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JOLI ZooNearby City


4.3/583 Reviews
"Joli Zoo|Madu Indoor Zoo|Take your baby to the newly opened Joli Zoo in Longhu today. There is a forest atmosphere at the gate on the fifth floor. You can store the stroller after checking out the card, and the service staff will give you a number plate. 📍It feels a little bit dense to enter the door. Many birds, when they see the worm and chicken, flew onto the aisle, I can’t help but sigh, wow, this zoo is so immersive! At the next stop, I saw Angora rabbits and little groundhogs. What the babies like most is the bunny interaction area. You can go into the fence and touch the bunny 🐰 and you can also feed. 📍The bird area afterwards is amazing, pushing open the heavy curtain and completely entering another world. The little bird flies up and down above the head and walks in along the path like a nine-curved bridge. The little bird will stay on our hands and bodies and live in harmony with the baby. The picture is simply too beautiful to look at. 📍Keep going back and you will see all kinds of lizards, frogs, fishes, etc., dizzyingly watching ~ turn to the sixth floor, there is a crawling pipe of a squirrel next to the stair railing, maybe a little squirrel can fly Rushed past. 📍Walking up to the sixth floor, there is a row of butterflies🦋➕Insect specimen cabinet, walking inside the painting style becomes an "aquarium", all kinds of goldfish ➕ jellyfish of different colors are very beautiful, there are small sharks and Rays ~ There are piranhas here, and the fish tank is placed in a warmer room alone. 📍When we passed through a "desert zone", we also saw a fox, a pony, a little fragrant pig, and a hedgehog... passing a piece of cactus 🌵➕ small bridge and flowing water, you can see the cute and adorable Alpaca🦙, raccoon🦝~ The design here is very special. Children can walk up the transparent "glass tunnel" to observe the animals at their feet up close, and there are glass slides that can slide down, but adults should take care of the children. 📍Out of the last hall, there are souvenir retail shops and snacks and drinks shops that have not yet been opened ~ there is a small table and chairs for rest ♨️. 📝📝📝It is worth mentioning that the area design inside the zoo is still more humane. After a stage, there will be two sinks, one high and one low. There are several places for washing hands, and there is also a restroom in the middle. There are guides/staff in orange clothes in each area, they are very enthusiastic. Opening hours: 10:00-22:00 (last admission at 20:00, closed on Monday) Reference fare: Children under 1 meter are free Ordinary single ticket 150 yuan Family ticket 300 yuan Children's ticket 80 yuan (1-1.2 meters) Coordinates: Floor 5, Building A, Hongqiao Tianjie, Longhu Address: 869 Shenchang Road"
Jinting ZooNearby City

Jinting Zoo

4.8/510 Reviews
"On a windy and sunny weekend, a family of three people came to visit this place. Seeing the comment parking 🅿 seems to be free. However, because there is 🚌 near the home, we chose green travel. Before entering the manor, we heard the 🦚 call. When you show the green code, you can enter the park for free. After a bridge, I came to the animal area. I saw a green 🦚 call a few times and opened the screen, a white 🦚 flew over. Then green 🦚 has been shaking its feathers to show itself, about ten minutes before and after, drawing many people to stop and admire. Say 🦚 courtship is still very tired [smile] For the baby, feeding small animals is extremely happy. Peacocks seem to be more arrogant, fed several times and love to ignore. 🐰🐔🐷🦢 Turkey eats very happy. There are also not very common raccoons, there are a few 🐱 personal feelings on the edge of the most cute, eat everything, eat Xiang 😁 Later, the staff came to say not to feed cabbage and green vegetables, pigs and pigs are easy to have diarrhea 😂 This is the first time that the son rides a horse, A little nervous. 15 minutes 98 yuan, there will be staff to accompany you all the way, and recommend some attractions to take pictures by yourself. From time to time, I see many new people on the edge of the lawn wedding, there are four colors 🦙 Amway, which is free to enter the garden. You can watch the pets close, feed your own fruits and vegetables, and ride 🐎 and fishing. 👍"