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About Shaoxing

Shaoxing is the hometown of Lu Xun, and his former residence, the Three Tastes Studio, and Hundred Grass Garden from the time of Lu Xun's life are all preserved here. In Lu Xun Town you can see performances by such characters as Sister Xianglin and Ah Q to enter deeper into the tales of Lu Xun's life. Shaoxing is also the hometown of Chinese yellow wine. The local China Yellow Wine Museum will reveal to you the wine's ancient historical and cultural essence. If interested, you can have “a bowl of hot fragrant yellow wine and a delightful dish of fennel broad beans.”

Popular Attractions in Shaoxing

Shaoxing Keyan Scenic Area
9,767 Reviews
Keyan Scenic Area is centered on the “Ke Yan Scenic Area” and is home to four scenic spots: Ke Rock Buddha, Keyan Mirror Bay, Keyan Scholars Court, and Ke Yan Yuanshan Park. Among them, the "Tiangong Great Buddha" and "Qiyun Stone Drum" are special. It is said that the “Tiangong Great Buddha” was built in the Sui Dynasty, was completed in the early Tang Dynasty, with three generations of masons. It was 20.8 meters high, and there is a walkway between the two ears. It is one of the four major stone Buddhas in Zhejiang.
Lu Xun Native Place
5,835 Reviews
Famous Residences
Lu Xun Native Place is a historic street in Shaoxing where the writer Lu Xun spent his childhood years. This area not only retains many old buildings from the past, but also boasts restorations of locations penned by Lu Xun, such as Tugu Ancestral Hall and Shoujiataimen. Other locations from childhood textbooks, such as Baicao Garden and Sanwei College, can also be found here. Along the main street, you can walk into the former residence of Lu Xun to visit the place where he was born, and you can also go to Baicao Garden or Sanwei College to see the desks used by the young Lu Xun during his studies. Of course, you can also go to the Xianheng Hotel and take a picture with the bronze statue of Kong Yiji, eat some fennel beans, drink a bowl of yellow wine, and relax a little, Shaoxing style.
Wu Xie Scenic Area
3,732 Reviews
The Wu Xie Scenic Area is located about 20 km west of Zhuji city. It is divided into the Wu Xie Lake Area, the Taoyuan Area, the Dongyuan Area and the Xiyuan Area. "Xie" refers to the local waterfall. The large waterfall within the scenic area is its most popular attraction. Wu Xie has something for every season. In the summer, take a dip in the lake. In the fall, you can gaze at the colorful leaves. In the winter, you can come look at the beautiful ginkos.
The Kingdom Of Water in Oriental Neverland
1,518 Reviews
Water Park
Oriental Landscape Water Park is one of the Oriental Landscape Group's flagship theme parks. It is an indoor pavilion with beaches of all different styles. Caribbean-themed sea battles, a 280 meter long coastline with a lifting stage...these amazing attractions provide authentic aquatic fun! The facilities here are comprehensive, with fine dining and welcoming service.

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Shaoxing Keyan Scenic Area Ticket
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Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice & Snow World Admission Ticket
Hangzhou "Heaven On Earth" Full Day Coach Tour from Shanghai


Authentically Shaoxing——Anchang Ancient Town
Explore Nature
Anchang can be considered the most authentic ancient town in Shaoxing. The ancient town is built by the river, with the north bank being a commercial city, the south bank being a residential area, and the ancient bridges are connected between the two banks. The Shaoxing Master Museum is the most worth seeing. Shaoxing is just as famous for its master as it is for its yellow wine. A large number of pictures and daily necessities in the Anchang Folk Customs Museum can give a glimpse of life in Anchang and its customs.
TripBlog   Nov 25, 2019
Follow Luxun to Shaoxing,from Baicaoyuan to Sanwei Bookstore
Cultural History
Outdoor Recreation
Historic Landmarks
Landmark Buildings
Follow Luxun to Shaoxing,from Baicaoyuan to Sanwei Bookstore
TripBlog   Nov 25, 2019
Are You Bored with Just Roaming Around The City? Recommended Natural Scenery Tour Around Shaoxing
Cultural History
Outdoor Recreation
Natural Landscapes
Hou Mountain: filming location of TV series “The Myth” Hou Mountain is famous for its stone scenery. The essence of the stone scenery is the “checkerboard stones”, with stone heights of more than 20 m, and circumferences of more than 10 m. There’s a three-piece horizontal stone at the top. It got its name because of the legend that there were two gods playing chess here. The “Journey to the West” sequel and “The Myth” were shot here in Hou Mountain. During the peach blossom season, Hou Mountain is always crowded with tourists. The peach blossom season usually lasts for 45 days. With the peach blossoms, blue skies and white clouds, it makes you feel like you’re in a different world.
TripBlog   Nov 22, 2019

