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Chinatown Singapore

4.2/51,146 Reviews
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Open all day. The business hours of each store are generally 11:00-23:00, and some will open until 1 am or 2 am.
Crot | Trengganu, Singapore
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About Chinatown Singapore

Legend has it that because Chinatown Singapore lacked running water in its early days, residents had to haul water in on ox carts, thus the area’s Chinese name translates to “Ox Cart Water”. Here travelers have the opportunity to taste a vast variety of delicacies and browse all kinds of affordable souvenirs. There are also tons of traditional-style buildings, like the Sri Mariamman Temple, Masjid Jamae and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.

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  • 蓓利

    Bullcart water is Singapore's Chinatown. It is said that because there was no running water at that time, the residents here were named for carrying water by ox cart. Nowadays, Niucheshui has become one of the Chinese cultural attractions that Singapore must see. Bullcart water is not very big. It consists of several lanes connected vertically and horizontally. Here you can see a lot of Chinese-style buildings, shops, all kinds of Chinese dishes, the ears of the Nanyang characteristics of the Chinese language, instantly more cordial. It is necessary to find out some local chic commodities, such as merlion-shaped refrigerator stickers, colorful bottle openers and key chains. I prefer to see all kinds of crafts made by craftsmen, such as sculptures, puppets, etc. And the traditional Chinese medicine shop here really makes me happy. It still keeps the traditional style. It seems that the small drawers bring me back to the past in an instant. Eating and shopping is the rhythm of beef cart water, so of course we have to taste the delicious snacks here. Smith Street in Niucheshui becomes a food street in the evening, where you can eat the most delicious local delicacies, fried rice dumplings, radish cakes, Rojak, Hainan chicken rice and so on. You will salivate when you see it, and the price is reasonable. Many booths will be open from 11:00 to 23:00, some even to 1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m. Traffic: Metro Purple Line, Blue Line to Niucheshui Station get off

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    Reviewed on 1498398559000
  • 2016盛夏光年

    That day, from the National Museum to Niucheshui, many colorful arcades along the way are also a beautiful scenery. Come to Niucheshui and remember to visit the Buddha's Tooth Temple. The temple is exquisitely built and there are Buddhist philosophical books at the entrance are free. ~Unlike when you go back to Taishan temple in China, a master runs out to give you fortune telling money and fetch cigarettes to worship here. Fully free to give fragrant oil money ~Bullcart water is the place of Chinatown in Singapore, but it is not the place where all Chinese people live. Here, the Abraham Muslim Church, the Jaime Muslim Church and the Mariaman Temple on Qiaonan Road, along Yayi Street, can witness the harmonious coexistence of Singapore's multi-ethnic groups. Modern shopping malls, hawkers of all kinds and centuries-old shops live next to each other and stroll through many distinctive alleys. You will see all kinds of antique crafts made by craftsmen. At the same time, there are many restaurants, bars, art galleries and souvenir shops with a wide range of goods, which are worth visiting. The night market's bullcart water lights are brilliant, a bit like China's temple fairs.

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    Reviewed on 1470851684000
  • 山水人生

    Then enter the subway station and take the Yellow Line Metro Station 1 to "Duomeige" Station, then transfer to the Purple Line Metro Station 2 to Niucheshui China City. Out of the station, you can see the streets and buildings with Chinese architectural characteristics. Under the decoration of colorful lanterns during the Spring Festival, they are full of joy and charm. To be honest, we have never seen such a residential block with Chinese characteristics in China, especially the clean and impressive one. We took a walk along several main roads. In addition to viewing the architectural style on both sides of the street, we also saw a wide range of shops and crowded people. The frame with lights and colours on the main road is also rare in China. The spacious street is decorated with cars and buses. It is also a vivid portrait of a truly livable city. Singaporeans are really ambitious for the face of the overseas Chinese who worked hard in Nanyang. Besides viewing from a macro perspective, we also focus on the Hindu temples and Muslim Muslim Muslim Muslims'Hui Church in the urban areas of China. Because we don't want to take off our shoes, and because there is a charge for photography inside, we give up the idea of visiting inside. It's the Longhua Temple and Tianfu Palace with Chinese traditional cultural characteristics. Let's linger and forget to go back and enjoy them for a long time.

