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Things To Do in Schluchsee

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m15***71Lake Titisee is a scenic spot on the Black Forest Road. Although it is famous, it is actually quite ordinary, but the small town of Hinterzaten, which is 10 minutes away from Lake Titisee, really surprised us. There are a lot of Swiss cars driving to the town for the weekend, and it is really refreshing to go around the town in the morning.
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d36***08St. Nicholas Cathedral, you can see her majestic appearance anywhere in Freiburg. The 74-meter-high landmark building was built between 1283 and 1630. Because the tower on the west side has not been built, the church has a dignified, stable and elegant appearance. Climb 368 steps, you can look around and enjoy the unforgettable and magnificent scenery of Shangxia and Shangcheng. The cathedral is now the main church seat of the dioceses of Geneva, Lausanne and Freiburg in Switzerland, and is the support of the spiritual souls of local citizens.
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M36***22Numerous waterfalls, the highest snow melt in the summer, so the waterfalls are the largest in summer. Although not as grand as the Huangguoshu waterfall, they are magnificent and magnificent! The Rhine Waterfall is a free attraction and worth a visit!
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01234567890liZurich, Switzerland, on the class is the richest in the world of the street. Class hoff street in Zurich Lima river on the west side, 1.4 kilometers long. Avenue was built in the 15 years BC, the Roman rule, the Romans in Zurich lake in the city, it began to develop into a thriving commercial center, becoming the most flourishing, one of the most "expensive" on the streets. And New York City''s fifth street (the 5 th Avenue). Switzerland''s most upscale shops can be found along the street, with its from the top of fashion designers to shoes, fur, jewelry, pottery and jewelry and so on upscale choice, of course, and the Swiss watch.
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fz570628In order to satisfy tourists' sense of mystery and curiosity about the "Black Forest", Viking Cruises deliberately arranged a detour into the Black Forest mountains during the itinerary. According to legend, in ancient times, many groups of troops entered the Black Forest, just like entering the Ecstasy Formation, and never came out. Since then, people's awe of the Black Forest has become more and more profound and become synonymous with mystery. It was an unexpected surprise to see the beautiful "Mist Pine" in the snow-filled Black Forest.
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Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
01234567890liFrom Roman times has been known for its hot spring area, there are 47 ℃ sulfur spring. Since it has many kinds of efficacy function, so is widely used in the treatment of disease. Normally, the people here, is to short to relax, 1 to 2 hours or do spa beauty. Because from Zurich (Zurich) here just in the train of 20 points, so it is also a Baden Baden) visitors a reason. Here is also can be carefree good places to spend leisure time. Baden has several big music halls and theatres. In a restaurant in the city, and new decorate gambling center, dance hall and all kinds of conference centre facilities.

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Pizzeria la PiazzaBreisgau-Hochschwarzwald,Germany

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Modellbahnzentrum SchluchseeBreisgau-Hochschwarzwald,Germany

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Riesenbuhlturm in SchluchseeBreisgau-Hochschwarzwald,Germany

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