Shaoxing Weather

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Trip Moments

Shaoxing Anchang Ancient Town|Bishui Street is a million-storey, Rainbow Crossing River Seventeen Bridge Shaoxing one of the four ancient towns. Although it is not as famous as Wuzhen Xitang, it is the realistic version of Xiaoqiaos water depicted by Ma Zhiyuan. People, sloping water and small boxes of ancient awning boats, like going back to old times. The silence around here, except for the occasional passing locals, reminds you that you are still in reality. Compared with other ancient towns, Anchang is far from free and easy, but more popular than ridiculous. , patchwork of the pillow river people, antique yellow wine milk tea shop, to the ancient town of Anchang you will really feel the taste of "Heqi Shanshui Sai Su". , pavilions and staggered, ancient streets, houses, halls, workshops, shops, pawns, piers and other ancient towns are still in the past. The authentic Jiangnan folk customs are played in the ancient town of Anchang. Recommended attractions: Ankang Temple, Chenghuang Temple, Shaoxing Master Museum After entering the scenic area, turn right: It is a variety of cakes, pickled products, and sausages sold by local people. And pull the sugar. Among them, Xia Xia's favorite is to enter the first pastry shop in the scenic spot. Their four-color snowflake cakes are brought back to Xiamen and praised by family and friends! Sweet but not greasy, it is suitable as a tea match. When you enter the scenic spot, you can go left: almost the locals' residence. The [Renchang Sauce Garden] near the scenic spot is the Chinese shooting place on the tip of the tongue. The soy sauce can be smelled of intoxicating sauce 50 meters away. If you have thought about a quiet and comfortable time, it is better to come here. Special snacks: Renchang soy sauce, plum dried vegetables, skewer sausage Address: Anchang Town, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province Opening Hours: Open all day Suggested play time: half a day / Hh / awning boat price: 40 yuan tickets: 1. You Guzhen does not need to buy tickets 2. Guzhenli's pavilion needs tickets 50 yuan: (including the city hall, Shiye Hall, Folk Customs Museum, Water Resistance Bank, Bank of China Site, Stone Carving Hall, Ankang Temple)
Posted: Sep 11, 2019
More than awkward, not too much - not only feelings, but also the taste of the Xianheng Hotel Quest ~ in the prominent position of the Xianheng Hotel in the gate of the entrance to the enlarged version of the owe of the money owed to the nineteen dollars, said that because So, now I have to pay for the meal first, hahaha ~ Today's Xianheng Hotel is not a pub more than a hundred years ago ~ in Shaoxing, in Lu Xun's pen, the real love of wine does not need to Waiting for the dishes, they often go to the restaurant at noon or in the evening to order the natural cheap fennel beans. They stand on the side of the straight cabinet and drink the bowl of wine. People with identity are willing to wear long gowns, so the virginity is known. Anise beans and Kong Yiji ~ just did not expect that the fennel beans were really delicious, soft and delicious (Figure 1) ~ Figure 2 plum dried vegetables buckled meat, delicious to cry, long so big did not eat such a delicious plum The vegetables are meaty, fat and thin, but the mouth oil is not a bit of fat, with rice (Figure 5) is also good color and flavor ~ Figure 3 stinky tofu is Shaoxing famous snack, golden light crisp, with two seasonings, incense Spicy, plum flavors are all needed ~ Figure 4 also has Shaoxing Lao San Xian, hand Peeling bamboo shoots and long kidney beans, full of Jiangnan taste ~ Figure 6 Taijiao wine (yellow wine), if you are not afraid of heat, you can sit on the outside and stand and grab the two fennel beans of Mr. Kong, a small bowl of too carved ~ time Just stop like this, then flow again~
Posted: Aug 23, 2019
