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Shenzhen Hotel|Yan value and high cost performance of the Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Yantian sleep in the Shenzhen hotel market for many years, this year can be described as a brilliant, Raffles, Park Hyatt, Hyatt and other follow-up. As one of the few five-star hotels in Yantian City, Shenzhen Yantian Hyatt is really a combination of cost performance and value. The punch factor can give 9 points . 1 invincible mountains and seas. The visual scenery just arrived at the hotel's sky lobby, was deeply attracted by everything in front of the window. The mountains and the sea under the sky made me an urbanite who soon forgot the troubles of working in the past few days. Not only the lobby, rooms, restaurants, bars, etc. have a very good visual view, as if you are in the resort for the same time . 2Super delicious delicious come to Shenzhen Yantian Hyatt, eat It is not a problem at all. The Enjoy Chinese Restaurant is stable and can taste authentic Cantonese cuisine here. Bai Cheyang pheasant, iron pot ginger onion, fresh Australian abalone, home-made shrimp pill, mustard greens, Deng Shifu's signature mud porridge are my love, just meet the wall to go . There is also a cafeteria outside, there is no fire, no place to book in advance, there is no place, only to regret to come back next time. Dinner is sold for 288, fresh food, salmon, shrimp, crab delicious can be found one . 3 strategic location Yantian downtown five-star hotel on this one, and downstairs is shopping Shopping malls, transportation is also very convenient. If you want to go to Central Street, Yantian Port, Meimeisha, Shatoujiao Port, etc., it is 15-20 minutes . 4 Several tips worthy of attention: 1. I have a lot of sea view rooms with the same model. Don't worry about the problem that the sea view room must be expensive. In addition, the hotel also has a bathtub facing the sea view of the room type, but the administrative floor is just under maintenance, this time did not live, look at the official map feels awesome; 2. The bar has a cocktail similar to the shape of the demon king, it is recommended . Rich in smoky flavor, it will also have a pungent sensation when drinking, very special; 3. If you buy an executive room type, breakfast can also taste awesome shrimp swallow in the Executive Lounge. surface. Not only the thin fillings are but also fat, the surface is also very cool, anyway, I did not find it in the downstairs restaurant; 4. There is a Caska milk in the breakfast room, it can be said that it is very luxurious; It is a dessert that looks like a lemon. In fact, it is really made from a real lemon after a variety of techniques. It is a surprise bedtime dessert that is still very unforgettable; 5. Hotel You can watch the sunrise in the room, so friends who like to shoot the sunrise remember to get up early. . Hotel Name: Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Yantian Hotel Address: No. 105, Haijing 2nd Road Hotel Price: 888 . Hotel Design: 8.0 Hotel Rooms: 8.5 Hotel Dining: 8.5 Hotel Service: 8.5 Value: 9.0 Comprehensive rating: 8.5
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Shenzhen Weekend|Outdoor towns outside the city "Knot in the human world, and there is no car and horse. Asking Jun Henenger? Heart is self-biased." Tao Yuanming said, Hidden in the downtown area, if the heart is calm, then the front is the 10,000-acre pastoral, the flowers are blooming, the birds are raised at high altitude, and the low-headed fish swims to the bottom. The bright and happy town of Guangming District in Shenzhen is a fast-paced Shenzhen city. When visiting the town, you must first board the viewing platform. The first thing that comes into view is that this huge 150,000-square-meter large-scale art rice field extends from the front to the horizon and is far from the high-rise. The rice fields have been artistically processed and filled with many elements of Shenzhen. For example, the alias "Pengcheng" in Shenzhen is turned into a Dapeng winged on the rice field. Shenzhens Zizi Niu sculpture was also engraved on the rice fields. You can also see the window of the world of famous attractions, and the famous "come, is the Shenzhen people." Shenzhen's open and inclusive posture can be seen. The viewing platform is also the best view point of the flower sea. The rape blossoms in the spring, the lotus in the midsummer, the wheat waves in the golden autumn, and the flowers that I recognize the name I don't recognize... the