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Leong San See Temple

Leong San See Temple

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"Taoist Temple Longshan Temple At the bottom of Little India, a 5-minute walk from the Farrer Park subway exit. Located on Paoma Po Road parallel to Serangoon Road, there are several Chinese temples. Opposite the Qiandeng Temple is the prop temple Longshan Temple. In Little India of Singapore, where the land and the gold are small, there is a courtyard in front of the Longshan Temple, which is in response to the old saying "step back and broaden the sky", allowing visitors to reduce the depression in the summer and enter the cool monastery. Refreshing. Longshan Temple is dedicated to Guanyin, and the cloister structure in the temple and the carved dragon decoration on the roof are intriguing. It is a traditional Taoist temple. Entering the hall in the backyard with a unique cave, there are many grand occasions of last year's Fa conference posted around. On June 8th last year, at the Jinyuan celebration ceremony of the temple's Master Chuanwen, Elder Yuanzong, chairman of the Taiwan Buddhist Association, sent Fu Tianyi to the abbot of Chuwen as a congratulation. Abbot 19 Chuanwen was born in Singapore in 1961, his ancestral home is Kinmen, and he converted to Buddhism at the age of 13. In recent years, the abbot Chuanwen has worked as a Buddhist counselor for Changi Prison, specializing in counseling and supervising death inmates. In the main hall of the Fa Hall, the photo of a big sunny boy holding a camera has turned black and white, praying for the side that separates us from yin and yang, there are also beautiful scenery that he likes to wander, and the smile is always bright!"