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Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure

4.8/5423 Reviews
Entertainment Center
Opening hours are in sync with Disney's opening time (Shanghai Disneyland is open every day, please contact the scenic spot for details)
Shanghai Disneyland, 310 Huangzhao Road, Chuansha Town, Pudong New Area
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About Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure

Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure is a magnetic powered amusement ride located at the Shanghai Disneyland Resort. Based on the film series, the ride features a different storyline from previous Pirates of the Caribbean attractions. Fans of the film will certainly enjoy the excitement of gliding through the various scenes along the way. If you’re visiting Shanghai Disneyland Resort, don’t miss this exciting adventure.

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  • 133****9088

    Because it's five o'clock in the afternoon, there aren't many people in the queue. You'll find it more and more interesting to follow the crowd, because the battle for sunken treasures has been simulated as a Caribbean coastal fortress with banquets in it, as you saw in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Slowly, an underground river appeared in the place where the crowd gathered, and the staff would arrange the numbering office to wait according to the number of people. After the ship came ashore, the way of left, bottom and right, and after the opposite passengers disembarked, the tourists on this side could board the ship, thus avoiding crowding and confusion. Under the light of the chain, it creates a mysterious and horrible atmosphere. The ship is taller, just like in the shape of "Pirates of the Caribbean", a ship can have many people, a row can sit four to five people, and there are ten rows of seats. When they are seated, the boat will move forward in the underground river. Its interior will provide tourists with spectacular boat-riding adventures. Tourists will be guided by the film character Captain Jack, and will be seated in a special driving system to experience the scene of two pirate boats meeting in a narrow road in the film during the fierce war. Ships can not only move forward, but also move sideways, accelerate or decelerate, and even feel like they are on the top of the waves or falling fast. The lifelike undersea from a super perspective is presented in front of you, which makes you excited and a little scared. The waves seem to rush towards you. The silence, gloom and panic in the undersea world also appear, which makes you marvel at the realistic effect of modern technology. Look at the distant sea pirates'ships in the opposite fight, that artillery bombardment, smoking gun muzzle, the knocked down pirate ships; stormy waves, charred flags, shaking pirate ships. Let you witness a fierce war movie, let you have a sound, electricity, Light movie addiction.

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    Reviewed on 1480337651000
  • 萌萌狐

    This project is also a must-play to Disney, experience the thrills and excitement of a pirate! Get on board, sink into the sea with the Pirates of the Caribbean, and join in the battle for treasure! The whole process is very impressive! The feeling of immersion, from the bottom of the sea to the sea, is like a shadow, holographic image is very realistic, less people within a week, half an hour to line up, must go to play the project, life-long unforgettable!

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    Reviewed on 1481164365000
  • ZHANG七七

    The first time I came to Disney, the project was repaired and shut down. This time I sat in Hahaha and wanted to do the second brush in the evening. Unfortunately, I closed the project early enough and got on board the boat for almost 30 minutes. It was exciting to sit in the last row because there was a slip backwards and downwards near the end, accompanied by screaming and having a good time. The 3D scene was very grand. Have a chance to play again

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    Reviewed on 1481641005000
  • faithlin1989

    Listen to friends recommendation, the first to kill no FP pirates in the Caribbean, did not queue up to board the ship directly, no one in the evening to play again, head and tail have played, recommended to take the bow, the experience is more realistic! Also recommended brush more, details are also seen. It's very realistic during the war, but it won't feel bad. I like this project very much!

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    Reviewed on 1514780064000
  • 横竖是二温小迪

    Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favorite projects in Shanghai Disney. Happy to jump over the horizon and rush to catch up with the first batch, still not queuing. Despite being one of the five-star projects, the Caribbean is not as popular as Mount Thunder Drifting and Skipping the Horizon. There is no queue for arrival around 9 o'clock. Even if queuing, the average queuing time is about 30-60 minutes, which is reasonable. When you play, you will sit on a big boat. As the boat goes forward, you will see different scenes. There are stories throughout the scene, including submarine wrecks, treasures, sea monsters, whirlpools and so on. As the story unfolds and the scene changes, it will bring you to the story and make you feel immersed in it. Although the play time is longer than the leap line, but still feel that it is not enough, I would like to have another one.