overlapping petals, the colorful colors, they It constitutes the most beautiful picture in the four seasons, which is huge and fascinating. Of course, the viewing platform itself is also very good. From a distance, it is an irregular building hidden in the sea of flowers. The white and dark red tones are simple and not boring. Like a road in the sea of flowers, let go of the smashing of this group, and go to the sacred place where you can see at the end. When you go to the highest point of the viewing platform, you have to go through the winding steps, the white walls, and the minimalist abstinence. Looking up at the dome, the blue sky seems to have leaked into it, and it is empty and distant, and this white constitutes a fascinating sense of order. Behind it is a high-rise building stacked in Shenzhen. Under the blue sky and white clouds, it is full of spirits. The large patch of rice fields not far away, the wind blew through the sand. Occasionally, the father who carried the child over his shoulder, the wind blows their smiles far away. There are also farmers who work hard with a wide-brimmed hat. With a little heavy farm work, I am envious. When the mature papaya is huge, it will catch up with my face. It is the first time I have seen the growing papaya, and I feel fresh. . said that Shenzhen is fast-paced and trapped our freedom. So on weekends, stay away from the reinforced concrete, go see the flowers, go to the fields and enjoy the fun of nature! Detailed address: No.168, Zhenyuan Road, Guangming District, Shenzhen Tickets: 20 tickets will be charged for the viewing platform. tips: Suggest long-sleeved trousers for sun protection and anti-mosquito measures.
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Guangming Tour Farm
Shenzhen Weekend|Being a cowboy, composing an idyllic pastoral small, fascinated with the American road film, and wants to be a cowboy, wearing a sly boots, will also walk around, all around are horses, cattle, The animal smell of sheep. A weekend time, leaving the high-rise buildings, car exhaust, returning to nature, in the Guangming Farm Grand View Garden in Shenzhen, lucky to get in touch with many small animals, dreams of achieving . 1 in the cattle In the garden, a group of cute cows are waiting for the feeding of tourists. Visitors can take the bottle on the spot and try to feed the calf. Can't help curiosity, but also experienced the milking work, found that it is not as easy as it seems. First, feel the cow's mammary gland, squeeze the milk into the keg at a certain angle, and the sweat will be successful. 2 Next to the Niuyuan, it is the plum deer park. When I was feeding carrots, I discovered that these little cute people were scrambling when they were fighting for food. They did not look weak and weak. 3 3:30 pm animal performances, must not be missed, especially the piglet diving, is the heart of a lot of children on the scene. The brings the cute dogs, the rows of sitting, the diamond ring, the hurdles, are not afraid, like experienced athletes, the degree of completion is particularly high. Then the goats and the little monkeys performed together to take the ropes. The final highlight, of course, is the most popular pig diving. The big pigs in the Grand View Garden, such as Bama Xiang pigs and Tibetan pigs, are very rare. Ornamental, diving performances are to overcome fear and applaud these brave pigs. The 4 shaft experience is of course horse riding. The horses on the field, some are farmed, and some are people who love horses to keep their horses here. Before the horse riding experience, of course, you must wear a full set of protective gear. Helmets, vests, etc. help to protect the whole body. Guided by the staff, circle around the racecourse, start slowly, and finally trotting up, so good. 5 In addition to the cute little animals, the plants in the farm also have big heads. The world of singular melons covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters. It is mainly composed of the Vegetable Superstar Pavilion, the Trolltech Agronomy Hall, and the Fruit and Fruit Picking Museum. Advanced agricultural facilities and technology make plants full of life. The on-site soilless cultivation display is the most amazing, and the power of technology cannot be underestimated. Detailed address: Bishui Road, Guangming Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen Business hours: 9:00 pm to 6:00 pm Tickets: From 73 yuan, old people and children have discount tickets
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