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The village of Hillinger near Ephesus in Turkey is a village in the Ottoman village hidden deep in the mountains. The white houses with red tile roofs are staggered and look like a small crocus city. Silinjes word in Turkish stands for beautiful. More than 1400 years ago, some Greek Christians who escaped the city of Ephesus settled here. For a long time in history, Hillinger was a quiet mountain village that was forgotten by time. The tourists in Silinje Village are mainly tourist groups, because the village is closer to Ephesus, and many tour groups will arrange it together with Ephesus. The most prosperous commercial street in the village, although no Chinese other than us, but the vendors here almost always say a sentence all over the streets of China - "Don't miss the passing!" compared to "Hello", Words such as "thank you" are obviously more "higher". I don't know which enthusiastic people came to teach them this sentence. It is too grounded. The history of winemaking here has a long history. The local wines are unique in taste. The raw materials are raspberries, peaches, black mulberries and pomegranates. It is worth buying and bringing them back. The store will also carefully package them for your convenience. Leaving the bustling commercial street, along the stone road, you can feel the more authentic Xilinjie village. The time here is quiet and indifferent. Even the flowers planted at the door of every household are light daisy, not ostentatious, but very elegant.
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