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The United Arab Emirates network red photo holy place, Sharjah rain house, and I danced in the rain! (Including rain house photo Raiders) It is estimated that many people know the magic of the rain house. The rain house has been created for more than four years and has been exhibited in London, New York, Shanghai, etc. Sharjah in the Middle East, UAE, has settled permanently, so if you want to walk in the rain, get on the bus! After entering the rain house you will find that this indoor space is very magical. "Rainwater" seems to give you a way to go, as long as you go slow enough, this "magic" rain will not spill on you. However, if you go too fast, you will still get a star and a half of rain. So, walking slowly is the right way to experience. Rain House In addition to using its magic to attract tourists, the biggest highlight is still taking pictures. (Hey, how come you can miss the chance to make friends in the circle!). Due to the limited time of the visit, it is very important to prepare in advance. Then the question is coming: How to take pictures in the "rain house"? ? Backlight shooting, how to shoot is a large piece of The entire rain house has only one strong light, which can be used. If you shoot with backlight, the silhouette of the photo looks very much like a blockbuster. When shooting, you can block the light source and let the light reflect on the rain. This rain house is like a magical world. , constitutes a wonderful mood Do you think that the main subject in the rain house is you? No, it is an artistic conception. To be exact, it is your mood in the rain. Therefore, in this case, the vision can reflect the strange "rain". Focus on the light source, and take a texture In a dark environment, focus on the light source. You can make the shutter speed slower, take the rain into a straight line, or you can adjust the shutter speed and shoot a little bit of rain. Is it very interesting? Opening hours: Saturday Thursday: 9
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