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Downtown Park

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"City Park"
"Here comes the oasis in the center of the city that I don’t want to take the series. This autumn, my wife and I came to Bellevue’s vast park system, a gem in the downtown park autumn tour. This wonderful park is just across the street from the Bellevue Square shopping center. This is an oasis growing in a city surrounded by tall buildings. The entire park is rich in vegetation, and there are many types of flowers. Even in autumn, there are some cold-resistant flowers and plants blooming in the wind, which is more of a weather-beaten toughness and skinny beauty than the delicate drops of spring. There is a fountain in the center of the park, and in the middle is a disc-shaped marble fountain. Water is constantly gurgling out from it, forming a cylindrical water curtain around it, which is very beautiful. Around the fountain are 7-8 concrete lampposts, which will light up the bulbs in the evening to reflect the sparkling spring water. The park also has a 2-mile-long cinder track, surrounded by wide trails for walking, jogging and recreation or sunbathing on the vast lawn. Frisbee, football, kite, and other activities are all means of relaxing on the green grass. In addition, there is a vast area very suitable for picnics, suitable for family gatherings. In one corner, there is a very popular and beautifully furnished children’s playground with a permanent lounge. The children occupied most of the amusement facilities and had a great time. The waterscape surrounding the lawn is filled with pleasant duck ponds and waterfalls. It is said that model sailing will be held in summer and an ice rink will be held every winter to welcome the spring. Tips: 1. Surrounding the park is the bustling Braven Shopping Center, which is filled with world-famous brands and must be visited by the rich. 2. The restaurants on the southern old street can satisfy your taste buds during a day in the garden."