Sergiyev Posad
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01234567890liCars can see Russia typical country style and fields in the countryside. Rural house are independent, top grade is very big, may be a big snow in winter. At sergiev mooring thad city bus station, ask where is the monastery, 1 km to go forward, the road is very bad, it seems that the Russian economy is still a long way to go. Hesitates between, suddenly appeared nearby, the dazzling spire, and the four blue onion head shape peaked around a golden spire, under the blue sky white clouds, gives me a very shocked! There is no doubt that she is Russia''s most beautiful buildings, and even the most beautiful church buildings in the world!
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雨菲依然Sergeyev town is a very interesting place in Russia, the whole area is not very large, in the outside of Moscow, there are many folk features, can enjoy some unique content and scenery, locals are also quite a lot.
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陌染MMTour to Russia, this stop to Moscow, followed the tour group to Moscow outside a small town of Tan Sergeyev, this is a must-visiting site, and the "Golden Ring" town starting point. It is the spiritual center of the Russian Orthodox Church, one of the most important monasteries in Russia, and the largest southern monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church. 1345 Created by monk Sergey ∙ Radoñezsky, and then continuously expanded, there are many different eras and styles of buildings in the courtyard. 1993 was listed in the World Heritage List.
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M34***68Built by the order of Ivan IV in 1585, the Cathedral of Assumption is a large gold circle with four blue onion-headed domes. It is a copy of another Kremlin Sabbath Cathedral. It has 17th-century frescoes.
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魔鬼去旅行If you have enough time and you like the art of handicraft, you can come to the Toy Museum to take a look. There are also Chinese toys, Russian traditional toys, Japanese toys, European and German toys, and oil paintings, which are very good places. Store coats and bags on the first basement level, and wear shoe covers, and visit the first and second floors. All kinds of toys from different eras are eye-opening. The weekday ticket is 250 rubles.
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BetTerDAYSergeyev Town is one of Moscow’s Golden Ring towns. It’s impossible to go around the Golden Ring. Going to one is considered an explanation. Moscow’s buy one get one free, the Holy Trinity Church is beautiful, the blue egg It's really poke me too much

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Chapel-at-the-WellSergiyev Posad,Russia

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Vvedenskiy and Pyatnitskiy ChurchesSergiyev Posad,Russia

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Racoon's HouseSergiyev Posad,Russia

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Trinity MonasterySergiyev Posad,Russia

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Cathedral of the AssumptionSergiyev Posad,Russia

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Church of the Descent of the Holy SpiritSergiyev Posad,Russia

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