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Shanghai Zoo

4.6/57,208 Reviews

Business Hours

(March-October): 7:30-17:00; (November-February): 7:30-16:30.


2381 Hongqiao Road, Changning District
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About Shanghai Zoo

Located near Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai Zoo is a modern metropolitan zoological garden featuring more than 6,000 animals in additional to various plant life. Species native to China include giant pandas, golden snub-nosed monkeys, lions, South China tigers, hoopoe, black bulbuls, scimitar-horned oryx, great hornbills, and Bactrian camels. With its convenient location and visitor-friendly design, the Shanghai Zoo provides a fun outing for the entire family.

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  • Jefeis

    It's been nearly three years in Shanghai. Basically, the scenic spots in Shanghai have been almost there. For Shanghai Zoo, I have visited two times. It's a very interesting place (suitable for lovers, family and friends). Here, you will know many unknown Chinese words (because so many strange animal names are hard to recognize), if you like it. Among them, you will hear many beautiful songs, will make friends with many lovely animals, will experience animals are sincere friends of human beings, you will see many interesting introductions on the roadside reminder board, will see reports of cruel killings, will also be sympathetic, will be sympathetic, BUT must not wantonly touch or feed animals, if there is a chance to come on. Welcome to the zoo, Hai. If you are lovers, I wish you joy and happiness. If you are family members, I wish you a happy family. If you are friends, I wish you a lasting friendship.

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    Reviewed on 1490269642000
  • 小晓军

    Shanghai Zoo Ticket 40 yuan, Metro Line 10 Shanghai Zoo Station off! Zoo animals are relatively complete, divided into meat-eating, herbivorous, primates, birds, amphibians, fish and other park exhibitions! It's better to go to the zoo early in the morning. In the afternoon, the animals in the zoo are lazy and inactive. So the best way to watch is to choose a sunny morning. There are many herbivorous animals in the park can be close contact and photographed, because poor quality visitors are feeding animals, the park has signs that prohibit feeding animals, harmful animal health! So please all visitors to the zoo do not feed or eat animals for fun and photography. Be a civilized and accomplished visitor! _____________

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    Reviewed on 1478977887000
  • 浠曦

    Shanghai Zoo is still a good place. It is estimated that the first half of the day will be like an aquarium. The most beautiful fish, the most stinky animals and the most delicious animals in the herbivorous area are all beautiful. If you are sensitive, you must be careful to enter the area. & 183; & 183; & 183; # The laziest animals feel lazy and lazy, especially tigers. Lions and the like are super cute pandas and pandas, the most flexible ones are monkeys, and the skinny monkeys especially feel that it's interesting to walk down the zoo.

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    Reviewed on 1479338753000
  • xspace

    It's really necessary to go, especially with children. It's really a good place for little guys to play. It's really big and the layout is reasonable. It's good to go in a big circle according to a sequence. It's better to arrange a whole day. It's quite big. It's a bit tired after the whole turn. Bring good food and drink.

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    Reviewed on 1490786286000
  • bys****g99

    Comments on the tickets bought, very convenient, very good park, is absolutely a good place to entertain children, the species of animals is very rich, the layout of various zoos are also very elaborate, the facilities are well maintained, the overall environment is quite beautiful, if you look carefully, not necessarily all day, there is an indoor chimpanzee's amusement park, very interesting, smoking. Many people were attracted. The Panda Pavilion is also a tourist-intensive area. The exhibition area of all kinds of birds is also worth seeing. There are flamingos and the ring-tailed lemurs in Madagascar are quite lovely.

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    Reviewed on 1521888869000
  • E33****61

    We are from Nantong to Shanghai Zoo, follow the navigation, one and a half hours to the parking lot, but we stopped at the roadside, because the parking lot has been fully parked. It's very convenient to buy tickets online. You can get tickets by brushing your ID card directly. We didn't come out until 5:30 p.m. from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. It's very humane. It's divided into several areas. There are many animals. It can be seen that the management is very good. 40 tickets are very valuable. I don't recommend going to the wildlife park. This zoo has a lot of animals. It has a deep impression of primates. It's very powerful. You can learn to do a lot of things.

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    Reviewed on 1443366229000
  • Giny_vv

    When a person goes to Shanghai on business and has time to go around, the first choice is the zoo, which originates from his inner love for animals. There was intermittent light rain that day, not particularly hot. There are a lot of animals in the park. Every venue has a regular lecturer on animals. Usually on weekends, I didn't catch up with them. It is very suitable for a family to take their children to visit, and the children will like it very much.

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    Reviewed on 1469173988000
  • Similer

    Everyone is going to put cages for animals to see. Haha ha... That's too much! I just like to see animals, this time is too valuable. If you want to go, you must go all day long. It's so big inside, walk comfortably, there are so many animals! You want to go again, time is not enough, but it's recommended that you go in autumn, summer is so hot, you can take some water and dry food. This way is at the exit of the subway. It's super convenient for you to go in Shanghai. Get in and out. Buy a traffic card. But it's not due. You can use it again next time! _________

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    Reviewed on 1507351359000
  • 我的宝贝小胖子

    It's really necessary to go, especially with children. It's really a good place for young people to play, and it's really big. Shanghai Zoo is a collective memory of a generation of Shanghai people. Compared with Shanghai Wildlife Park, Shanghai Zoo is much smaller and more miniature, but the transportation is more convenient, and the subway station is near. There are many kinds of animals, which can be divided into many exhibition halls; there are entertainment facilities, Ferris wheel, etc. in the park; there are many grasslands and seats to rest (for picnic); some animals can touch (swans, parrots, etc.), which is a small surprise; there are not many people (amphibian and reptile halls are still crowded), ticket queues are fast, and students can discount. Generally speaking, it is very suitable for a family of three to take their children to play on weekends.

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    Reviewed on 1529811866000
  • D90****87

    The passport of popular science is almost expired, so this weekend we brought our children to the Shanghai Zoo. We are free. In fact, the ticket is 40 yuan. The old people are 36 yuan, the students are 20 yuan. It's quite cheap. There are many animals in it. It took the two men four hours to finish the tour. It's worth recommending. Especially when they took the children to go around, the children were excited to see the animals one by one. It's terrible.

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    Reviewed on 1456110595000
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