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Hammering Man

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Address: 1300 1st Ave, Intersection of First Avenue and University Street, Seattle, WA 98101-2003

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Seattle's popular photo location There are many places worth taking photos in Seattle, but I have never been. Every time I look at the photo albums from my friends, I feel itchy. It seems that I can run there to feel the beautiful scenery. This year finally got my wish. The world of bubble gum-Pike Place Market If someone tells you that you can use bubble gum to make a painting, I believe you must think I think too much. This time I came to Pike Place Market and really felt the charm of bubble gum. The most on the wall here is bubble gum. On one wall, people actually have an American flag in the bubble hall. Thinking about it, how much manpower it will cost. In addition to laying this bubble gum on one wall, you can inadvertently find a few pieces of candy paper quietly mixing on both sides. Imagine how much energy it takes. Reminder: Tickets: Free Opening Hours: Colorful beer all day-Fremont's first visit to Fremont. It feels like a place full of wine. There are wine barrels everywhere, and the barrels here are actually used for beer. It’s a bit exaggerated that in addition to the beer barrels on the counter, people here use it as a support for the table. Looking at the beer tray served by the waiter is a bit like a mooncake mold. A small round hole happens to be stuck on a cup. Looking at the color of the beer in the glass, I discovered that the beer is also colorful. good looking! Reminder: Tickets: Free Opening Hours: All-day Rainbow Book-Capitol Hill came to Capitol Hill, and found that there are many novel things here, I will introduce a few casually. Romantic shady manhole cover. Everywhere you walk here you will find a shaded manhole cover covered with petals. It feels beautiful in this cement. There is also the intoxicated singer, holding an electronic organ in his hand, and he is immersed in his music. In fact, what I want to introduce the most is Rainbow Books. In fact, it is not a book with rainbows, but the staff organizes all kinds of books together. The color in the middle of the book that we see is like a rainbow. Reminder: Tickets: Free Opening Hours: All-day Giant's World-Hammering Man comes to Seattle. Every time a vehicle is driving on the road, you will see a tall giant, as if holding something to smash it down. Because my English is poor, when I want to ask the guide, the car has already driven there. Every time the guide answered, he stretched out his hands and looked puzzled. This time the car finally stopped next to the sculpture and took a closer look at a man holding a hammer and preparing to drive a nail. The hammer raised high, the nail on the hand. Called the hammer hand to the locals. Reminder: Tickets: Free Opening Hours: All day weird-The Olympic Sculpture Park is actually in the Olympic Sculpture Park, and there are no competitions that people imagine. The sculptures here are beautiful. The big face on a grass is taller than me. The sleepy eyelids looked like a person who hadn't slept for a long time, the eyelids drooping straight down. There is also the seaside with strange stones, where people can find the shadow of the Olympics. Like a group of people in motion. In fact, my favorite is the kelp. The entire sculpture looks like a small kelp swaying in the water, and this kelp is actually red. Reminder: Tickets: Free Opening Hours: The scenery of Seattle is absolute throughout the day. Don't forget to go to Pike Place to take photos; there is also the Olympic Sculpture Park; and the Rainbow Book on Capitol Hill, which is also a landscape. In the end, I can only say that there is one step at a time.

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