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    Reviewed on 1481804416000
  • D调的华丽转身

    Niucheshui, translated into English in Singapore, is Chinatown. The metro station recognizes the name of this station. In fact, another explanation is Chinatown, because it sells all kinds of small commodities with Chinese flavor. Niucheshui Metro Station choose Exit A after the exit, from the exit a genuine sense of light at the moment, Niucheshui on both sides of the lanterns colored hanging a lot of red lanterns, feeling the same as Chinese New Year, but also because of this festive color and many tourists, so it seems very lively. The overall feeling is very similar to the New Year, but also like Yiwu small commodity market, which will sell all kinds of Tang clothes, tourist souvenir keys, commemorative shirts, refrigerator stickers, Tang Dynasty fans and so on. In fact, for Chinese people, there is no need to buy, because it is too common in China. In Niucheshui, there is a Niucheshui Food Street, which is also translated as Smith Street. There are many Chinese restaurants. The most famous one is the Hong Kong fried chicken noodles. The food order is a long line. There is a Maxwell Cooked Food Center opposite Niucheshui and a Cooked Food Center on the second floor of Niucheshui Building. The two places are similar. They sell snacks. Hainan Chicken Rice and Bean Flower are famous one day. There are some temples in the outer circle of Niucheshui, and slippers are required to enter the temple if visited. In addition, there are many drugstores. Drug prices are different in drugstores, so there are three drugstores to compare. Come here, mainly to browse, and then to eat snacks.

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    Reviewed on 1502426641000
  • 陈之豪

    Since the publication of Singapore's Michelin Guidelines, Michelin Star Restaurant "Fan Hong Kong's fried chicken rice, noodles" has gained a high reputation, which has led to the prosperity of Niucheshui Building. In fact, Niucheshui Building is a messy building in Chinatown. The English name is Chinatown Complex, which is surrounded by Singapore's local food market. Also, the first floor is similar to the small commodity market, and the second floor is the delicatessen center. As a freelancer, I think this place is worth visiting. Getting off the subway station, crossing the gourmet street and then walking to Smith Street, you can easily see a blue building, which is the Niucheshui Tower. The cooked food center on the second floor of Niucheshui Tower is very large, although the environment is not good, but the shops are dazzling, the gourmet food is also dazzling, all kinds of gourmet food are available. Here you can enjoy the most authentic Hainan chicken rice, all kinds of Sata, drinks and desserts. The key is that Singapore consumes a lot. As everyone knows, eating a meal in Singapore is really expensive, but the price here is good. For RMB 20, you can have a Hainan chicken rice set, soup, chicken, vegetables and rice. Most of the people here are local Singaporeans, and most of them are old people. They are cheap and good. Before, I came here specially to taste the fried chicken rice in Michelin Star Restaurant. Unfortunately, the master has returned to Malaysia. Unfortunately, he has not tasted it.

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    Reviewed on 1477293423000
  • 王小胖王小贱

    This is our first stop. Basically, the two hotels we stayed in are in this area. Niucheshui is the place where Chinese people gather, commonly known as Chinatown. We stayed at Haijia Hotel near here for the first two nights. It's about 8 minutes from the subway entrance. Nearby is a gourmet street. Many Chinese people open shops here and Lin Zhiyuan beef specialty shop is also here, Nanyang old coffee and so on. It's cheaper. It should be the cheapest place we've ever spent in Singapore. There are many unique buildings and snacks that are suitable for taking pictures. Haha.

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    Reviewed on 1475823330000
  • 子弹之痕迹

    Bullcart water is a small area, consisting of several streets and alleys in all directions. Wandering in it, you can see all the Chinese-style buildings, businesses and shops. The signs and menus of all restaurants are also Chinese characters and Chinese cuisine. Shop owners who attract customers and recommend catering waiters. Even if you speak English with them first, they can tell you from your English pronunciation that you are from China. Instead, they can greet you in gentle Chinese with a soft tone, so that you can instantly feel the kindness of your native friends.

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    Reviewed on 1495978687000
  • 夜一大老爷

    Singaporean Chinatown is the first overseas Chinatown I have ever visited. Since then, I no longer have any curiosity about Chinatown. When I get out of the subway, there are many dishes of unorthodox Chinese cuisine, of course, local Singapore cuisine. As far as authenticity is concerned, the most famous dishes in Singapore can be found here, and the price is higher than that of those famous ones. The shop is quite cheap and the price in Singapore is really high. At this point, a crab, a fried rice and a father cost more than 500 RMB. The taste is not so good as the curry crab I ate in Pattaya later. The only advantage of coming here is to buy some inexpensive souvenirs. I bought refrigerator stickers, dishes, cups and so on here. The price is not expensive. It's good to send people back.

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    Reviewed on 1497425521000
  • 我就是我wojiushiwo

    Bullcart water is adjacent to modern shopping malls, various hawkers and centuries-old shops. To the west of South Bridge Road is Pearl Square, Yuhua National Goods, Tangchengfang and other department stores. To the east, besides various temples, it is a new commercial area adjacent to the coastal area. Here are Singapore's most famous temples, there are also many restaurants and shopping places, family potions have Huoluo oil and Qianli Chaoyue Fengyou most famous.

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    Reviewed on 1509351067000
  • juki235

    Niucheshui is Singapore's Chinatown and the first Chinese settlement in Singapore. The night market is a bit like a temple fair in China. The Niucheshui building is characterized by a combination of Chinese and Western buildings on both floors, which is also one of the reasons why it attracts tourists here.

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    Reviewed on 1478158337000
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