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Gokurakuyu Chuansha Hot Spring ResortNearby City

Gokurakuyu Chuansha Hot Spring Resort

4.6/5436 Reviews
Open from 1/1-12/31 (Local time)
"The epidemic continues to only travel to China, so choosing a safer Shanghai Disneyland is a place to burn money. [Strong] now has an outdoor swimming pool, including a children's playground. The indoor pools are still the same, but the water temperature service is good, especially I found that there are disposable underwear. (Men's) Features: I found this package quite cheap, 299 accommodations including all the hot springs. Service: It was a bit unpleasant when I checked in on the first day. I arrived at 10:30. I had to check in at 2 pm. I sat in it for a while because we had to work. If we didn't work, take a shower and have a rest. [Now that Wuhan has been upgraded, the price has also risen. I heard that it is not bad but it is much better than the original Wuhan. The room with the external window is quite big. Breakfast is nine palaces and buffet, and the price is also more than Wuhan's clear soup and water. Listening to the drinks for 10 yuan. Bottled drinks for 16 yuan. General package is 200 yuan. There are many snacks across the river, you don't have to buy them inside, and many people choose to takeaway. Watch TV shows and be sure to watch free movies, or you will pay for each one, and there is no live news TV. The price is slightly in line with the market. Didn't others buy it in? Comprehensive review, it's really cost-effective to go to Denis to use this package. I stayed in this hotel for two days and lived in the city. The whole of Shanghai has basically played."