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Popular Attractions in Shaolinsi

Shaolin Temple
6,515 Reviews
Shaolin Temple is not only the holy place of the Buddhist "Zen", but also the sacred place of the world martial arts. They all said that "the martial arts in the world are born in Shaolin." Not to mention the local people who have been influenced by Shaolin Kungfu since childhood, many other foreign visitors will also want to visit the Shaolin Temple. Try mimicking a few classic martial arts moves at the Shaolin Temple, and imagine a flurry of swords and shadows come to life in front of you.
347 Reviews
Historical Site
Talin is the tomb of the monks of Shaolin Temple. After the death of the famous and high-ranking monks in the Buddhist world, their ashes or bones were placed in the underground palace, and towers were built on them to show merit. The difference in the shape of the tower, the size of the tower, the size of the masonry, and so on, all reflect the status and achievements of the deceased in Buddhism. The Tallinn tower has only four levels, one, three, five, and seven levels. The shape is square, hexagonal, and horn.
The Shaoshi Mountain Scenic Area
66 Reviews
The Shaoshi Mountain Scenic Area is located in the west of Dengfeng City, Zhengzhou. Steep and spectacular, the mountain is known for its 36 peaks. Around the end of the Jin Dynasty (1122-1234), Emperor Xuanzong established a military camp on top of the Shaoshi Mountain to fend off the Yuan army. Thus the mountain is also known as the “Royal Camp” Mountain. In the west of the mountain there is a small “horse pond” that can supply water for as many as ten thousands solders. Since the southern side of the mountain looks like the Zhongjing Hat worn by the ancients, it was also called the “Hat Mountain” during the Song dynasty (960-1279).
Shaolin Temple Stele Forest
277 Reviews
Shaolin Temple Stele Forest is situated in Shaolin Temple Scenic Area, Songshan, Dengfeng City. All of the steles are from the Tang and Song dynasties. There are many famous steles, such as Shaolin Temple Stele, Yugong Stele, and Shaolin Chanshi Daogong Stele. The steles are records of the temple's history, development, and fall. They are important artifacts for historical research and carry high value as samples of history, sculpturing, and art.

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Trip Moments

Posted: Oct 26, 2019
The world's martial arts out of Shaolin, Shaolin Kung Fu is the world. Shaolin Temple has almost become the endorsement of Chinese martial arts. Shaolin Temple is located in the Wushan Peak of Lushan Mountain, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It is located in the dense jungle of Shaoshan Mountain in the hinterland of Lushan Mountain, hence the name "Shaolin Temple". Shaolin Temple is a world-famous Buddhist temple. It is the Zen ancestral home of Han Buddhism. It has an important position in the history of Chinese Buddhism and is known as the "first place in the world." Because of the Shaolin martial arts pioneered by Shaolin martial arts and the growing Shaolin Kung Fu, it is known as "the world is working hard to get Shaolin, Shaolin Kungfu is the world". The historical buildings in the world, including the Changlin Temple, the ancestral temple and the Tallinn, are famous world cultural heritage. The three major Buddhist temples of Shaolin Temple are the Heavenly King Hall, the Daxiong Hall and the Tibetan Classical Pavilion. The Heavenly King Hall is named after the four kings who symbolize "wind, tone, rain, and shun". The Daxiong Hall is the center of the Buddhist activities of the temple. The Tibetan Classical Pavilion is the place where the temples are hidden. After entering the main gate of the Shaolin Temple, the two sides of the road are the forest of the pine trees and cypresses. Because of the stone like the forest, it is called the "Stele Forest". The Bell Tower and the Drum Tower are located on both sides of the Daxiong Treasure Hall, with the bell tower on the east and the Drum Tower on the west. The two buildings have four floors. The shape is ingenious and majestic. It is a treasure in the history of Chinese architecture. Thousand Buddha Hall is the last entrance to the temple. The murals in the temple are very famous and are treasures in the frescoes of Shaolin Temple.
Posted: Dec 24, 2018