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Huangpu River "Qingyou River" Cruise

4.6/57,840 Reviews
Boat Tour
11:00-13:00 (every hour), 13:00-21:30 (every half hour).
Ship Shop Pier, No. 481, Zhongshan East 2nd Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
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About Huangpu River "Qingyou River" Cruise

Taking a tour of the Huangpu River aboard the “Qingyou River” cruise is one of the best ways to enjoy the city’s bustling scenery. The west bank of the Huangpu River is home to the famous cosmopolitan buildings of the Bund, while the east bank is the modern Lujiazui financial district. When night falls, lights on both sides of the river shine bright and the scenery is stunning.

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  • 惠及八方

    Ten years ago, we visited the Huangpu River by boat in the daytime and enjoyed the scenery of the Bund. This time, we intend to visit the Huangpu River at night and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Bund at night. We bought the tickets online. We are worried about the number of people visiting the Huangpu River. We are afraid that the tickets purchased on the Internet will not be able to reach the half past six boat tickets at half past six p.m., so we took the bus stop near the sixteen paving wharf near the bus stop at the Lou Shan Road Station in advance. At four p.m., we arrived at the the Bund terminal of Yanan East Road. We walked to the right hand side for 500 meters and saw sixteen paving wharf, and entered the two Shandong road 481, Huangpu River. At the entrance of the ship, we changed tickets smoothly to a satisfactory ticket at 6:30 p.m. From the list of flights posted on the Huangpu River, we can see that the boat of Qingjiang River Tour is "Puyou 5" and the daily flights are 15: 00, 17: 00, 18: 30, 20: 00). After changing the tickets, we stopped to visit the sixteen paving wharf with a new look. The renovated sixteen paving wharf is very beautiful. The roofs of the roofs are like windy sails and flying wings. Inside the building there are many restaurants which are mainly catering. We see that except for a cafe in the sales office, the rest are not open. In order to have some refreshments, we went to the new Kai he road, crossed the ancient city park, and arrived at the Yu Garden, 500 meters away from the sixteen shop pier. At six in the evening, we returned to the sixteen shop pier and entered the Huangpu River again. In order to occupy an advantageous position for sightseeing, many visitors have lined up at the boarding entrance at 6:10 p.m. and let the boat go at about 6:20 p.m. The entire itinerary is from the sixteen paving pier, the north the Bund sixteen paving wharf, and the starboard seats on the starboard side which want to view the Pudong scenery. The service on board is good, providing free cellphone charging service, supplying popcorn and other diet drinks. At half past six in the evening, the ship departed from the sixteen paving pier. I found that the cruise ship was walking slowly so that visitors could enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Bund in Pudong, because this landscape is the essence of the Bund and the name card of Shanghai. The exterior appearance of buildings along the Pudong River shows beautiful postures under the effect of flashing LED lights, each of which is brilliant. Especially when the words "HI Magic Capital" are constantly flashing on the LED screen, tourists can marvel at the wonderful magic of Shanghai. When the LED screen flashes "I Nong", tourists can also feel the enthusiasm of welcoming tourists in Shanghai. When the cruise ship turned around from the North Bund and passed the landscape of the North Bund, I found that the speed of the boat was accelerated, because the buildings in Puxi section were not as colorful as those in Pudong section, and the whole journey lasted 65 minutes. The boat tour of Huangpu River made me realize that the night view of Shanghai Bund is more beautiful than the daytime view. The boat can enjoy the beautiful scenery more closely, which can make up for the inadequacies of the coastal view. It's really a good trip.

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    Reviewed on 1488715884000
  • E31****2322

    Shanghai Town God's Temple should be the most popular place in Shanghai.It's always crowded here. Nanxiang Xiaolang Bao, Babao Duck and Green Wave Corridor are famous and delicious here. After we had enough food and drink, we went straight to the Bund. Boarding to enjoy the night view of Shanghai. 52 classical Renaissance buildings of different styles shocked my heart. It is known as the Bund World Architectural Expo Group and one of the landmarks of Shanghai. So when you come to Shanghai, you must go to the Bund, and you must come in the evening. You must make a boat here and enjoy the night scenery.

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    Reviewed on 1552015500000
  • M24****9169

    Night Shanghai, night Shanghai, Shanghai is a city that never sleeps. Every time you come to Shanghai, you must see the night scenery of the devil's capital. The best way to enjoy the night scenery on both sides of the Pujiang River is to take a boat tour along the Qingjiang River of the Huangpu River. On the top of the boat, you can enjoy the night scenery of the devil's capital on both sides of the Taiwan Strait in the face of the evening wind. You can't remember the theme song of the TV play Shanghai Beach, which you loved most in your childhood. In, the surging river never stops...

