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About Shenyang

Shenyang, the capital and largest city of Liaoning Province, gives visitors an impression of great change and modernizing resilience. As the former base of the Imperial City Wall, Shenyang bore witness to the rise of the Manchu Qing Dynasty. The last four hundred years have left the people of Shenyang with a royal palace, two imperial tombs and numerous royal architectural remains. The colonnades of the Shenyang Mukden Palace resemble Beijing’s Forbidden City and still give voice to the secret history of the court. Every brick in Marshal Zhang’s Mansion depicts the history of the Warlord Era. The Mukden Incident Museum tells the story of the pain of that humiliation (also known as the Manchurian Invasion). Shengjing, as it was once known, now has more of a modern feeling. It is a major industrial center and transportation hub for Northeast Asia. The bustle and neon of Zhongjie Road, the lofty television towers, and the lively Liu Laogen Grand Stage all bear witness to the ever-changing nature of Shenyang.

Popular Attractions in Shenyang

Shenyang Imperial Palace
10,506 Reviews
Shenyang Imperial Palace is located in Shenhe District of Shenyang and is one of only two complete palace complexes that remain in China. It served as the imperial palace during the Later Jin dynasty, but became a regional palace after the capital of the Qing dynasty was changed to Beijing. Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum not only boasts exquisite ancient palace architecture, but also has a wealth of valuable items in its collections; there are, for example, a large number of relics left over from the old imperial palace. Shenyang Imperial Palace is divided into three parts according to the architectural layout and construction sequence: the eastern area is the portion built by Nurgaci, including Dazheng Hall; the central area is the portion built by Hong Taiji; and the western area is the portion built by Emperor qianlong, including Wenshuo Pavilion.
Marshal Zhang's Mansion Museum
2,912 Reviews
Famous Residences
General Zhang's Mansion is located in the urban area of ​​Shenyang, also known as "The General's Mansion" and is the former residence of Zhang Xueliang, the patriotic general and his father, Zhang Zuolin, warlord of the Feng faction. The mansion is divided into two parts: the west is a Chinese courtyard with buildings on three sides, and the east adopts an architectural style that is characteristic of the Zhang family. The Daqing Building is the landmark of the General's Mansion. Unlike the main building, the furnishings of the interior were later restored. However, you can still feel the glory of the Zhang family to its fullest extent.
Zhaoling Tomb (Beiling Park)
2,588 Reviews
The Zhaoling Tomb (Beiling Park) is the tomb of the second Qing Emperor, Hong Taiji (Abahai), his empress Xiaoduanwen Borjite, and other concubines. Among the 3 tombs outside Shanhai Pass (Fuling, Zhaoling, Yongling) in the early Qing Dynasty, Zhaoling was the largest and most magnificent. It is surrounded by ancient pine trees and majestic halls and you can see the fusion of Ming-style imperial tombs and Manchu architecture in these buildings.
Shenyang Fantawild World
2,502 Reviews
Amusement Park
Shenyang Fangte Happy World is located on Shengjing Street, 20 kilometers outside of Shenyang. It is made up of fifteen themed zones, including: Exceeding Limits, Interplanetary Flights, Dinosaur Danger, Film stunt studio, Light of Life, Hailuo Bay, Cosmic Expo, Liaozhai, Cosmic Warrior, Bute Show, Fireball, Mystic Valley, Mount Vesuvius, Joyland, and is a large-scale theme park in the Northeast. The main amusement facilities in the scenic area are basically in the form of tourist cars. In addition, there are some 4D cinemas.

Shenyang Weather

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Trip Moments

Liu Big Fish   
Posted: Apr 17, 2019
Steven Zhang   
The Forbidden City, not only in Beijing, but also has a long history of the Forbidden City. The administrative center of Emperor Taiji of the Qing Dynasty was in the Forbidden City in Shenyang. The Forbidden City in Beijing is the palace of the emperors of the Ming Dynasty and the Forbidden City in Shenyang is the palace of the Manchurian royal family. Later, after the Qing Dynasty moved all the palaces here to Beijing, the Ming Dynasty Palace naturally became the Manchu Palace, and it was located in Shenyang. After the expansion of the Forbidden City, it became the palace of the emperors' east tour, which is also the veritable Dongjiao Imperial Palace. The architectural style of the
Shenyang Imperial Palace was built in full accordance with the characteristics of the Northeast. As for the Northeast style, you can refer to the architectural style of Zhang's handsome house. Under the influence of the architectural culture of the Ming Palace, the palace in Shenyang was built according to the combination of the characteristics of the Northeast and the Ming Dynasty. Therefore, when we come to the Forbidden City in Shenyang, we will first find that there is no obvious atmosphere of Manchu culture. In the interior of the palace, we will find some custom features of the Manchu in the Northeast. The initial size of the
Shenyang Palace was not large. After the expansion, it was equivalent to the area of the Ming Palace in Beijing. The overall design is in line with the traditional Chinese theory of building Feng Shui. Probably because the Manchus are more respectful of the Han feng shui, the overall design and the Feng Shui pattern of the Ming Palace can be said to be twin brothers and sisters. The overall structure of the
red wall and black tile, combined with the embellishment of cyan, highlights the pattern of Han culture, but the Manchu custom can not fall. Yamano Jun will be shocked by the entire historical city wall when I enter the Shenyang Imperial Palace.
Posted: Apr 9, 2019


One Visit is Definitely Not Enough to Experience the Unique and Authentic Classic Culinary Delicacies of Shenyang
Leisurely Vacation
Gourmet Food
One visit is definitely not enough to experience the unique and authentic classic culinary delicacies of Shenyang.
TripBlog   Nov 22, 2019
Northeast of China: Shenyang Imperial Places and More
Cultural History
Flora & Fauna
World Heritage Sites
In the northeast of China there is a Province, Liaoning and Shenyang is its capital and the largest city. The city is well-known for its leading industries, commerce and trade centers. Formerly, Shenyang was known as Mukden or Fengtian. It is the second largest imperial palace in China. Now a days, to visit museums and gardens is in trend and is the greatest tourist attraction. Once you are in China, you can see how much the place has been developed post World War II. Increase in number of museums, gardens, palaces, food attraction has forced people all over the world to plan their tour and trip to China.
TripBlog   Nov 4, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Shenyang Qipan Mountain Ski Resort, American County Hot Springs, Qipanshan Ice and Snow World, Wolong Lake, Benxi Shuidong (Water Cave) Scenic Area.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Shenyang: Lao Zao Tai Quan Ji Hot Pot( Bei Xing Main Branch), Du Shi Lv Zhou Food Square( Da Dong ), Da Jiang Gong Fang Gu Chuan Mu Yi Shu Restaurant, Zao Ma Lu Ji Gu Tang, Liu Po Chuan Chuan Xiang( Tai Yuan Nan Street Shen Yang Flagship Store).
Here are the best places to visit in Shenyang, including: Shenyang Expo Park, Liu Laogen Grand Stage, September 18th History Museum, Qinghe Peninsula Hot Spring, Shenyang Bird Island.