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Shanghai Wild Animal Park

4.7/546,907 Reviews
March-June, September-November: 8:00-17:00, July-August: 8:00-18:00, December-February: 8:30-16:30.
No.178, Nanliu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
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About Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Opened in 1995, the Shanghai Wild Animal Park was one of the first AAAAA (highest-rated) tourist attractions in China. Visitors can see more than 10,000 exotic animals, most of which are rare wildlife, including giant pandas, snub-nosed monkeys, takins, crested ibis, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, white rhinos, and cheetahs. The park is divided into drive-through and pedestrian areas. The drive-through portions are modeled on safari parks where animals roam through natural habitats. Another popular attraction is the park’s tiger feeding pen where you can witness up close giant tigers. With lots to see and do, the Shanghai Wild Animal Park is fun for people of all ages.

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  • kangaroo-s

    Shanghai Wildlife Park Fried Chicken Strategy + Travel Note First Traffic is recommended to drive by oneself. It takes a long time for the subway to turn around and turn around. First, the second ticket is cheap on the internet. Second, if you participate in other projects, there will be discounts, including cruise ships, beast areas, feeding and interaction. They can be sold on the internet. But if you want to participate in many aspects, you can build seconds on the internet. First of all, if you go out of season, it is suggested that you don't start too early. In peak season, a little earlier, we go in December. There are not many people, but animals don't hibernate. ( - -) We arrived at eleven o'clock and missed the welcome activities (only on double holidays). That's a lesson to learn. It is suggested that you can also see the Shanghai Lion Performance before 10 o'clock. When you enter the park, you should follow the Flamingo to the left. Then there will be a sea lion Performance Hall and a running dog and a horse race course. We will watch the horse-running dog and Cheetah races at 11 o'clock. The sea lion performance has no time to watch (* m) because it is late, so there is no time to see (* m) and then walk into a clear lake with black and white water on it. Swan, can be photographed next to some small shops, do not recommend buying, very expensive, here emphasize, strongly recommended to bring dry food. Next to the top show (*^^)/* There are staff feeding and explaining here, I even want to buy more tickets than 90cm. After coming out, after lunch, you will find a small bridge, go past, believe me. Then you will see alpacas and kangaroos, penguins and then giraffes, where you can feed giraffe leaves, 20 yuan a person, an adult and a child without money. Next to the panda house, a panda named Xuebao is eating bamboo and the rest are sleeping. Haha, ahhiiahia, there is a panda doll shop here, and bought a panda schoolbag for Junbao, 78. Behind them are the Chinese and American tapirs, standing foolishly, there is a hippopotamus hall not repaired, then the African and Asian elephants, can ride Europe. Then there is a zebra, there is an ostrich inside, which can feed, is also 20. The performance of Baishoushan Square is not seen, only one Euro a day, 1 p.m. There is an amusement park, there is a Ferris wheel to sit, see the scenery, and other. I don't recommend catching up with the 2:30 arena performance, which is equivalent to animal acrobatics, about half an hour. I recommend you to see. Some peacocks walk on the road, but not screen, humming to see the tiger prey, very wonderful recommendation, the competition among tigers. I recommend gibbons, but also more vigorous. There is a lion-tiger animal area on the swing. There are only 8 to 10 animals in the world, and there are nine or two in the zoo. There is a small animal paradise, in which the ear fox knocks cute aha (q... Q) and sprouts my heart aha. There is a large group of pigeons near the exit, flying in a moment of shock, pigeons can eat 5 yuan a package, or not feed (;'O&q # 180;) Fat home.

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    Reviewed on 1544967227000
  • _WeCh****071030

    thats the best animal park ive been to. super clean, animals are easy to reach and look happy. stuff is very friendly. Its a luttle far, but you still can easily go with the metro, you’ll soend the whole day there. Better weekdays to avoid the crowd. The territory is really big and beautiful. rent a bicucle, otherwise could be to tiresom to walk around. enjoed it very much. want to go again

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    Reviewed on 1561707494000
  • la****na

    The Dragon Boat Festival brings a family into the garden to play, although it is the Dragon Boat Festival, but there are a lot of things, not crowded, belonging to popularity. There's no need to queue. First of all, there are five discount tickets. After parking at the gate of the zoo for 20 yuan at a time, it is very convenient to enter the park directly by brushing the identity card of the subscriber. After entering the park, the animals lined up in the square to welcome them. They looked at the guide map at the entrance. Only between nine and ten o'clock did they catch up. After that, you can walk for a day. It's very pleasant to lay a mat under the shade of the lawn and have your own lunch at noon. My children are two and a half years old. They like to interact with small animals. They like to feed kangaroos, birds, sheep and pigs, and ride horses. But these are extra charges and the price is acceptable. Feed hippo giraffes, ride elephants and other large animals, my family treasure is a little scared, no participation, big baby is appropriate. All kinds of performances, due to Xiaobao's reasons, are staggered in time, and wait for the children to grow up again. Small Animal Paradise is also loved by our family members. It's very cute and lovely. Overall, compared with other zoos, wildlife parks have a large number of animal species, many rare animals, strong interaction and intimate contact, many kinds of performances, and greatly increased the ornamental. The food and beverage in the park are also in place. Of course, the price is a little higher, almost double the price outside the park. The only thing that feels inexpensive is the children's recreation area. No matter how old the children are, they have to charge for 90CM. With an adult, a Trojan horse or something like that costs 50 yuan. It's too expensive. It's much higher than other parks. Parents are not advised to take their babies to participate.