Staggered people in the public, the off-season small town Jiangnan town - Anchang ancient town Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai shipping area is always particularly careless, telling the truth, I am also a lot of ancient towns in Sichuan, but always feel that Jiangnan ancient town is more beautiful, more The gentleness of the water town, but also a lot of ink aroma ~ Anchang, located in the northwest of Shaoxing, less than 10 kilometers from Shaoxing North Station (high-speed rail), this time as a relay to the high-speed rail station, again I have seen the dusk and dawn of this ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River. When it comes to Shaoxing, the first thing that comes out of my mind is Lu Xun. From Baicaoyuan to Sanwei Bookstore, from the fennel bean of Kong Yiji to the social drama of the hometown, Lu Xun culture can be seen everywhere. The hometown complex in the middle. This ancient city of ancient culture, built in the Xia Dynasty with a history of 2,500 years, is a veritable city of celebrities. In Shaoxing, I saw Lu Xuns Sanwei Bookstore and Baicao Garden, and came to Anchang. It is said that Lu Xuns place to see social drama~ Most people come to Anchang, probably choose New Year's Day or New Year's Day. Every year, the New Year's Day three-day lunar-moon festival, there is a strong social scene, good luck, you can also see the lively water wedding, and of course, the tip of the tongue. On the Chinese fire, the Anchang sausage and the long-established soy sauce ~ have come to the summer, but there is a rare clean, the craftsman who is doing the manual mold under the sun, the little daughter-in-law who cleans the clothes by the river in the morning, the businessman There is a ride without a ride, and occasionally a few tourists walk through the street, it seems to come to set off this place of outstanding people - no excessive commercialization, no net red, no card, with a summer Its just a good time~ Tips
Posted: Aug 31, 2019
Feel the Shaoxing Water Town Cultural Food Day Tour When it comes to Shaoxing, everyone first thought of Lu Xuns hometown Hundred Grass Garden and Sanwei Bookstore In fact, there are still many places to learn about Shaoxing culture/ Hh/ can arrange a day to go to these places by the way Shaoxing cuisine to the roadside of Lufu is still inhabited by local residents as if time to stay in their original In the time slowly moving forward, you can see that the plaque main hall and the entrance beam are all hung in the lobby of the Lufu fu, which is located by the stream. The whole column, the beam body has no extra decoration, the whole building is simple and shocking Before this, Lufu is not open to the public. Now the main hall has been repaired and can be visited Address: No.169, Xinhe, Shaoxing Hh/ Different from Lufu, the books hometown seems to be more popular can be seen everywhere selling snacks and souvenirs, visitors coming and going here There are former residences of Cai Yuanpei, Lushan Academy, Zhuangyuan Pavilion, Wenbi Tower and Wang Xizhi One of the former residences tells the temple (need to buy tickets separately) The reason why the ringing of the temple is one of the former residences of Wang Xizhi, is said to be because the former love geese of Wang Xizhi swallowed the pearl the same room The monk thought that everyone misunderstood himself and hanged himself. Wang Xizhi commemorated him to change his house to Jiezhu Temple Address: No.62, Lushan Street, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing In this neighborhood, there is a restaurant that can taste authentic Shaoxing wine - Gu Yue Long Shan Restaurant here will prepare six different flavors of Shaoxing rice wine (original, yuan red, rice, good brew, fragrant snow, rice wine) Definitely can find a suitable one for you, girls recommend Xiangxue taste dishes are traditional Shaoxing dishes, more recommended stinky tofu Address: 557 Shaoxing Road, Shaoxing Yan Anchang Guzhen In the afternoon, you can go to the ancient town of Anchang, which is a little farther away. It is also a famous place in Shaoxing the ancient town is divided into two sides by the river, one side is the place where the town residents live, and the other side is the town market. In the middle of the restaurant river, there are ships coming and going. / Hh / sell the local specialties on the market
Posted: Sep 17, 2019

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I recommended Jian Lake, Nautical Flower Fields Of Hangzhou Bay, Baizhang Feipu Drifting, Fuzhi Mountain Scenic Area, Mount Huiji Scenic Area.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Shaoxing: NiuNai XiaoJie De MiMi, Sichuan Restaurant, Tang Residence Private Kitchen, Chuan Wei Guan (North Zhong Xing Road ), JIANG JUN YE PAI DANG.
Here are the best places to visit in Shaoxing, including: Anchang Ancient Town, Oriental Landscape Water Park, Dafo Temple Scenic Spot, Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice & Snow World, Orchid Pavilion (Lanting).