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About Shaoguan

The renowned historical and cultural city of Shaoguan (韶关) lies in northern Guangdong. The fact that the Shixia (石峡) culture thrived here during the Neolithic period proves that the people of this region were already an advanced civilization by that time. Surrounded by mountains, Shaoguan was a strategic military location. The mountainous terrain also makes for some beautiful natural scenery here. In addition, Shaoguan is inhabited by a concentration of minority peoples. The result is an area with highly diverse attractions. Danxia (丹霞) Mountain, a national scenic area; Nanhua (南华) Temple, the birthplace of Nanzong Zen; and the site of the discovery of the “Maba Man” are among the local sights.

Popular Attractions in Shaoguan

Mount Danxia
3,977 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
Geological Sites
Mount Danxia is located in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, and is a landscape area dominated by Danxia landforms. In addition to beautiful natural scenery, Mount Danxia also has a long and rich historical and cultural importance. For example, there are numerous stone cliffs and inscriptions, historic ancient cottages and stone temples, and mysterious hanging-coffin burials.
Guangdong Great Canyon
1,281 Reviews
The Guangdong Great Canyon, also known as the Ruyuan Great Canyo, is located in Dabu Town, southwest of Ruyuan County, Shaoguan. The canyon is 15 kilometers long and has a depth of more than 300 meters. The canyon is densely forested with waterfalls, streams, and an abundance of rhododendrons and wildflowers. Take a stroll near the canyon and immerse yourself in the clean air and nature. It is also a great place to escape from the summer heat.
Yunmen Mountain Natural Scenic Area
1,245 Reviews
Yunmen Mountain Scenic Area is located in the northeast of the Yunmen Temple Buddhist Cultural and Ecological Protection Area. It is full of trees and waterfalls with beautiful scenery. In the scenic area, you can cross the 168-meter-high, 316-meter-long glass bridge, climb 1638 steps up the mountain and admire the Yunmen Flower Sea. There is also a zoo, mobile games, water parks, and other areas.
Nanhua Temple
654 Reviews
Nanhua Temple is located on the bank of Caoxi River, 7 km southeast of Maba, Qujiang District, Shaoguan City. It is a famous Buddhist temple in China is the birthplace of the Southern Chan school of Buddhism, which was promoted by the Sixth Patriarch of Chan Buddhism, Huineng. Huineng's body is also buried here. Nanhua Temple is located at the foothills of the Baolin mountain rage. It was first built in the Northern and Southern Dynasties period and has a very long history. The treasure of the temple is the body of the sixth patriarch, Huineng, and many people come to the temple to pay respects.

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Shaoguan Weather

Aug 12, 2020
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Aug 14, 2020
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Trip Moments