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    Reviewed on 1465959099000
  • M13****441

    Pre-booked tickets for Saturday39 are more cost-effective. In order to queue less, they set out early, but it's also 9:30 local time. People are okay. It's convenient to park for 20 days. As soon as we enter the park, there will be animal welcome, very friendly, and tickets for the sightseeing bus. In order to avoid queuing in the back, go to the tour bus queue early. It will be more than ten o'clock. I think there are not many people, but I have been in line for half an hour. The point is to bring the children. Look at the animals on the bus. It feels great. The little guys were all dancing and dancing with excitement. That's the one who got out of line, and the others behind were all right. Walk and play. The weather is very powerful. It's a little windy and the sun is big. The animals are out for a walk. The whole garden came down. It's two or three o'clock in the afternoon. The original price is 130 tickets. This time, it's really worth it! ___________ Hope to have more such activities in the future! It's a pity that the sea lion hall is being decorated. Everything else is good. There are charges for all the items you play, and you ride a camel 30 times. Children play according to people, children are no exception! Hot dogs cost 5 yuan each. Guandong boiled 10 pieces and three strings, which is OK! Suitable for family travel, overall good!

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    Reviewed on 1482110340000
  • 米昵米昵米昵

    The home is 60 kilometers from the wildlife park. There's a little rain in the morning! There are not many people at the entrance of the zoo. They almost enter the zoo without queuing. There are no usual crowds of people in the zoo! ________ As soon as he entered the door, he saw the clown performing acrobatics and the black actor singing and dancing on the other side. A row of small animals are under the leadership of the breeder for visiting and taking photos! ___________ We went directly to the Beast Zone, where 40 per cent of the tickets needed to be purchased. We could see professionals feeding, lions, tigers, bears and wolves rushing around to grab food, some terrible and some silly! After seeing the Beast Zone, I went along the road to visit other gentle animals. The first thing I saw was pandas. There were golden monkeys, alligators, mandarins and so on. There were also various interactive feeding activities and tigers throwing on trees. It was a very meaningful and interesting trip.

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    Reviewed on 1506214593000
  • 寒13哟

    The wildlife park is very big. It's more than 12 noon. The performance of Baibeast Mountain has not caught up with it. Starting from the pedestrian area, there are many kinds of animals. There are many activities such as feeding and taking pictures of small animals. Generally, they are 20 yuan once. Baby is so timid that he dares not feed the swans. He spends 20 yuan and takes a picture with the tiger. In the afternoon, the performance of the Sea Lion Hall was not missed. The performance lasted about 20 minutes. It was still very interesting. After watching or performing, I spent 40 yuan on a feeding car to the Beast Zone. I still feel very addicted. It's better than looking through the glass! I'm tired of playing most of the day, but I still watch the whole game. Later, when Baoda is a little bigger, go and have a good experience again! ___________

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    Reviewed on 1479564893000
  • M22****0387

    Very good, 120 group purchases are very worthwhile, you can travel one day, like penguins, alpacas, group tickets can be directly brushed ID card into the park, you can also go to visit the wilderness area by sightseeing bus, very good, wildlife park animals are very ferocious, a day is worth, very happy, that is, some remote, line 16 is far away, worth a visit.

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    Reviewed on 1496153703000
  • 豆包0817

    You can get close touch with lots of animals, and even pet a baby tiger if pay extra. It’s convenient to take the subway and it usually takes a whole day if you want to see all the animals so get there early!

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    Reviewed on 1533624737000
  • 译庆

    I went with my grandmother and mother, and suggested that my friend who was driving should arrive early. The parking fee is 20 yuan per car, unlimited time. We arrived at 8:45 a.m. on weekends, and the car had been parked for quite a long time. Entering the park is quite fast, just brush your ID card. We went in and watched the flamingos in the walking area, took pictures by the way, and then walked slowly to the Sea Lion Hall to watch the performance. The morning performance is at 10 o'clock. It takes about 20 minutes to watch. Then take a feeding car, cost 35 yuan per person, you can see tigers, black bears and so on at close range, the whole process is about 30 minutes. Then you can choose to walk to some small libraries to see animals (panda, kangaroo, elephants, etc.). We choose to spend 30 yuan per seat on a car tour, stop at will. I suggest you bring some fruit and water. This will make it easy to swim through most of the day, Grandma and the elderly are not tired of the whole court down! __________

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    Reviewed on 1441876457000
  • M35****554

    There are four parking lots big enough near the zoo, and the parking is totally uninteresting. The zoo is very big. There are welcoming activities in the early morning. The park is clean and tidy. The road signs are very clear and accurate. Don't worry about not finding the north. Distribution of large and small animals in each region is clear, tourists can arrange reasonably and visit according to their own preferences. There are many restaurants and small stores in the park. Don't worry about food. Animal performances are wonderful. Old people and children like to watch them. It's unreasonable that children under 1.2 meters should pay 40 yuan per person for their food in the vicious animal area by bus, which is divided into sightseeing bus and feeding. It's also unreasonable that children under 1.2 meters should pay for their food. It's great to see animals at close range by feeding. After a day's play, it feels very worthwhile to do it again.

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    Reviewed on 1460095849000
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