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City Park
Lujiazui Central Greenland

Lujiazui Central Greenland

4.7/59186 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 76 reviews
"City Park"
Open from 8:30am-10:00pm (Local time)
"Originally, I should have enjoyed the beauty of life in Yangzhou Hot Springs now, and in order to soak up a refreshing, I bought a five-star hotel for five days, but people are not as good as the sky, I brought the stars, the hotel said that now Shanghai people can not be treated, you are not living when you are old. I suddenly have a star. I am the kind of you close my door, I would like to open a window of the Lord, you want to strangle me, but not so simple, I am more frustrated and more courageous guy, outside will not let go, I am always no problem strolling in Shanghai. Last time I went to Jinmao, I found a new hotel when I strolled. The room was oversized, the view was super good, the floor-to-ceiling windows were still prominent, the sun shone on the hair, just the right thing, let me take it quickly. So, I will make a scene in Lujiazui for the next few days, hehe. Lujiazui has really changed, it is simply beautiful, especially in the evening, I sent a few photos yesterday, is it very like Quel Park in Spain, in fact, it is the shanzhai of the Quel Park bench, Quel Park bench is called the world's longest bench, I don't know if Lujiazui this shanzhai bench has deliberately lengthened, sneakily defeated Quil Park bench, and then won the world version of the Guinness Record, hehe. We are really lucky, born in China, born in this era, eyes really can not see, dazzling, I Nima this life is really worth."
Xisha Wetland Park

Xisha Wetland Park

4.5/5706 Reviews
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"City Park"
Open from 8:30am-5:00pm (Local time)
"National Day 1 takes the baby to Chongming, which also takes courage 🤣 We did not choose the lively east, but went to the west, which has relatively less crowds. 🔮 Traffic: 🚗 Private cars are the best choice, parking fees are 10 yuan for our car. If you stay at the nearby Mingzhu Lake Resort, friends who do not want to drive, walk to Xixi Wetland about 1 km. 🍭 Features Experience: We arrived around 3 pm, in fact, we can enter without making an appointment. However, you must bring a mask and show your code with the Shen code. The temperature is normal before you can enter. Many people are going to the fishing 🦀, and there are many shops and roadside vendors selling fishing rods and other tools at the door. But unless you hide well, some people are swayed and held in their hands, which is naturally confiscated and forbidden to bring into the wetland. Almost all of them walk on two legs, and you can see adults and children fishing all the way 🦀. Some can really catch a small bucket or a bag. 👏 Recommended Reason: Few children in urban areas can see such a high and dense reed. The sunset is coming down, the sunset on the beach 🌇 is really beautiful 👍 It's dark, 🦀 are all in a hurry to go out and hang out. The son said that the crab had a meeting 😄 I heard that the birds have to go early to see it, and I have the opportunity to go again, enjoy the sunrise and bird watching 🦜"