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OCT Harbour

4.5/5716 Reviews
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Tuesday-Friday 14:00-17:00, Saturday, Sunday and holidays 11:00-17:00; water show is closed on Monday and the aquarium is closed in the morning; June-September cruise opening time 15:00 -17:00, weekends and holidays 11:00-17:00
Happy Coast, No. 8 East Baishi Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
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About OCT Harbour

Shenzhen OCT Bay is part of the Overseas Chinese Town Enterprises. Using water as its theme, Qushuiwan is a commercial area integrating shopping, dining and entertainment. It is a combination of restaurants, bars, traditional buildings and modern buildings. There are shopping centers, the Ocean Wonder House and the Happy Coast Water Show Theater and other facilities. The Ocean Wonder House is a popular aquarium. The Water Show Theater has a deep blue mystery water show. There is also a musical fountain in the evening. They are absolutely spectacular.

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  • 龍行騎迹

    Happy Coast is located near Shenzhen Port University Hospital. Take the subway to Qiaocheng East and get off at exit C1. Then you can see Happy Coast. 2. When we arrived at the Happy Coast, we could see a large cylinder. This is a sign. We still had light when we arrived at more than 5 p.m., so the night scene was not reflected. Gradually, it was very beautiful at 7 p.m. 3. About food, there are too many things to eat here. Among them, the most recommended place is the fish. The roast fish here tastes good. In addition, the place like butterfly noodles may be flashy and unrealistic. I have also been to Yangjinma, where the performance-price ratio is relatively low. 4. There is a water theatre here. If you come early, it would be very comfortable to buy a ticket to go to the water show. 5. People who like night scenery are recommended to come here. Where there are boyfriends and girlfriends, it's recommended to come here.

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    Reviewed on 1473602385000
  • 小苹果花苑

    Happy Coast is in Mangrove Park. The subway can reach here. Shenzhen Bay Park Station gets off. The traffic is very convenient. The seats in the Shuixiu Theater are not fixed here. You can choose your favorite seats when you arrive early. The night here is very beautiful, fireworks lights plus water curtain effect, let people have a bright, beautiful feeling, especially loved by children. It's also beautiful in the daytime. All kinds of buildings are very special and very suitable for photography. Surrounding facilities are also very convenient. Walk all the way to see what you eat and eat. You can't play enough in a day. The music fountain is also spectacular in the evening, and the feeling of spraying mist on the body is comfortable, not cold at all.

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    Reviewed on 1489037422000
  • 兵马勇勇

    To Shenzhen, there is no choice to go to the window of the world or to Happy Valley, but to stroll along the Happy Coast of Shenzhen Bay in the night, with drizzle and sea breeze. Simply put, it can be understood as a high-end catering gathering place, but the layout style of the water town, different architectural styles, gorgeous lighting, full of literary and artistic models, is worth visiting.

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    Reviewed on 1490251990000
  • 东游西浪

    A good place for leisure and entertainment covers a large area. There is a bar street for young people, a small town for children, a bunch of real foreign brand stores, a batch of unique restaurants, a supermarket with high positioning, cinema, theatre, Music Fountain Hotel bank and so on. The parking lot is underground, with entrances and exits to the east, South and north. There are many people on holidays.

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    Reviewed on 1494197450000
  • 蒙塔尔巴诺刘琨

    On the same day, after getting off the plane and going to the mangrove forest, we went to the Happy Coast. The Happy Coast in the evening is very beautiful. Beijing goes to Sanlitun Beauty, and the atmosphere is good. The building distribution is characteristic. There are many people who come here for a walk and play at night. Shenzhen is a place worth visiting.

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    Reviewed on 1466720468000
  • SallyBaby-HK

    It's very interesting to come to this place in the evening. The lighting is very romantic. It's interesting to listen to the singing of the bar. Usually we can chat with friends here on weekends and dance. There are clear bars and high music.

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    Reviewed on 1478351737000
  • 仙女星云

    Happy Coast is a newly built tourist attraction in Shenzhen in recent years. It faces the mangrove forest across the coastal avenue. It is a tourist attraction integrating entertainment, catering, performance and shopping. Holidays here are very busy and crowded, which is a good place for holidays.

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    Reviewed on 1491571306000
  • 小白梨打败了大白梨

    Happy Coast gives me the impression that there are many restaurants. I arrived at noon and had a meal. Then I walked around to see the restaurants and shops around me. Coming to the shopping mall, there will be clowns on the first floor from time to time. They will buy some toys for their children in Lego and play in Brough Town where they have a professional experience. When we went to Bru Town at 3:50, the beauty of ticket seller said that it was 210 to buy tickets now. In 40 minutes, it was 150 to buy tickets at 4:30. There were a lot of children in Bru Town. Every experience had to be queued up by the children themselves. Bru Town ended at 6:30. So we experienced three projects in a total of two hours, namely firefighters, police officers and others. Make puddings. It's a good experience. Then I went to the water show at 7:30. Shuixiu is a large stage show produced by the combination of fountain and laser. A stage play featuring two heroes rescuing the forest. It starts at 8:00 and ends at 8:30. It's very beautiful. It's worth seeing. Monday break, the rest have performances, tickets are not expensive. On the whole, Happy Coast can come to eat during the day and see fountains and night scenery at night. It's worth going.

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    Reviewed on 1516853255000
  • bm****04

    I don't know if Mangrove has opened up a huge business. At first I thought it was just a large square park. After walking through the fountain, I found that there were many different nature areas, such as the delicious food area with small bridges and running water, the exhibition hall area with perfect science and technology in the future, the shopping center of Department stores, and the beautiful and tranquil artificial lake. Delicate architecture, slow temperament, parents and children are very suitable for couples to travel.

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    Reviewed on 1511016466000
  • 皮皮溜溜

    A good place to eat, drink and play with Tesco. From morning till midnight. Suitable for old people, children and couples. Metro Shenzhen Bay Park DE exit is accessible. Now the Lantern Festival Lighting Exhibition is being held. It's worthwhile to take the family to enjoy it in the evening. It's opposite McDonald's.

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    Reviewed on 1520138564000
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