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Playa Maya

4.6/58,571 Reviews
Water Park
June 16th - June 29th 10:00-19:00, June 30th - September 2nd 09:30-21:30, night time opening time 16:00.
No. 888, Linhu Road, Sheshan Town, Songjiang District
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About Playa Maya

Located next to Happy Valley amusement park, Playa Maya is a large water park in Shanghai's Songjiang district. The park features more than 30 rides and attractions, including a large wave pool, several full-sized water slides, and a children’s area. During Shanghai’s hot summers, this is a fun place for the family and a good way to beat the heat.

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  • 眼前人便是心上人

    Today is June 16, 2017, the temperature is 20-28 degrees, the weather is cloudy, the daytime average temperature is 25 degrees, cloudy, a little sun, is also the first day of this year Maya open, here thanks to Haha children provided free tickets, in fact, has been hesitant to come before, because the feeling will freeze to death, but since it is free, think even if it comes cold, do not play to see, so it is still here. Temperature plus today's Friday and the first day of business, so people are still relatively small, an average of 10 minutes in line for each project, after 4 p.m., many projects are no longer available, direct play is still very cool, but it is really cold, one day down to hear the most voices is frozen to death, here to cool the next day to play with a suggestion, bring a big bath towel, each project finished playing. It will be much better when you put on your slippers. When you play each item, there is a place to put slippers. Because you can't wear slippers when you play, you'd better take a bag. The bath towel in the bag won't get dirty. Then you put it with your slippers. The water in the swimming pool is very clear. After all, on the first day, the staff said that I don't want to go down in July, so it's comfortable to play in summer. But the first person is many, the queue can die quickly, the second is really hot, sunburn, water will become muddy, so I recommend you to play less, for me, the more exciting is the loudspeaker and what like surfing, fewer people, I played three or four times in both projects, or very addictive! The food in it is too pitted, either barbecue sausage 15 or barbecue 15, as well as hot and sour powder 25 and hamburger 20. Coke Sprite is 10 yuan a cup, a small cup, cool noodles 20, the entry check is very strict, water and food are not allowed to take, in general, today is still very enjoyable!

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    Reviewed on 1497619074000
  • M20****802

    Go on August 11, take Line 9, take the overpass, and see the clown and dolls on it. Don't take photos with him! After closing, we need to charge 20 yuan. If we don't buy a waterproof bag online, we can buy one at the door, which is 30 to 70 yuan. The quality is good. Once we enter the door, go left first, go to the Four Drivers Maze or something. After playing, we go to the row of loudspeakers. We happen to meet with repairs and people are gone. We go very far. Big speakers and deep-sea pythons need 4 people, but most of them have organized a group. Four people can't get in. In the afternoon, you can rent a swimming pool. The deposit for both is 80, and then pay 50. Please pay attention to cash only. To drift in the Lazy River, they must have a swimming circle. If you don't want to play, you can go to the Caribbean beach. The Lazy River makes waves at 20 minutes an hour. The Caribbean beach also has waves at 30 minutes an hour. The food is expensive and tastes ordinary. Hamburg for lunch, 40 French fries, 42 chicken wings and 43 egg tarts are included. It costs more than 800 a day for Hamburg and Coke and French fries/chicken wings/egg tarts, plus 520 family packages. Take good water, 6 yuan a bottle inside, rent good storage cabinet. Overall, a good day.

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    Reviewed on 1502508317000
  • M25****438

    Maya's storage room is too small, crowded, dressing room is small, can only be washed and changed, without losing anything, in general, play is very hey! However, we went there on Thursday, with fewer people and a short queue for some items. We just can't play the joint ticket in one day. We want to play Maya and Happy Valley. We have to spend at least two days overnight and play one place every day. Otherwise, Maya would be exhausted in the daytime and Happy Valley in the evening. We would not be able to carry on the project in the evening at all. Time is running out again. We must return before 8:30 p.m. from Happy Valley to Maya. Otherwise, we'll go around the parking lot, but it's a good time to travel with our colleagues! __________

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    Reviewed on 1469132830000
  • ___Tye

    The day before yesterday, I just went out and met my friend from Zhejiang Province who I have known for many years. It is precisely because I have been to Shanghai that I am more respectful of my friend. Twenty years ago, he came to our shop to rent glasses from his hometown. As a low-level rural people in Zhejiang Province, they have a smart mind and a pragmatic and willing spirit. In the process of business, they have been accustomed to competing with people for a few or even a few cents of profits, so the opportunities and profits they get are amazing. Today, he has become the owner of several exclusive glasses shops. Even he admits that he earned "the first barrel of gold" in his life there. This kind of real business, low-cost tactics in the market release, but also "Harvard" profound business philosophy of the market vulgar and practical, but also a major mystery of Zhejiang businessmen to success.

