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Water Park
Playa MayaNearby City

Playa Maya

4.5/512850 Reviews
"Water Park"
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"2021.7.3 Play card Shanghai Maya Beach Water Park tickets 249/person seems to have a group purchase but only 4 yuan cheap. Notice that you don't like bare feet can buy beach socks. Basically every item goes in the doorway and asks to take off your shoes to find shoes. It is not convenient to not like the sun too cloudy to go to the day I went. There are fewer people in the cloudy rain. I arrive at 11 o'clock in the noon. I will choose the skirt quickly when I queue up. Otherwise, the long sleeves can be used to protect against sunscreen and spray. But there is no chance that I will be tanned in the cloudy day. However, if it is not serious, the sunscreen will change to take a photo first, and then it will be open to play. But I am playing and taking sunglasses. Otherwise, I can't open the swimming ring. I can only rent the big float in my picture. 30 rent one that is not suitable for swimming. The best swimming ring door for rafting is also sold, basically 30 not expensive stimulus items are basically okay, figure 9 is estimated to be the most exciting, weightlessness is strong but very fun! ! ! Experience more projects to earn the ticket price ah haha mobile phone bag is fine, there are 10 pieces of food and drink there are food and drink, but it is not very delicious, some fried chicken kebabs expensive bathroom cabinets can rent 30 a deposit 20 bath place many people, It was crowded and hair drying was not convenient I brought a bath towel"