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    Reviewed on 1509671616000
  • _WeCh****297500

    Choose the ship's flight when it gets dark. Sure enough, the scenery at this time point is the most beautiful. When we get on board, we will go straight to the third floor and take many beautiful pictures. It's also cool. The second floor and the first floor are different sceneries. They are closer to the river. The effect is different and beautiful. The scenery is so beautiful that mobile phones can also photograph the feeling of SLR! It 's a rewarding trip!

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    Reviewed on 1498796611000
  • M24****8548

    The Bund has a beautiful night view. It's very pleasant to blow the river breeze on the boat. It's not enough to take pictures of mobile phone space. It's better to go after six o'clock to enjoy it better. The staff of 481 are very friendly. The cruise boat is great. It's a long line up half an hour in advance. Maybe it's National Day.

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    Reviewed on 1507038694000
  • 巫女戈薇

    This weather is very suitable for night tour of the Huangpu River. For the first time, it is very beautiful to appreciate the night scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River so carefully. Ticket exchange point is difficult to find, under the Bund View Desk, is the ordinary ground floor. My husband and I just started to follow the navigation to the Bund viewing platform, but we couldn't find the entrance. It was embarrassing. Tickets can only be changed from 7:20 to 9:20. It is suggested that the tickets can be changed as early as possible. It seems that the time can be chosen. Security checks do not give lighters, and then the queue before boarding will be much earlier (starting at 9:20, queuing around 8:30, there are two ports, step by step, about 9:15 boarding). In my class, there seems to be free indoor seats on the first floor and the second floor, but the view is still the best on the third floor, but there are a few people. On the third floor, there are so-called elegant seats, 50 yuan per person (seemingly cash only), saying that snacks and drinks are actually a pack of Wangwang crisps and a cup of self-made milk tea with serious water, and they drink the kind that they want to nauseate... But I think it's okay to have a look at the beautiful night scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River on the elegant side. It doesn't matter if you don't send snacks. Fortunately, I caught the last subway train on my return journey. The picture was taken on October 20, 2018.

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    Reviewed on 1540081116000
  • M38****458

    First of all, I declare a problem. There are two ticket outlets, one and two districts, under the Bund View Desk, under the roadside, under the ground, and I have been looking for a long time!!! _________ Although the ticket is 120 yuan per person, it is very nice to watch the Bund and Oriental Pearl Tower on the three deck.

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    Reviewed on 1519203505000
  • M17****142

    Tickets are very expensive, more than 40 minutes a cruise. Look at the Bund is really very good. In the evening, the Bund is very clear on the cruise ship. It is a good place to take pictures. The color and brightness of the Oriental Pearl TV can not be compared to the other side. You have to queue up quickly in the cruise boat, or you don't have a good viewing angle.

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    Reviewed on 1429625919000
  • twinsflower

    Arrange colleagues from other places to participate in one of the classic projects of Shanghai Beach - Pujiang Tour. The ticket purchased at 6:20 is still bright when sailing, and you can see the scenery of the Pujiang River during the day; when you return, it will be dark, and then you can see the standard night scenery of the Pujiang River. The Huangpu River under the darkness has a different style with bright lights. The whole journey lasts about 50 minutes, with a panoramic view of both sides. On the one hand is the Museum of the world architecture in old Shanghai, on the one side is the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Jinmao Tower, the world financial center and the Shanghai center in new Shanghai. Countless lights, endless colors. The night scenery is really beautiful and beautiful, which makes people linger and forget to return.

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    Reviewed on 1520910846000
  • 官官官大人

    To avoid the stream of people enjoying the night scene of the Bund, a good place -- -- -- -- -- -- -- when going to love, to go to the Bund, to hug the official Father, to appreciate the buildings of the world and the Oriental Pearl in the night, and to save the head of the people is more of a warm love affair. Officials, but only want to go to places where there are few people and beautiful scenery, so that he can freely spread his joys. This dock has come many times, and also brought friends from different places to Shanghai to do cruise ships. There are fewer people than the Bund, the river scenery is also beautiful, and you can see the cruise ships full of neon at close range. There are many places to eat around, as well as bars and singers, in short, love. $: 9/hour parking.

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    Reviewed on 1499706514000
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