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Trip Moments

Eating near Xintiandi always feels not enough, so okay, little hand, sweets are served a sweet ending! Friends are sweet control, haha, I know what to do. In the official small program of Lady M, the order operation is not complicated, it is quite convenient, and it is sent directly to the hand within the expected time and scope. There is dry ice escort inside, even if the outdoor temperature is high, it still maintains the state. The boxes are also of the same color system and are relatively cold. You can usually put 2 pieces in a box, choose a few flavors of heart and water to treat it.

Matcha Melaleuca Cake, the layers are clear, and the layers are clearly seen. I am even a church. It is also necessary to eat this, like a strong matcha flavor, with a bit of pain to explain the choice of matcha is relatively fine, it will not be very sweet and greasy.

Pistachio layer cake, also the matcha flavor as the base, the pistachio nuts on the top, very fragrant, it tastes like this is more flavorful.

, thousands of layers are very uniform, fresh cream tastes fine, moderate sweetness, 20 layers really have, the production process should be especially special standard, fine salt and The chemical reaction of caramel mixes a very special taste, which is basically the rhythm of the disc.

Rose layer, the highest value, with rose petals, the taste is also very good, you can match yourself with a cup of rose latte or milk tea, which is more emotional.

day hot lazy walking, I think it is very convenient to take out in the 3km range, save a few more time to skip the queue, haha! Eating food life is really more and more convenient, seriously inseparable from the serious patients of mobile phones, such as me, found that there are candy chocolate online, ah, the next time I bought a mysterious gift for people to send it is also good ~!
On the right hand side of the door is an open wine cabinet, and on the left hand side is an open kitchen. If you come alone or with two people, you can sit here and enjoy the chef's craftsmanship. The overall environment is a bit of a winding path, and the natural decoration is deep. The restaurant decoration uses geometric abstract paintings, pottery, lanterns, and umbrellas as soft decorative elements. The use of grass, columns, and wood in the selection of materials highlights simplicity and gives people a return to nature. Feeling, let people experience a touch of joy. The private rooms are both private and intimate.

#Sashimi platter# is always the protagonist of the Japanese material, the click rate is high, this time is the meat with tender meat and soft taste, the meat is fat and the taste is crisp. The Arctic shellfish, sweet shrimp with sweet sea water, and unique octopus with fresh taste, eat a feeling, and the product is a kind of life.
# French butter goose liver # is my heart is good, the taste is strong, fully embodies the temptation of foie gras, accompanied by nutritious butter, so that the taste is more mellow and delicious, sweet and delicious.
#海胆# My baby sea urchin, golden color, in addition to fresh, is also very delicious and smooth, we called once again after eating, it can be seen that high-quality food can not resist the control of the diners.
#和牛赤身# The meat is very soft, the taste is sweet and has an aftertaste, the front taste is lighter, and the aftertaste has a scent of cows.
#Roasted squid # The hot sizzling is just the most delicious, Microsoft's meat has a sweet taste, and there is a trace of aftertaste.
Blue Tulip
The entire restaurant is a long strip, with the left hand side semi-open, the right hand side closed, and the middle rear is the kitchen. The simple wooden tables and chairs continue the hurricane.
Each table has a menu positioning system. After the customer orders, they will give a sign with a number. Just plug in the seat and wait for the food to be ready. The waiter will take the initiative. In front of every diner, don't ask loudly, so there is no loud noise in the restaurant.
#Romantic on the tip of the tongue# Figure 5: The large piece of beef tongue is firm and tender and crispy, and the bitterness of eating makes people feel good for a long time. Personal super porridge.
#Heavenly pair #8, fried squid and chicken nuggets, must-have for food, a good partner with a lonely mouth, focus on: crispy, crispy, crispy, chewy.
#Thank you for youth #7The most loved one looks at the salad of shrimp and crab seeds, with purple cabbage, small tomato, bamboo shoots, dripping vinegar juice, refreshing taste, will not make me feel It is grazing.
## Figure 4: consists of three appetizers, a whole squid squid rice, miso soup, stewed egg, vegetable salad, and fruit. I haven't eaten the sweet squid that I like so much in the soup for a long time. I know that every Japanese restaurant will have squid, but I can't even eat three squid restaurants. For me, miso soup is definitely not. I like the soup, I didn't think that its miso soup is my dish. I don't talk nonsense. First, I will remember the opportunity to go to Changfeng Joy City. I will definitely order a plate. I will know that this is There is a culinary delight. Salmon juice is free to continue.
## Figure 3 pink is the squid fried fish, yellow rice is composed of northeast rice and Japan's two kinds of rice golden ratio, corn and green lentils embellished, so that this dish is full of fried rice At the same time as the girl's heart, she enjoyed the mouthful of the squid, and the entrance was instant.
#25# Figure 6 cheese is fragrant, this full of cheese roast chicken, is definitely the gospel of the cheese lovers. Chicken is a perfect match for the fragrant cheese.
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The Bund
When you arrive in Shanghai, you must go to the landmark to play a card. The Bund is undoubtedly the center of Shanghai. It is also fun to shoot on the Bund in the rain.

Shooting experience:
1) Double lens fit, wide angle can reflect the beauty of the panoramic view of the Bund, and the medium telephoto can make the local more colorful. I use the two heads of 16-35 and 70-200. The aperture is at its minimum!

2) A good quality tripod is essential: because it is a medium telephoto, it is generally a relatively heavy lens. If it is still horizontal, if it is a vertical image, then It is very important to examine the gimbal and the tripod of the tripod. Therefore, in order to make the shooting process smooth, the wire does not move under the condition of long exposure, so the good tripod is indispensable.

3) The location can be taken at the Bund viewing platform. Although I heard from the locals that the panorama can be photographed on the top floor of the Peace Hotel, it is difficult to go up if there is no consumption or no acquaintances lead the way, so it is impossible to meet. If you don't need to be so demanding, you can do it on the viewing platform. The main thing is that it is completely free and free.

4) Shooting of night scenes is also very important for the adjustment of white balance. Of course, you can use RAW format, and you can adjust the color temperature with PS in the later stage. You can't set white balance in the early stage. But I personally used to fine-tune before shooting, I prefer a slightly colder color in the night scene. This will make the picture purple and feel good.