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Things To Do in Shangrao

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Cky075absolutely breathtaking. the whole mountain is beautiful. the trails and cable cars are very well maintained and organized. the signage is in Chinese and English so you won’t get lost. this is an absolute gem of Jiangxi province.
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Ancient Settlement
DameDKWhat a beautiful place. Naturally if you are there with a big crowd, you would feel annoyed with all the models and choreographers wannabe’s. if you are able to avoid crowds like we did, then this place offers beautiful Hui architecture, placed at interesting angles on the side of the hill. You can trek in nearby plains and hills. There are various Chinese restaurants selling local food, ice cream bars, and even coffee. There are sufficient toilets which are clean in the area. A must see!
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sunshine518Although in the peak season, there will be a lot of people and the room will also increase the price. But it is still recommended. The entire Wuyuan scenic area is very large, including the North Line, the East Line, the West Line, the spring can enjoy rape flowers, the autumn can enjoy red leaves, and the autumn. If the conditions permit, must choose self-driving, many times along the road will not be worse than the scenic spot, even more original, such as the following pictures are taken on the road.
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M34***04The spring breeze reminds who walks the path of the mountain, suddenly reflected the red mountain, the heart overflows the feeling of affinity. April, flowers especially, guarding the breath of the spring. The mountain is already floating clouds, like a wonderland. The water at the ditch, seems to have a more happy. After the rain, the stone road, as if will interpret a trance. The long flower skirt, embellished in the retro terrace, let this spring has a romantic. Next to the red mountain is purple flowers, so quiet companion. Look at the hillside, but no flowers trace. I want to see them in the mountains and wild splendor, sweet, with a smile, with the rain and fog games, with you hiding. Think of the slate road in the long Xiangxie Forest, the raindrops hanging on the hair, the afternoon when the snail climbed the tree, and the spring breeze that trotted shoulder to shoulder. 2021-04-16 Gexian Mountain [View] [Fun] [Cost-effective]
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林小晓Likeng is an ancient village with Li surname, 12 kilometers away from Wuyuan County, there are Wuzhen architectural landscape, and rabbit ear ridge strange stone landscape, is the national AAAA class tourist attraction, but also the nearest scenic spot on the east line of Wuyuan County. The building style of Likeng is unique, is a famous Hui school building, giving a quiet, peaceful feeling. Likeng is a relatively complete village in the ancient village, the ancient village is on both sides of the stream, the houses on both sides are relatively old buildings, not to the donkey friends can go to experience.
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西西是我📍 Detail address: Jiangling Terrace Scenic Center, Xitou Township, Wuyuan County, Shangrao City 🚗 Traffic Raiders: Recommend chartered cars, three days can be the eastern line of Wuyuan Scenic Area, the north line of the attractions. Wuyuan is the most beautiful rural area in China. The tourist road is well repaired, it is a lot of speed limits, can not drive fast. Jiangling is a terrace scenery. Self-driving can drive directly to the highest landscape platform and then go down the road. 🕙Open Time:7:30-18:30💰Ticket price: 80 yuan for buying tickets for Jiangling alone. If you also visit other attractions in Wuyuan Scenic Area, such as Jiangwan, Sixi Yancun, Wolong Valley, Likeng, Qikou, etc., it is recommended to buy a set ticket, including 12 attractions, which is effective within five days. It is more cost-effective. 🌟 Highlight Features: Jiangling South Linxiaoqi, East Xitou, located in the northeast of Wuyuan County, is one of the four major flowers in China. "Jiangling scenery" is a world-class photography base, ancient trees, rivers, terraces, farmhouses, smoke reasonable layout, people and nature close to the harmony has been fully reflected here. 💗Recommended reasons: Jiangling has four official observation platforms, of which observation platform No. 1 is at the highest point, just on the entrance of the ticket purchase on the mountain, the scenery is spectacular and suitable for photographing. The 2/3/4 landscape platform that goes down again can see the village and the distant mountains. If you catch up with dinner time, you can also see the smokestacks, special life, and special poetry. 📌 Small Tips: Jiangling is famous for the sea of canola flowers. Whenever spring flowers bloom, in the river ridge ten thousand mu terraces, golden rape flowers and the distant mountains and water, pink wall Daiwa into fun, sketched a beautiful pastoral picture. Although I didn't see the canola flowers all over the mountain this winter, but as a terraced lover, I saw this painting of Danqing, and I felt shocked.

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Yuantou Ancient VillageShangrao,China

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Wangkou Yushi ZongciShangrao,China

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Wanshouyuan Sceneic AreaShangrao,China

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Lingshanda Canyon DriftingShangrao,China

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About Shangrao

Shangrao City is located in the northeastern part of Jiangxi Province. It has four distinct seasons and beautiful scenery. The center of Sanqing Mountain is magnificent and beautiful. The natural vegetation of Wuyuan is well preserved, and there are a large number of ancient trees, ancient caves, ancient buildings, artifacts and breathtaking, idyllic scenery. The charm of Shangrao is on display in the emerald mountains and clear waters of Poyang Lake, in the incense burning at the Gexian Mountain Taoist temples, the vibrant mandarin ducks at Fengze Lake, and in the cultural atmosphere of the Goose Lake Academy and the Xinjiang Academy.

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Here are the best places to visit in Shangrao, including: Wuyuan Huangling,Sanqingshan Scenic Area,Wuyuan Scenic Area
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