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Goreme Ranch Cappadocia

Goreme Ranch CappadociaNearby City

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"Outdoor Sports"
Sunday - Saturday am 8:00 - pm 8:00days: Sunday - Saturday, times: am 8:00 - pm 8:00, (Local time)
"Wonderful stone world-Goreme Ranch opening hours: 8 am to 20 am Goreme Ranch first attracted me because of its various stones formed by weathering, ups and downs, and all kinds of strange things. I can't help but want to explore. The entire Goreme Ranch is huge, with river valleys and oasis. This is simply the best masterpiece of nature. Walking along the bottom of the valley, every few steps is a weathered stone, especially high, standing in front of it looks very small, some are like pointed bamboo shoots, some are cylindrical, and some are like animals. , Can be concave shape beside various stones. Some of the stones are still pink, and some of them have exquisite murals. I think this is a museum of stones. Standing on the hillside of Goreme Ranch, you can overlook the entire Goreme Ranch. Green trees and red flowers are interspersed among a group of strange stones. It feels really beautiful! There are also horse riding projects here. There are so many horses. I am a novice who is not afraid of it. The staff are super attentive and teach me what to do. They ride horses, walk along the trails, and sit on horses. , It’s really pleasant to watch the trees, flowers, and rivers along the way! It is highly recommended to come and ride a horse! Scenic address: Open Air Museum Road, Goreme, Turkey"
Yedikuyular Kayak Merkezi

Yedikuyular Kayak MerkeziNearby City

"Outdoor skiing"
Kayaardi Baglari

Kayaardi BaglariNearby City

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