Guangdong people love health place, Shaoguan Ruyuan Patio Mountain Phoenix Eco Valley South China's ecological environment is best in Guangdong and Guangdong's best ecological environment in Guangdong Yuebei is best in Shaoguan, Shaoguan It is best to have the Patio Mountain National Forest Park in Nanling , whether it is more than the green area, the vegetation, the forest area is better than the Shaoguan, located in the northwestern part of the Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County, the four distinct seasons, the annual average temperature At 16 ° C, the maximum temperature is only 29.9 ° C, and the summer temperature is 10-17 ° C lower than the urban area. This is also a unique growth environment for the drug, no pollution, pure quality, is a wonderful gift of nature, but also a witness to the relationship between man and nature. There is a health base in the depths of this mountain, the paradise - Guangdong Huang Ecological Science Park h Guangdong Nanling National Grade Protection Area has excellent rare and precious herbs in 100,000 mountains, and the exclusive 800-acre Yao Botanical Garden of Fengjie Treasure Science and Technology Park has harvested 16 invention patents~ even National Geographic Magazine They regularly come here to record material ~ There is also a hideaway in the Yuehuang Ecological Valley. On the way to the Eco Valley, there are all kinds of health foods, which is just a treasure base. Travel tourism, food, scientific research, health care, medicine, vacation, outdoor in one, there is a mountain view here, and the sunshine and the mountain wind are so many reasons why I can't leave! Waterfall Feitan Town is cold, visit thousands of mountains is not awkward the entire deep mountain valley is your ~ Guangdong Phoenix Ecological Technology Park Address: Shaoyuan City, Guangdong Province, Ruyuan Yao Xinqiao 2 District, Patio Hill Forest Farm, Luoyang Town, Autonomous County
Posted: Aug 13, 2019
Winter disease is in the middle of summer! Ruyuan Dashan also has authentic Yaojia Yao bath In Guizhou, you have deeply felt the Yaoya medicinal bath of Ban Yao, which is worthy of the national intangible cultural heritage! Ten Guangdong nine wet, skin care is inseparable from internal adjustment, I believe that the concept of TCM health, I came to the mountains and valleys to find the boss Feng sister to regulate the body, only the deep toxins in the body can be discharged to be truly healthy and good ~ This is the time to nurse the body in the deep mountain of Ruyuan. The herbs used in a medicated bath range from dozens to hundreds of species. The drugs used come from the 100,000 mountains, with a variety of functions, such as heat and detoxification, phlegm and cold, spleen and vitality, nourishing qi and so on. In the medicated bath, different drugs are selected according to different subjects, different seasons or different diseases. Soaking into a dizzy sweat and then sleeping, not the general acid cool h Yao medicine bath with forest bath and organic diet better effect ~ Yuehuang Science and Technology Ecological Park has taken advantage of health! Night Yao medicine bucket full of a large bucket of Chinese herbal medicine overflow, sincerity! Plus the husband helps to relieve the edema, the whole body detoxification is a painful and sweet burden ~ boss Feng sister's Luo Shenhua wine will be arranged every meal, the brewed wine is not easy to get on the head, especially rich in vitamins C, has the effect of cooling and reducing fire, thirst and thirst, etc. It is also a good medicine for promoting blood circulation and collaterals. ~ Yuehuang Ecological Science and Technology Park Address: Luoyang Town, Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province Patio Hill Forest Farm Xinqiao 2 District
Posted: Aug 15, 2019
You listen, the birds in the morning are still screaming, the rain that last night last night, the road is wet, and the road to go today is not smooth sailing, the friends are going to cheer. Oh. Yangyuan Mountain is named after Yangyuan Stone. The obvious feature of the whole scenic spot is that the mountain stone color is rich in mountain rock shape. These strange stones become strange scenery, most of them are cool, especially "Yangyuan Stone", also known as "Zhu Shishi". ", vividly, whoever looks at it will also marvel at the magical work of creation. Take a 10-minute walk from the inn to Yangyuan Shijing District. After arriving at the scenic spot, take a section of the road and then turn left at a parking lot. Enter the forest path and step on the song, you can walk to Mount Yangshan. Yangyuanshi, absorbing the essence of the world, has a history of 300,000 years, 28 meters high, so there is "the world's first stone." At first glance, I saw that there was a kind of deja vu, and a closer look, this is called deja vu, clearly is always around, never left, do not know that girls have a feeling of guilty, anyway, I admire the five-body cast, will you Seeing a blushing heartbeat? Climb the Yangyuan Mountain. When it is steepest, you need a hand to hold the irons and climb the ground with one hand. For those who like to take pictures, walk without watching. If you don't take pictures, you must pay attention to your feet. Climb the first hillside, cheering up, walking in the wind and rain, not seeing the same scenery, watching the misty Danxia Mountain, a touch The red Danxia Mountain is hidden in the jungle.
Posted: May 12, 2019
Danxia Mountain Travel Guide [Recommended Route]: It is recommended to travel to Danxia Mountain for four days. If you don't catch up, you will not waste time. If you have enough time, you can go to the surrounding ancient villages. four-day itinerary: Day1: Departure place - Danxia Mountain Scenic Area Day2: Morning: Yangyuan Stone - Dengyang Yuanshan - Yunya Plank Road - Ximei Village - Jiujiu Ladder - Tiansheng Bridge; Ropeway Double Cheng - - Visitor Center Day3: Bamboo rafting - Bazhai Mountain Foot - Bazhai Scenic Area Da4: Return or go to the surrounding ancient villages like Xiafu Ancient Village, Shitang Village It is worth to take a look. Three-day tour boutique route: Day1: Departure place - Danxia Mountain Scenic Area Day2: Waishanmen Yangyuan Stone Yunyan Plank Road Jiayu Pavilion Ximei Village Jiujiu Ladder Tanbuyan Yangyuan Mountain Lunch Tiansheng Bridge Seal Stone, Lion Rock Stay in Danxia Mountain at night; Day3: Morning Mountaineering (by cable car) Guanri Pavilion (viewing sunrise) Middle-level breakfastBiechuan TempleJinshiyan (downhill after going down) Xianglong LakeYinyuanshiOriginal Road ReturnDown Mountain LunchJinjiang by Boat TourAnnual Exit of Yangyuanshan PierOutside the Mountain Gate in the afternoon. [Site tickets]: 1. Guangdong Shaoguan Danxia Mountain Adult Ticket: 200 yuan; online booking: 140 yuan 2. Tickets for admission to Danxiashan Bazhai Scenic Spot: 60; online booking: 50 yuan 3. Danxia Mountain Water Danxia Adult Ticket: 90 yuan; online booking: 80 yuan 4. Bamboo rafting: FIT: 100 yuan; team: 90 yuan; children: 50 yuan. 5. Cableway: One-way fare: 40 yuan / person, up and down fare: 60 yuan / person, children's fare: 25 yuan / person.
Posted: May 12, 2019