Sogn og Fjordane
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E33***72Amazing scenic ride that’s almost magical. Don’t miss out on this. We took the train in winter and it was a journey through a fairytale winter wonderland. Highly recommended. Take the seats on the right as netizens would recommend, but the scenery is no less enthralling on the left side.
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林荫大道水至清Travel freely in the Sognefjord, and take a ferry when driving. One section is Mannheller-Fodnes, and then from laerdalsoyri to flam, take the old road on the mountain. There is a viewing platform (Stegastein) to view the Narouyi Fjord in Aurland (Naeoyfjord)
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帕拉图Youssfossen (kjosfossen) is a scenic train that runs between Flåm and Myrdal. It will stop twice when it reaches the "kjosfossen" station (once each back and forth), allowing visitors to enjoy the beautiful and spectacular "Youssfossen" (Kjosfossen)" Yousfossen (kjosfossen), 669 meters above sea level, 4.4 kilometers from Myrdal, 15.6 kilometers from Fram, the train stopped at the exit of the Bakri tunnel, which is the spectacular Youss waterfall. The water of Lake Renongo, after passing through a diversion channel, and then flowing through the power plant, forms a large waterfall here. In the drizzle, we walked down and admired this waterfall with a height of 93 meters. The water poured down in abundance, and the sound of the water's impact was endless, which was shocking. When local folk songs come from the broadcaster, at the position of a row of stone walls on the right side of the waterfall, there will be "mountain spirits" (fairies) appearing and dancing with the melodious local folk songs. This "Kjosfossen" is the essence of the sightseeing train journey. Tourists who want to shoot spectacular scenes of waterfalls must wipe off the splashing water droplets on the lens at any time.
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Observation Deck
林荫大道水至清It was great to see the Aurran Fjord from this viewing platform. It was a sunny day when we went. The scenery of the fjord was panoramic. The only downside was that there were too many people. Several tour groups stopped here. I waited for a long time before calming down. This is the advantage of free walking. We will be our own place after everyone has left.
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大姐小露開心果The Brisdal Glacier in Norway is the western branch of the Jostedal Jostedal Glacier. It descends from a height of 1,200 meters and is majestic. Because of the global greenhouse effect, the area of the ice tongue is getting smaller and smaller, attracting tourists from all over the world. From the hotel, in addition to the bus that crosses the mountains and ridges, you must also take the open-shed four-wheel drive. The speed of the roundabout mountain riders is not reduced. In addition to grasping the handlebars, they must hold the phone tightly. The water splashes all over the raincoat on her body~
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m35***24The aquarium in Bergen is not far from the city centre. Due to its unique geographical advantages, Bergen Aquarium has species of animals and plants that are rare in other aquariums in the world. Walking in the aquarium is like swimming in a boat in the sea. There are many rare fish in the aquarium, including a white sturgeon named "Nikita", which was presented by a fisherman named Nikita in 1964.

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Balestrand St Olavs ChurchBalestrand,Norway

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Undredal StavkyrkjeAurland,Norway

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Nordfjord Folkemuseum,Norway

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Skjolden Llamas,Norway

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Kjenndalsbreen GlacierStryn,Norway

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Stedje Church,Norway

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