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About Shantou

Shantou is located in the southeastern part of Guangdong, relatively near Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. It is one of the most important port cities in southeastern China. Shantou has a rugged coastline. Throughout all the seasons of the year, the climate is very comfortable. The summers are neither furiously hot nor are the winters bitterly cold. The extraordinary geographic environment has created a natural landscape in Shantou, the beauty of which will sweep you off your feet. This includes coastlines eroded by the sea, rarely seen in China, wondrous stone caves and beautiful bays.

Popular Attractions in Shantou

Fantasy World Blue Mercury
695 Reviews
Amusement Park
Fantasy World Blue Mercury is a quaint amusement park in Shantou, featuring a wide variety of attractions and fantastically themed castles. Whether you want to fly high above the park at top speeds, hang daringly several meters above the ground, or take a relaxing ride on a double-decker merry-go-round, this park offers something for everyone. The park features several different sections, including exciting UFO rides that will send you flying through the air; Conch Bay, where the whole family can explore the world below the ocean; Fantasy Studio, where you can watch amazing movie stunt performances and Kids Kingdom, where children reign supreme.
Shantou Old Town
260 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
Shantou Old Town refers to the old city district on the north bank of the Min River. This district contains many buildings, verandas and shops built in the early 20th century. This gives the old town a unique, historical style. The area was once one of Shantou's vibrant commercial centers. Some important old buildings, such as the Yongping Restaurant, Main Shantou Post Office and the Laoma Palace still remain to this day, remnants of the area's previous prominence.
Seascape Long Corridor
294 Reviews
The Sea View Promenade is located on Haibin Road, Jinping District, Shantou City. It is a section of seawall built along the south bank. There is a ferry terminal next to it. The scenery is beautiful and pleasant, and the traffic is convenient. The various ships parked on the banks of the river are also interesting, and sometimes fishermen can be seen fishing. The entire sea promenade is a good place for the public to relax and relax. Take a look at the scenic walks and stop here to enjoy the entire Shantou Bay.
Shantou Zhongshan Park
225 Reviews
City Park
Shantou Zhongshan Park is located in the quiet Old Town area of Shantou City. This park was built in the early 20th century to commemorate the revolutionary pioneer Sun Yat-Sen. Visitors to the entrance of the park are not far from where you can see Sun Yat-sen's handwriting on the main entrance archway. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, there is a unique beauty of Lingnan between the pavilions and terraces, which is more unique and quiet.

Shantou Tours & Tickets

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Shantou Weather

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Trip Moments

After eating so many meals in Shantou, I feel that the beef shop is a business card of Shantou, and the beef shop is full of cities. The ordinary people sat down outside the store, and the next seven or eight beef balls were a meal. I go from snacks to big meatballs, which are usually loose, and the beef balls of the taro are very porcelain. The chopsticks will poke on it, and when you bite it, you have to use some strength to bite because The beef is tightly united and the taste of the Q is not too real. Of course, there is no delicious beef in Shantou's beef besides beef balls.
The tides are good beef, but most of the fresh cattle are not produced in the Chaoshan area, but the live cattle are shipped from Sichuan and other places in Sichuan and are used for a while. This is the current emphasis on fresh quality, meat and hot air directly to the meal, rather than the trend of local production.
The order of hot meat, there are stores recommended to follow from thin to fat: tender meat, beef tongue, three flower buds, five flower buds, key handle, spoon, neck, hanging dragon, hanging dragon, fat, Chest squatting. The non-sand tea and Puning bean paste are the only ones.
Bahe Lihai The beef here is mostly 28 yuan. Put it in boiling water for more than ten seconds, and dip a little bit of sand tea sauce. The entrance is tender and fragrant. The delicious Chengdu is second only to the beef I have eaten in Japan. At the end of the checkout, the four people ate 300, which was half the price of the Emperor.

Posted: Dec 11, 2018
The most interesting thing to know about Chaoshan cuisine in Beijing is to start with casserole porridge. At that time, there was a Huiji in the south of Beijing Landao Building Road. The main tidal casserole porridge, Puning bean paste was also seen in this home for the first time. When you come to Shantou this time, you must also try it in the country of origin.
The last meal before the plane, leave a good casserole porridge. From the Zhongshan Park, four people took a taxi to find a palatable restaurant. The palatable restaurant nestled in the alley is not a "visitor". There are no guests at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Compared with the large-scale Haiji beef shop, the casserole porridge stalls are small door faces, which are basically family-run. A row of stoves can cook up to four pots of porridge at the same time. The female boss is in charge of the kitchen, taking care of the fire, the seasoning, the discharge, all by eye. During the time we were eating, we also had take-away meals from time to time to take meals.
Casserole porridge is now on the spot, charged by bit, so we four people have three different flavors for one person. Later, I added a new one and ordered fresh spinach and quail eggs.
is a crab + scallop, which is visually thicker. Crab cream also dyes the porridge bottom into a light yellow color. The crab is a kind of casserole porridge. It is combined with the thick meat of scallops. The savory taste is the heaviest. Salmon porridge and porridge. The squid porridge is the worst, but it is very popular. There is no squid's suffocation, because it is especially sweet with shredded mushrooms and pepper. The porridge here is delicious, and the hidden hero is the porridge and the shredded mushrooms.
Posted: Dec 11, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Lotus Peak, Natural Gate, Treasure Island, Zongbingfu, The Tashan Scenic Area.
Here are the best places to visit in Shantou, including: Dan Ying Agricultural Ecological Park, Shantou Zhonghai Resort, Green Dream Wetland Ecological Park, Queshi Scenic Area, Shantou Zhongshan Park.
Shantou took the bus to Gongbei Port in Zhuhai, and then it was Macao.