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Things To Do in Shengzhou

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E08***38Affordable tickets. It is also money to see the theater inside. Overall good and more like a big park. Not bad z. There are places for children to play. The weather is good. New Year special 20. Recommend can.
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DBNDafo Temple - Big buddha Temple is one of the BEST place that one has to visit in china for sure. The smiling face of the buddha , the ambience of peace and eternity surrounded byThe main spots are 1. Reclining buddha 2. Buddha heart square 3. Gate to dafosi 4. Xiguang temple 5. Hall of three god's 6. Hall of god of wealth 7. Wanfo stupa8. Seven cascade water fall 9. Prajna valley 10. Cherry valley Reclining buddha - located top of the hill and the view from the bottom is a bliss - the water that swipes each slabs and gets to the pool which is green color with many of big koi fishes. Climbing the steps to reach the top have a clear view of the nature at its best. Mind-blowing architecture which was built decades back. Old drums , stone cravings , praying arenas are quite interesting. The place is so calm and peaceful. The buddha with that smiling face is amazing sculpture - damn positivity 🙏... Thousand buddha cave - was interesting and good we can find many creativity at its best inside and can see the old well( mouth not so big) near the exit area. City gold temple with 3000 years old tree and fossil trees, longetivity stone that are really a natural gem , with kind people to explain each and everything . The pools with centre spray attractions are really good to see. Jiagnan gaint buddha - very most of the prayers done, people come here and worship for wellness , health and wealth. Many Monks are seen - which makes ones to admire their discipline. Thousand hand bodhisattva , golden buddha in the pool surrounded with golden lotus , mountain cravings depicting the scenario's are really impressive. Statue on top of the dragon fish and another statue on top of an animal made with pool entrance inside like a cave is way beyond words to describe .Overall the best experience in my life , will never forget and will never hesitate to go again.. will always recommend for one to have their inner peace & love #dafotemple #buddha #xinchang
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泽明林辰琪Due to the impact of the epidemic, very few people come here. Now they come to live in a farmhouse, soak in a hot spring, and eat a local special snack in Shengzhou. The price/performance ratio is absolutely high ٩(๑^o^๑)۶, there are not many open pools in the hot springs. But no one, looking at the starry sky and drinking tea at night, stunned (๑>؂<๑)
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320***12Very suitable for friends to travel, the scenic spot is beautiful, the water quality is clear, and the rafting is also very passionate. . . Miss Sister has a lot of oh, there are single friends who suggest that you can go together in a group. . Fun and fun, overall super awesome, the scenery is good, cost-effective,
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205***75Essays on the Road (4) This spring seems to be a little late. At first it was shy and timid, as if he was very timid and did something that shouldn't be done, with a hint of greenery. Gradually, gradually, the green seemed to be blatant, and in the blink of an eye, the mountains and forests were lush and green, making people want to embrace it. Just walk away, pack up his bags and walk into Shengzhou, embrace the green at close range and feel its strong spring. Walking into the Baizhangfei Waterfall Scenic Area, the perennial water flow here has been called unparalleled in the world, and it can be called "the first waterfall group in the south of the Yangtze River". Looking up from a distance, the valley is deep and the spring is beautiful. The lush greenery, clear deep pools, secluded canyons, chirping birds... make people linger. The world outside the canyon has long been noisy, but the time in the scenic spot seems to be stagnating at the quietest moment. Relying on the ups and downs of the mountain, a simple small stone path rubbed the mountain wall and stretched upward beside the stream. Tourists in twos and threes just stroll in the courtyard, mostly stop and go, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the canyon. Green all the way, flowing water all the way. The sound of water cooing, clear and transparent. On the clear gravel, a few wild fish seem to be hiding and seeking, sometimes floating on the surface of the water, sometimes hiding in the cracks in the rock, leisurely and happy. Merchants are not fish, but they know the joy of fish. Sunlight passes through the gaps between the leaves and shines on the slowly flowing stream, reflecting flashing light. Accompanied by the sound of the wind, sparkling light danced gracefully and gracefully across the stream. Dreamlike, like being in a fairyland on earth. Walking along the rugged trail, suddenly turned a corner, the sound of rumbling water was like thunder. Ah, waterfall! I saw the Yigua waterfall falling from the sky on the towering cliff in front of it, the sound was like a thousand horses, and the situation was unstoppable. There are several small waterfalls under the main waterfall, which are as small as a light yarn and hung down; the thick ones are like copper walls and iron walls, completely white. It's really: "Flying down three thousand feet, it is suspected that the Milky Way falls nine days." At this time, this situation made me integrate into nature perfectly, and let me forget all my troubles. Looking at the large and small waterfalls in front of me, some of them flow into the crevices of the cliffs, some into the deep pool, and some into the stream. I can't help but think of life. Life is a journey with beautiful scenery, and everyone is blazing their own path like a waterfall. Some roads are shaded with willows, some roads are colorful, some roads are covered with clouds but the corners are dark and flowers are dark, and some roads look sunny but there are many hidden ambushes. Only choosing a road that suits you is really meaningful. road. Sitting at the foot of the waterfall, just savor and stretch slowly... The clear water is clear, the insects chir, and the heart is scented. Many things in life are in jokes.
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M45***69Went with the family, the sister played very happy, good value for money. Small animals are very cute, most of them are more gentle, in addition to the powerful tiger lion big bear, we can only dare to look far away, peacock garden peacocks hold not open, the lack of the reptiles snakes basically hibernate. The whole garden almost played for more than two hours.

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Qingyin TempleShaoxing,China

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Yueju MuseumShaoxing,China

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Huju ZooShaoxing,China

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Wang Xizhi's Former Residence Tourist AreaShaoxing,China

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Mayinchu Former ResidenceShaoxing,China

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Shanxi Drift Tourism AreaShaoxing,China

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About Shengzhou

Shengzhou is situated in central Zhejiang, close to the city of Shaoxing. The area has a rich history and is famous for its traditional Yue Opera. Shengzhou was also the birthplace of the prominent economist Ma Yinchu and the early 20th-century composer Ren Guang. Popular attractions include Baizhang Waterfall, the ancient town of Chongren, Zhedong Dalong Valley, Zhanshan Scenic Area, the former residence of Ma Yinchu, and the Yue Opera Museum.

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Here are the best places to visit in Shengzhou, including: Zhongxiang Shaoxing Hot Springs,Baizhang Waterfall,Shanxi Drift Tourism Area
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