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Lake Mashu

Lake MashuNearby City

4.4/5113 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 756 reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Come to Hokkaido in winter to see snow, lakes, and clouds. Lake Mashu is a crater lake, very beautiful and very cold, especially when it is windy~ The sky is changeable, the blue sky for a while, the gray day for a while, the Mashu Lake under the blue sky is very beautiful, the wind blowing on the lake is rippling, I don't know if a monster will appear in the next second, a very mysterious lake~"
Kushiro Shitsugen National Park

Kushiro Shitsugen National ParkNearby City

4.6/537 Reviews
City Park
Observation Deck
Geological Sites
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"He is one of the few wetlands in Japan and is popular as a prefectural natural park. In June 1993 in Kushiro City, the "Rasamr Convention (especially the Internationally Important Wetland Treaty as a Waterfowl Habitat) Allied Conference" was designated as a wetland. As the seasons change, the snow gradually dissolves in spring and turns into a scene of greenery. From summer to autumn, all kinds of flowers bloom in the mountains and the wetlands known as flowers. In winter, it becomes a white snow scene, sometimes See red-crowned cranes and giant eagles."
Sulphur Mountain

Sulphur MountainNearby City

4.1/540 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"This sulphur mountain is located in Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan. It is a natural attraction in Akanko National Park. It is free for tourists and it is also a stop for the Akan Lake Tour Bus departing from Kushiro. Sulfur Mountain is a still active volcano. There are many vents on it and there are sulphurous vapors, and the whole valley is filled with the smell of sulphur. The characteristic of this Sulfur Mountain scenic spot is that visitors can watch the sulfur eruption from a quiet distance, and the nearest place is even less than one meter. It takes up to half an hour to travel from the parking lot to the farthest location of the attraction. There are shops in the parking lot where you can buy goods and you can go to the bathroom for free."
Lake Akan

Lake AkanNearby City

4.7/580 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 708 reviews
Hot Spring
"Lake Akan is a part of Akan National Park. The surface of the lake is diamond-shaped. It is a barrier lake formed by the eruption of Mount Akan Volcano. The lake is clear and has beautiful scenery. In winter, Lake Akan becomes an ice and snow paradise."

Kussharo-koNearby City

4.4/544 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 333 reviews
Hot Spring
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Nakajima floating in the center of the lake is the largest freshwater lake island in Japan. It is a very popular resort for camping, speedboating, surfing and other water sports. In winter, the lake will freeze, but due to the high geothermal heat, part of the ice will melt and turn into hot springs. Therefore, hundreds of swans will rest here every year, feasting the eyes of visitors. To"
Kawayu Onsen

Kawayu OnsenNearby City

4.3/529 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 88 reviews
Hot Spring
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"From the foot of the Sulphur Mountain to the Sea of Okhotsk, the water of the gods, which is about 3 kilometers long, has hot springs. The river as a whole is like a gurgling hot spring. It forms a rare waterfall in Japan, so it is famous for enjoying natural outdoor hot springs. . On the downstream coast, the waterfall of Gods Water can only be viewed from the sea, and the landscape of the waterfall rushing down is very amazing."
Akan Lake Hot Spring

Akan Lake Hot SpringNearby City

4.5/570 Reviews
Hot Spring
9:00-18:00 (Local time)
"Lake Akan Hot Spring Street is connected to Lake Akan Hot Springs. The straight street is right by the lake. The wooden houses on both sides are rich in color. The most unique feature is the characteristics of the aboriginal Ainu people. There are restaurants, souvenirs, handicraft shops and restaurants. The amount of barbecue is a lot of unrestrained, very enjoyable, the Ainu wood carvings are very exquisite, large and small, the price is very expensive, watching more will cause aesthetic fatigue, that is to say, it is too commercial."
900 Sougen

900 SougenNearby City

3.7/57 Reviews
"At noon, we will have a grilled whole cow meal at 900 Grassland. The remote-controlled welcome steamer slowly lifts off with the brisk music. A barbecue event for more than 200 people is launched on the grassland. There are pork, vegetables, rice balls, cabbage, potatoes, and scallops. , Chicken skewers, cantaloupe, watermelon and whole beef barbecue (half), everyone enjoyed it. Interspersed with games and horse riding activities, I think everyone had a great time. In the afternoon, we came to a 360-degree wide view, as if extending to the open balcony hill at the end of the horizon, a Kaiyang observatory with a coordinate height of 271 meters. Looking from the observatory, the 360-degree view around you is completely unobstructed, and all sides are the beginning of the horizon, making you feel the vastness of Hokkaido."

SunayuNearby City

4.4/522 Reviews
Hot Spring
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"In the calm and tranquil world of ice and snow, the Sulphur Mountain is brisk and cheerful. Above the white snow, the sulphur volcanic vent springs surging, the clouds are steaming, and the snow is boiling and happy! Xiangshan was steaming hot, and turned around to an endless tranquil world. All the mess is dissolved in the snow, and as far as the eye can see, there are only pure white snow shadows and twinkling sunlight."
Akan National Park

Akan National ParkNearby City

4.8/535 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"What is picturesque? I really experienced it in Akan National Park. It is a place with a beautiful appearance. The key is that it is different from the crowds of other scenic spots and holidays. There are almost no people here. It can be seen that the local government is very good at protecting Lake Akan, and swans can be seen in the lake here!" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.