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Things To Do in Shaowu

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Ancient Settlement
樵溪漁夫The most representative of the ancient town of Heping in Shaowu is the (Shangguan’s Temple) building. In the late Tang and Song Dynasty, the Shangguan family had 63 scholars, one of them was nine scholars, and 72 officials in the dynasty...toured the ancient town of Heping , Shangguan’s Temple is one of the most prominent attractions.
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Ornamental Hot spring
滇国剑客Regardless of any time period of the year, the hot spring resort of this place, the suitable temperature and beautiful environment, always attracts many tourists with a special "temperature", and clears all the fatigue accumulated from the game. clean.
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滇国剑客Facing the morning sun and walking into Yunling Mountain, fresh air is such a special "medium". Here, not only does it form a beautiful natural scenery, but also connects the various flowers and fruits that grow in the scenery into a beautiful scenery. The heart of tourists.
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National Park
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Babic Ervinby far one of the most interesting places in china, especially in fujian province. you can easily spend here three days or even more. a must visit for each traveler. entrance ticket is around 180yuan but can be even more if added addittional services. very beautiful scenery
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滇国剑客Coming to the waterfall forest scenic area, breathing the fresh moist air with negative oxygen ions, it makes people feel refreshed and refreshed. Coupled with the landscape shape formed by the split waterfall, it has become a scenic area that is truly suitable for people to appreciate the value. .
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HFThe entrance ticket include the cruise on Nine Bend stream and you will need to reserve the time slot for this ride. I booked the slot at 12.30pm. The embarkation point is located at Xincun Village, thus it is best to enjoy some lunch or snacks at one of the surrounding restaurants before the journey commence. The bamboo raft will only start once they have 8 passengers. I was quite lucky as there are already a few passengers before me. It doesn’t take along before we manage to gather 8 passengers. While on board, the boatman will ask the passengers if they would like to know more about Wuyishan and the story about each attractions and a fee of RMB20 per person will be collected. Fortunately everyone agreed to pay, and we were given a full descriptions of each attractions and the formation of the stones. The 9.5km long nine bend stream rafting takes A approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, drifting on the winding stream along the mountain for 9 twists, hence the name. Sightseeing on the bamboo raft seems like a touring of an art gallery of magnificent landscape of mountain, stream, rock inscriptions and dense forest. The ride is smooth with occasional bumpy currents along some bends. Along bend four, there were once the mysterious boat coffins hanging from the cliff but what’s left now are the wooden planks protrude from the holes on the cliff. The bamboo raft is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful part at Wuyishan that should not be missed!

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Kaixuan ParkNanping,China

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Shaowushi MuseumNanping,China

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Shaowu Zhongyang Suqu Memorial HallNanping,China

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Fushan TempleNanping,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Shaowu, including: Heping Ancient Town,Wuyi Hotspring Resort,Yunlin Mountain
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