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Snow Mountain
Balangshan Panda Kingdom Point TopNearby City

Balangshan Panda Kingdom Point Top

4.8/518 Reviews
"Snow Mountain"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Go to a 4,000-meter snow-capped mountain for a cup of coffee [呲牙][呲牙] Picture Barangshan On Friday, I got up and brought the Golden Swallowing Beast to school. I ran to Ruixing and had a cup of Chahui. I just bought it and immediately appeared Thoughts, while watching the snow-capped mountains, drinking a cup of coffee. I bought Chahui, go home immediately to pack up, bring something to eat, buy a bucket of instant noodles, start at 9 o'clock, and arrive at the Balangshan tunnel at 12 o'clock. I have passed here many times to Siguniang Mountain, and I have always passed directly through the tunnel. Today, I can see the weather. Take a pass to the top of the Panda Kingdom. There is still snow on the top of the mountain. I went down to climb the mountain and walked for two steps. Forget it, don't be aggressive on the plateau. An Anxin got off and sat in the car, listening to the music, and eating lunch. The restaurant with an invincible view of the snow-capped mountains feels cool and crooked. After having lunch, I looked at the scenery on the mountain, watched other cars pile up snowmen, and then drove down the mountain to find a dam. The front of the car was facing the snowy mountain. It was so cool to see the snowy mountain for a nap. After nap, I continued to look at the four little sisters on the bridge of the cat's nose, and then went back to the house. On the way, I saw that the wild flowers on the mountain were basically blooming, so I still came down to take some photos. On the return journey, I walked to Yingxiu, the high-speed road was closed, the national highway bypassed the Zipingpu Reservoir, the traffic jam was comfortable, and countless car gods drove to the opposite lane of the two lanes. It took more than 2 hours to drive from Yingxiu. Dujiangyan Yutang got on the highway, and the return journey took 5 hours to pick up and take off the baby perfectly."