really exciting. I can see a lot of submarine creatures here, which I haven't seen before. It's so exciting. My friends are staring and stunned. Compared with the Great East China Sea and the Sanya Bay, they are beautiful, showing a gradual change of color. It's good to go swimming! Here are tropical fruits, seafood is not fresh, it is enjoyable to eat. If you want to buy seafood, you should go to the first market in the market. It's convenient to buy something. If you want to eat seafood, you should recommend Chongqing Yingjie Seafood Processing Shop. If you want to eat seafood, you can recommend it to friends who can't find a place to eat seafood.

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    Reviewed on 1458784810000
  • M22****9929

    Born more than 20 years, I seldom travel. Just in decision 2017.7.30, I came to the underwater world of Yalong Bay in Sanya. There are several characteristics - "1. The beautiful scenery of the underwater world is very relaxed. "2. People on the pontoon bridge often come and go with relaxation and passion. 3. The staff in charge of the project are very responsible and afraid of what happens to the tourists. 4. The last point is that the lecturer is very patient to explain to us what is happening here. What a funny story. What legends do you have? It's really great to be here for the first time.

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    Reviewed on 1501549637000
  • M15****517

    Yalong Bay undersea world project is very good, staff service attitude is very good, will tirelessly help us solve the problem. Although there are many divers, the staff are arranged in an orderly way and there is basically no queue. Deep and shallow coaches teach courses very seriously, and the underwater coaches are very good, especially patient to teach us. After landing, ginger soup and bath towels were also prepared for tourists. In a word, everything is arranged properly. A very pleasant trip.

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    Reviewed on 1518435879000
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