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Shanghai World Financial Center

4.7/517,246 Reviews
Modern Architecture
8:00-23:00 (stop admission at 22:00). Business hours will be adjusted from 9:00-22:30 from April 1(the latest admission time is 21:00) 8:00-23:00(22:00停止入場)。
100 Century Avenue, Lujiazui, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
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About Shanghai World Financial Center

The Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) is a skyscraper located in the Pudong area of Shanghai. Having a total of 101 floors and a height of 492 m, it is the second tallest skyscraper in Shanghai, and is similar in shape to a bottle opener. The 100th floor features a sightseeing hall where, on a clear day, you get a fantastic view of the whole city. The observation desk also boasts a 55 m long glass floor, providing a sunning look at the scenery below. When conditions are right, it can feel like you're walking in the clouds. The SWFC has been lauded for its design, and in 2008 it was named by architects as the year's best-completed skyscraper.

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  • M41****289

    I bought 97 and 100 floors of view. After entering, there are four halls on the first floor. You can understand the development history of Shanghai. The first hall compares Shanghai with Tokyo and New York in terms of population density, number of cars, Metro mileage and population. The second hall is the building model of Lujiazui in Shanghai. What is the third hall and the fourth hall forgotten? Then I took the elevator, the elevator was very fast, and there was a special lighting effect in the elevator, rendering a "ascension effect". The 97 and 100 floors were sightseeing. We could see the buildings in Lujiazui area, the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Lujiazui green space, the Jinmao Tower, Shanghai Center Tower and bank buildings. We could see that the height of the Oriental Pearl was underneath, and the feeling was not too high. It's a dangerous building, a hundred feet high, with stars at hand.

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    Reviewed on 1469868381000
  • 远行-遇见你

    The Shanghai world financial center is taller than the Jinmao Tower. It is queued up to enter the building. There is a high-speed elevator up to the ninety-four floor. Then you can take the stairs to the one hundred floor platform. There is a box like mouth on the top of the building. You can see the most prosperous and gorgeous nightscape in Shanghai on the platform. The Oriental Pearl Tower and the new the Bund have a panoramic view. Nightscape!

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    Reviewed on 1495819507000
  • 已远的胖多拉

    Originally wanted to go to the top of the Shanghai center, but at least one day in advance booking, had to go to the financial center. When taking the elevator, the staff said that 66 seconds to 94 floors, but not 30 seconds to feel, speed ah. The night scenery is so beautiful! The once tallest Jinmao Tower is now under my feet. What a wonderful feeling it was to look up at the Bund and look down on it tonight! ____________

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    Reviewed on 1516005616000
  • 振华光泽

    Very good memory in Shanghai Global Finance center.Will come here again next year.Buy tickets in ctrip.It is cheap.Only rmb 49/per person.

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    Reviewed on 1511761617000
  • M92****06

    It's still worth it to go to the Oriental Pearl Tower. Later, it was discovered that there were too many people on the Internet and queues for several hours to choose the world financial center decisively. First of all, the queuing was really fast and orderly. In about 20.30 minutes, it was possible to go upstairs and downstairs quickly, and then to talk about the scenery. First, the Oriental Pearl is the landmark building in Shanghai. The whole city has a good view, and the day we went there was already autumn, and the weather was very sunny.

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    Reviewed on 1471177075000
  • Xuhua1283

    Shanghai Global Financial Center is located at No. 100 Pudong Avenue, Lujiazui, Shanghai. Exit 6 of Metro Line 2. Turn right and walk about 500 meters to the Global Financial Center. You can buy tickets in the lobby on the first floor (Ctrip online ticket exchange is more favorable). Take the high-speed elevator directly to the 97F sightseeing flyover (439 meters high) like a floating overpass, walking on the overpass like a stroll in the sky, open glass ceiling design allows you to look up to the sky, while breathing fresh air, blue sky and white clouds seem to be within reach, where people and nature melt into one. The 100-storey Tourist Sky Pavilion is 472 meters high and 55 meters long. It is the highest tourist facility in the world at present. It has three transparent glass floors. The high view is unique. The transparent glass under the feet shows the moving vehicles. The two sides of the transparent glass windows clearly overlook the beautiful scenery of both sides of the Pujiang River.

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    Reviewed on 1533473558000

    On July 25 this year, the weather in Shanghai is very good and hot. It's 40 degrees high and hot. Accompanied by friends from a long way to visit the Global Financial Center! First-class service, first-class environment, first-class buildings, high overlooking, shocking!!! 220 yuan can visit 97, 100 and 94 floors of the special exhibition ugly, very worthwhile!

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    Reviewed on 1483087302000
  • sonicx

    These days, it happens to be the Skyscraper Goldfish Art Exhibition. After thinking for a long time, I finally went to the Skyscraper Goldfish Art Exhibition today. Perhaps because of working days, there are fewer visitors than I expected. I remember that the last time I visited such a large goldfish exhibition was at the Goldfish Hall in Hong Kong Ocean Park eight years ago, but there were some traditional goldfish species, such as lion's head, Hydrangea and so on. Many of the species were first seen in this exhibition. Just before the exhibition hall was attracted by black and white dragon eyes. About twenty species of goldfish were roughly counted. The whole exhibition is not only a combination of fish and light, but also a combination of Japanese style. It's not good to be able to take pictures, otherwise there will be no space for people to appreciate. Too many beautiful women are busy taking pictures and making friends there, but they have little interest in fish.

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    Reviewed on 1543589850000
  • 320****391

    Today's weather is surprisingly curious, completely did not come before my friend said that the rain with an umbrella trouble. Shuttling between the skyscrapers in Lujiazui early in the morning, I really feel the prosperity of Shanghai! Just because it's morning, not boarding the sightseeing hall, thinking of going up in the afternoon, and staying until the beginning of the night, the bustling day and the noisy night in Shanghai are also included in the eye. Is there this sunshine in the afternoon?

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    Reviewed on 1452226230000
  • 陈叶向雅地

    Shanghai Global Financial Center, located in Lujiazui, Pudong, is a high-rise financial centre with a view of the two banks of the Pujiang River. The building is 492 meters high, the third tallest building in China. The building looks like a bottle opener, hence the alias bottle opener. Keep it in mind. It is also a business card that opens the prosperity and splendor of Shanghai. The most famous building is the sightseeing hall, the sightseeing flyover. The elevator goes directly to the 96th floor, and the ticket is checked and transferred to the escalator to the 97th floor. Take the elevator up to the 100th floor. Enter the lobby, wow! This view is only in the sky, and there are some reflections on the world. My wife is so beautiful. Jinmao Pearl blushes with shame, and the Pujiang River bends down to spread autumn waves. The stars blinked and smiled as they worked hard. Shanghai Global Financial Center, Yili Yunjian. The clouds are soft and the snowstorm sweeps hard. Spring breeze slowly smoking, scorching in the hot sun. Shanghai World Financial Center stands by the Mother's River, witnessing the prosperity of Shanghai, changing with each passing day.

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    Reviewed on 1521881461000
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