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    Reviewed on 1529160428000
  • yydzl

    The Lazy River and Beach Tropical Storms are more interesting. The beach of Tropical Storms is real sand. Maya is more thrilling and exciting in other big projects. Personally, I prefer the beach project, lying in the swimming circle. The atmosphere of DJ on the spot is also very good. Water parks generally have more people, queuing for an hour, sliding down for more than ten seconds, only playing big octopus and family reunion, the feeling of multi-experience is poor, and there is no sign that the number of night people has decreased. For summer leisure projects, it's worth visiting.

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    Reviewed on 1500163166000
  • 泼皮牛二

    Maya Beach Water Park is located in Sheshan National Tourist Resort, Songjiang. Bus can take Metro Line 9 to Sheshan Station, Jiasong South Road to bus station, there are short barges to Maya Water Park. The car has the Maya Water Park pattern on it. It's easy to find. It will be at the main entrance of the water park in about 15 minutes. From G50 to Zhaoxiang exit, turn left on Jiasong Highway, then turn right on Lin Yin Road for about 2500 meters. Maya Water Park has underground parking lot. It is very convenient to park at the main entrance of the park. The parking fee is 7 yuan per hour. There are mainly eight major areas and projects. They are Bumblebee, Four Drivers Maze, Lazy River, Feather Snake Ring, Solar Enchantment, Super Horn, Deep Sea Python and Octopus Slide. There are also surfing activities and super-large man-made beaches. There are a lot of people on weekends, and the queuing time for games is more than one hour. Food and beverage are more expensive. The ticket is 180 yuan. The night ticket is 140 yuan.

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    Reviewed on 1476406554000
  • M22****2707

    I still had a good time. Old rules, give some advice and information to friends who want to play: _There will be sales of swimsuits, swimming trunks, slippers, waterproof bags and other things on the way. Here's a reference for you: 1) About 45 sets of swimsuits were bought on the way, and swimming trunks seemed like 10 yuan a pair? Forget it. The swimsuit went to the scenic spot for 300 yuan. (2) The flip-flops with big-billed monkeys on the way to the slippers cost 10 yuan a pair and 35 yuan a pair at the entrance of the scenic spot. Of course, at the entrance of the scenic spot is the logo of the Mayan water world, while the big-billed monkey certainly does not have the logo. Slippers are still recommended to buy a pair, after all, if you want to go to the toilet inside, if you don't have slippers, it's not very good to think about it. A friend with more footaches should have a pair. Waterproof bags should be sealed with hard plastic. Don't buy soft ones that fold in two rings. They will enter the water. Hard 15 yuan each, on the way. Soft 10 yuan each, on the way. There must be a price increase in the scenic area. Put some cash in the waterproof bag! I don't understand why there are Alipay sellers in the water world, and the official rent of the double balloon is actually just cash. I was queued for 20 minutes, and the last sentence was just cash. (5) Rent of double circle is 50, deposit is 80, rent is not refundable, deposit can be refunded. Rent at least 130. Single-circle rent and deposit are a little cheaper. In addition to bath products, with bandages and eye drops, especially for children, we should pay attention to hygiene, after all, in public places, to protect them. The waterproof bag is a bit sharp. I cut a lot of holes and let adults take it with me. Children don't let them touch it. (5) Talk about lobbying projects. I'm the kind of person who can't ride a roller coaster. So don't play pythons and loudspeakers for people like me who can't accept stimulation. Anyway, if you look at the eyes of others who are playing, you will know that it's not stimulating. Every item is about an hour in line, and some small items and charging items don't have to queue. Finally, I wish you all have a good time. (The pictures are all kinds of introductions, from amusement, I think this is more important than the scenery.)

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    Reviewed on 1502683288000
  • 136****8829

    Lazy River and beach man-made waves are not hurried by tropical storms, but other projects are really praised and exciting. Many interesting projects have to queue for more than half an hour. Although working days can not escape the reality of large crowds, they do not affect the mood of play. Maya Villages and Children's Paradises have areas for children to play in, but some also limit height.

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    Reviewed on 1438825507000
  • whoisangel

    Maya Water Park is so fun and explosive. Although my whole body was soaked with water, the wind blew a little cold. But it does not hinder my enthusiasm for water escalators. Especially enjoy the sour feeling of locking your arms and rushing down from a high place and then suddenly entering the water. The only drawback is that there are a lot of people queuing for fun projects.

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    Reviewed on 1529132169000
  • M16****231

    On July 4, the weather was colder than 25 degrees. It rained a little from time to time, and the baby was freezing to death. But I feel lucky because there are so few people that I hardly need to queue. It seems that the longest queue lasts 10 minutes. The sunscreen is useless. There's no sun at all. Ha-ha! It took less than three hours to finish all the projects. Thank you! It's too exciting.

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    Reviewed on 1438394722000
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