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Things To Do in Shangluo

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    Shangluo Laojun MountainShangluo,China

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    Guanhua Mountain Sceneic AreaShangluo,China

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    Huayang Nianhua Roller Skating ClubShangluo,China

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    Niubeiliang Mountain Nature ReserveShangluo,China

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    Danfengxian LibraryShangluo,China

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    Danfeng commercial town general AirportShangluo,China

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    Shangluo Travel Tips

    About Shangluo

    Shangluo City is located in southeast Shaanxi Province among the Qinling Mountains and is named for the Shang Mountain and Luo River within its borders. Historically, the Shangluo Road was one of the primary arteries of the third century BCE Qin royal road network. As the “Qin-Chu Throat,” it was a critical passageway between the capital Chang'an (today's Xi'an) and all the lands of the southeast and the Central Plain. Famous historical sites in Shangluo include the Jinsixia (“Gold Thread Gorge” or Jinsi Grand Canyon) National Park in Shangnan, the Niubeiliang “Cow’s Back Ridge” National Forest Park, Zhashui Cave, the Erlang Temple, the Fengyang Pagoda, Dayun Temple, Tianzhu Mountain, and the “Moon Cave.”

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    Here are the best places to visit in Shangluo, including: Niubeiliang National Forest Park,Jinsi Canyon Scenic Area,Qinling Dongtian Fudi Scenic Area
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