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    Reviewed on 1477894863000
  • 杉尼

    This project is worth experiencing! A very large and wide boat, a row can sit 516 people, a total of eight rows, there is a continuous queue of boats, the whole length of about five minutes. So the rotation is fast. It takes me twenty minutes. Once on board, there is a dive, but the speed is good, the ship is connected to the bottom track, which is safer. Then take you into the world of pirates in the Caribbean. Like special effects in movies, let people live in it! Especially for a period of darkness, children will be scared to cry!

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    Reviewed on 1504823399000
  • 伊來

    Personally, I think Shanghai Disney is the best entertainment project. In terms of thrilling stimulation, it's certainly not as good as Genesis. In terms of special effects and interaction, flying across the horizon is not too easy, but overall speaking, it's still the best here: first, the scene is strong, the story and characters are deeply rooted in people's hearts, there is a sense of intimacy before playing, and interaction will not be affected by the analysis of characters and Qing Festival. Secondly, the scientific and technological elements and hard power are really too hard. Every amplitude of the swing is wonderful to the top. Every frame of the picture is very meticulous. When the pirate ship comes out of the water, it is even more shocked to the bristle! Finally, the protagonist is Captain Jack and Uncle Depp. That's not bad enough! What other reasons do you need? What kind of bicycle do you want?

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    Reviewed on 1528344265000
  • 悬浮的仲夏梦

    In addition to the experience of creating aurora, the Sunken Treasure in Treasure Bay is highly recommended. High-tech novelty is coming. Don't distract yourself from taking pictures and videos. Open your eyes and feel the surroundings of 4D. The boat is rocking and rolling. The feeling of being swept by huge waves is very vivid. If there are obstacles to the creation of the Aurora Lunar Wheel Brush, the sunken treasure can open up every sensory brush, brush twice and brush three times heartily. As soon as the boat entered the underwater cave, it would pass by a restaurant. It was interesting to look across the shore, because no one lined up for 20 minutes at noon to play. When we came out, we went to the aquatic restaurant from the next door to eat, which became a sight in the eyes of play.

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    Reviewed on 1482821641000
  • 陪你一起看世界123

    Because Disney always loves to run to Shanghai and play fairy tale world every day. It's hard to queue up for children's summer vacation. Next time few people go there, it's very shocking. Scene music is fascinating. Sit in different places and feel different. After coming out, another pirate medal is perfect.

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    Reviewed on 1503152040000
  • fly_me_to_the_moon

    Six brushes Shanghai Disney, two brushes Caribbean! Yesterday there were a lot of people going. Free tickets for the June birthday season, so that people who don't let the quarter card live? Recently, I saw that the queue here used to be 50 to 75 minutes. At noon, it only takes 35 minutes to brush, and then I rushed to the front of the queue at a gallop! _______ There is also a dedicated single channel, but the staff said the queuing time is uncertain, although it shows a single person for 30 minutes. The last time I sat, I knew that the boats were bigger and there were several, so the queuing speed was actually lower than expected. We also chatted with a door from the Philippines in front of us when we were in line, and it was not long before we arrived. Because it's a person, ask the staff whether they can be in the first row, the answer is yes, so sit on the left side of the first row, feel very lucky! This experience is much better than the previous one. Although it is a little contrary to the people who eat in the restaurant next to you, you will always hear the scene before you. Is it because there are more people and more boats in operation, you will not be distracted? The other two girls kept chatting and had nothing to do with the project. There were more and more people who didn't consider others. They were selfish to the extreme. It's like watching a movie quietly in a cinema, but someone is chatting and eating all the time. Next time I'm going to try the last row.

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    Reviewed on 1528622788000
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