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Popular Attractions in Sapa

Sa Pa
25 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Sa Pa, Lào Cai
Hekou Port
38 Reviews
Located in the south of Hekou County, Honghe Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, Hekou Port is a renowned port in the Yunnan section of the China-Vietnam border and also the destination of the Kunming-Hekou section of the Yunnan-Vietnam railway line. Across the river lies Lao Cai, Vietnam. Hekou Port is a national category 1 port. The joint inspection station and gateway to the port are spectacular, while the night view of Vietnam opposite the port is enchanting as well. Visitors can try the many specialties offered by Vietnamese merchants.
Sino-Vietnamese Railway Bridge
82 Reviews
The Sino-Vietnam Railway Bridge is located on the south side of Hekou County, crossing the Nanxi River. To be able to construct a hundred-kilometer railway over the red clay plateau, while utilizing the technology and industrial capabilities of a century ago, is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent projects in the history of railway construction. At the midpoint of the bridge is the Sino-Vietnamese border. The northern section of the bridge is under the jurisdiction of China, while the southern section is under the jurisdiction of Vietnam. In the middle of the bridge is a narrow-gauge railway track, and on the sides of the track bed are paths for cars. After the opening of the Houhekou Zhongyue Highway Bridge, vehicle traffic no longer passes across this bridge. The railroad surface that the vehicles repeatedly crushed down shines brightly in the sun, telling the story of the “South Gate” of China, opening up the road to Southeast Asia.
Vinpearl Land
12 Reviews
Folk Village

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Trip Moments

Ta phin cave
This is a very small attraction next to a town called Sapa in northern Vietnam. The cave is in a small village northeast of Sapa town.
The car can't enter after arriving at the village. It takes 800 meters to walk to the cave.
The villagers have followed us since we got off the bus and went back to the cave. They have good English and will ask for your source and name, and they will ask you to buy what they are selling. Of course, you can pretend that you can't speak English.
When you reach the cave, the whole cave is extremely dark, and you can't reach your fingers. At this time, you must rent the headlights that the villagers can sell to us, because the mobile phone flash is too weak.
The villagers will also ask you to ask them to be your cave guide, because some parts of the cave interior are somewhat complicated, and the guide may not get lost. But we didn't know it at first, just went in, but just after walking, the light shines on a figure of a child, and they will give guidance to people in the cave all the year round, even if you tell them no.
Many places in the cave are very narrow. Don't wear any backpack as much as possible. Otherwise, it is difficult to walk, and it is a wild hole. It is not a scenic spot. It does not charge tickets, so it will not be responsible for your safety. No helmet is a A big security risk.
Fortunately, I didnt see any strange creatures in the cave. When I left, there were two local people coming in to pick us up (in order to sell goods). In the end, we still bought some, but the price is really very good. High, basically can be half price.
Posted: Jan 21, 2019
Adam Yue   
The beautiful northern Vietnamese town of Sabah is often surrounded by clouds because it is surrounded by mountains. This mysterious city of the clouds is just a stone's throw from Vietnam's highest peak, Panxibang. The cool climate of the four seasons makes it an uncompromising summer resort in Vietnam.

between the lush trees, the villas of the yellow walls and red tiles that were left behind by the French colonial period are still looming, dotted between the picturesque layers. Surrounded by the fascinating scenery of this small town, it is also very refreshing. This beautiful small town in the cloud, in addition to its magnificent scenery, is even more fascinating, it is the mysterious minority culture here.

Among the mountain villages around the town, there are many Vietnamese ethnic minorities. Among them, the most important branch of Miao and Yao. Because the times live in the mountains, these mountain people still maintain a traditional and simple life. Walk into them and gain valuable original human landscapes.

As a colonial summer resort, it also has a fascinating exotic atmosphere. Every morning, accompanied by the bright roar of the birds and the bells of the church, waking up from the lazy sleep, walking in Sabah, which is spread over French architecture, seems to have an illusion of being in a European town. .

Or climb to the observation deck on the top of the mountain, overlooking the vast expanse of the vast land, standing in the fog, leisurely time, always slip away from the side. In the villages surrounded by forests, looking up to the sky like a mirror, they have a breathtaking beauty.
Posted: Dec 10, 2018